1. kminnick

    Dream VaCay -3 stars


    I just had to do this assignment when I saw it! I have always wanted to go to Ireland, mostly because I am mostly Irish as far as my heritage. Also I know the landscape all over is amazing and even though it rains a lot during certain times …

  2. kminnick

    The last Two weeks FLEW by!


    The last two weeks have been cray for me on a personal note as well as school. Lets see, my mom had knee surgery the Tuesday before last so I have been taking care of here and running here to and from the store and doctors appointments. I have been …

  3. kminnick



    Here is my Chaplin Foley challenge. I used only my voice (which I don’t have much of one since i’m sick) to make sounds I thought suited my section from 2:01-2:30.This wasn’t that challenging because I took the easy way out and watched the video on one side of my …

  4. kminnick

    6 Daily Creates?! WOAH


    Mini Window Silhouette October 19, 2104  (Now you can say you’ve seen a penguin watch a wakeboarder fall out of an airplane that was being chased by an alien!)

    Copy & Paste October 18th (Flat Stanley teleported himself so fast from working to Lake Anna that all he left was …

  5. kminnick

    Haunted Remix


    I chose this 4 star assignment to do because it is the Halloween time of year so it felt right to do something inspired by Halloween. In the mix of helping my friends move into their new apartment, we had a whole bunch of people and we were playing scary …

  6. kminnick

    Group Project


    Our group, United Tales, decided to do a interview show about spring. We are each going to interview and report back from them to create the show as well as each create bumpers and commercials then decide on the 2 of each to use during our show. As far as …

  7. kminnick

    My group responsibilities


    I’m going to say my contributions are going to be: 
    1. Writing up the initial post about theme and format and logo
    2. Writing up a list of questions that we can pick from to use as interview questions for the show
    3. Record my 5 minutes and send it …

  8. kminnick

    What a Week 6


    Who doesn’t like a Safari? Especially when your goal is to take pictures! The approach I took to this design safari was looking at all the examples and thinking in the back of my head where I have seen these in my everyday life. I thought I would take …

  9. kminnick

    Lets go on a Safari


    The design techniques I chose to hunt down and capture were: Typography, Color, Symbols, and Minimalism.

    Typography is basically using different fonts to appeal and get certain messages across. While at the stat fair of VA with my mom I was walking around thinking about examples of …

  10. kminnick

    What Song?


    I picked this design assignment because I love music. I picked one of my favorite songs that is by a female country singer (hint). Even though I don’t think I am that good at drawing, I tried my best and since it is one object that describes the song, I …

  11. kminnick

    Geek Tattoo


    I knew I had to do this design assignment when I saw that it was about creating a tattoo. I love tattoos and I have one of my own so far. What made this even better is when I saw we had to tie in what we’ve learned about design …

  12. kminnick

    Rainbow Fish!


    My favorite childhood book wasn’t the average one. I fell in love with the Rainbow Fish series. My mom and dad would read them to me until I learned how to read and then they had to sit through me reading it to them! I had drawn a picture of …

  13. kminnick

    ______ On Board!


    Mostly everyone has seen the classic Baby on Board car bumper/windshield sticker. Here is an example: 

    As soon as I saw the description: Design a Bumper Sticker, I wasn’t sure of what to do. Randomly in my head came an image of the baby on board sign that I …

  14. kminnick

    A Whole New World


    This assignment I choose because it hits a little close to home, not the assignment itself but the place I chose to represent that I have never gone before. If you can’t tell by the picture I chose Thailand. Even though it was way before I was born, my father …

  15. kminnick

    We Want You!


    When I think of WWII propaganda, I immediately think of the Uncle Sam’s “I want you” for recruiting soldiers. So of course when I saw this in the redesigning posters post on week 6, I thought of that right away and had it planned out what I wanted to …

  16. kminnick

    Guess the Movie?!


    Reducing a movie into 4 icons is fun! I had a movie in mind as soon as I saw the assignment on the week 6 blog, so I knew I had to do it! I used my picsart app again to copy and paste the icons in somewhat of an …

  17. kminnick

    Week 5 Photography :)


    First off here is my page of daily creates! This week I did numbers: 988, 989, 991, 991.

    My Photoblitz activity was one of the most amazing assignments this week because it gave me a challenge and I love challenges! I tried to do them all so I would have …

  18. kminnick

    Little Buddy (2 stars)


    This just seemed really fun to do at first glance! Carry around a figurine or stuffed animal and document the day together. It was a lot of fun and gave me extra practice on my bettering photography techniques! I probably took way too many pictures, but it was a lot …

  19. kminnick

    Be a Better Photographer!


    I have always loved photography since I was little, but I never learned about the specifics, I just took the pictures in a way I felt did the subject justice. This week involved a ton of photography and I loved it! I focused on being pickier with not only the …

  20. kminnick

    Unlikely Intersection (2 1/2 stars)


    This was such a good idea when I saw it…..not when it was time to execute it! I figured with as many funny roads I have around where I live, such as Beaverdamn, Cuckoo’s nest, Pottysville, etc. That I would have fun with this, however being that I live in …

  21. kminnick

    Apophenia (3 stars)


    This one was tricky…no doubt! Once I found the stuff and made the first two objects the brainstorming started happening and I created a lot! All of what I did I tried to keep simple and use the exact same things that I used in all the others which was …

  22. kminnick

    PhotoBlitz- fun for all ages


    This assignment took a lot of focus and creativity when you looked at all the things you wanted to try and do in the 20 minutes! It wasn’t hard for me to pick my 5 best photos because a lot of the others just weren’t right even though I was …

  23. kminnick

    Splash the Color (3 stars)


    I love doing this all the time, therefore I wanted to do this as a visual assignment! I chose a picture that is near and dear to me of my godson when I gave him yet another present, i spoil him so much, this one was a green monkey pillow …

  24. kminnick

    Daily Creates


    First Daily Create I did this week was 988! I wanted to be clever in the way I presented my favorite song, the song I chose was Leave the Night On by Sam Hunt whom I saw in concert over the summer and the picture of the sunset is at …

  25. kminnick

    Best Of Me (Flickr Set) So Far


    I just added a new album/set to my Flickr and I named it, “Best of Me” this will be a collection of my self rated best photos I take. So far I added 3. The one of my neighbors dog Rascal playing with his favorite toy-I added this because I …

  26. kminnick

    Best Daily Create Topic


    I was trying to be clever and pick a song based on that, seeing as how I have a TON of favorites (all country music) but this one id for Leave the Night On by Sam Hunt who I think is going to make it big someday soon I have …

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