1. kmof1992

    We Check Out the iOS 7 Beta for the iPhone


    A new vlog is up! Last week we were horrible, horrible people and didn’t get around to uploading a new vlog, but this week’s is up and it’s about iOS 7! I’ll admit it, I’m an Apple Fanboy. I tune in to all of the conferences Apple has had over …

  2. kmof1992

    We Review "The Great Gatsby" Movie


    In this vlog, Kyle and I give our thoughts on “The Great Gatsby,” out in theaters now. We had to film this vlog three times because for some reason, our camera (we were using a Canon 7D) would stop recording every now and then. So that was a pain.

    It’s …

  3. kmof1992

    808 Originals Vlog 1 – Our Life Stories


    Here’s the first real vlog that Kyle and I made for our YouTube series. All in all, considering that neither of us have had much experience sitting in front of a camera in just talking, I think it turned out all right. Unfortunately, we talked for about 20 minutes but …

  4. kmof1992

    "My People" Photo Essay


    Me, with the camera I used to capture these pictures, the Canon t4i

    My people are filmmakers. We may have different interests and we may have different jobs but we all come together for the same purpose — to make a film. This particular film is called “Open House” and …

  5. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary: Digital Storytelling


    This week in class we started working on our final in-class projects. I’m working on a documentary video that follows the rest of the class as they work on their own in-class final projects. It’s going pretty well, I’ve got some good footage.

    Outside of class, I did the seven …

  6. kmof1992

    Response to "Masters of Photography" documentary


    Holy crazy hair Batman.

    I really enjoyed looking at all the photographs in this documentary, most of them pictures of people, while hearing quotes from Diane Arbus, as well as hearing other people talk about her who knew her.

    One thing in particular that stood out was Marvin Israel talking …

  7. kmof1992

    Weekly Summary – Digital Storytelling


    This past week we finished up our last design projects and dove into photography with several daily shoots. I started the week by making a couple minimalist posters and a GIF, as well as responding to the short story “Jon.” The daily shoots were several different types of photographs. Lastly, …

  8. kmof1992

    3-Point Lighting Setup


    Right now I’m Gaffer on a short film for my 423 class. The Gaffer is in charge of setting up all the lighting on the set. As a result I’ve been reading a lot on lighting, and one of the first things that is mentioned is 3 point lighting. It’s …

  9. kmof1992

    Response to "Jon"


    What a crazy story.

    The most compelling and memorable thing about “Jon” is the way it is written. It sounds like it’s written by a child, or someone who is uneducated, because there is a certain disregard for conventional sentence structure, the word “like” is used a lot, there aren’t …

  10. kmof1992

    "Zou Bisou Bisou" GIF


    To do this gif, I followed this┬átutorial. It took me a really long time to do, and I’m still not too happy with it (I think most of it has to do with the file size of the original video.) I skipped over the sharpening section, which maybe is …

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