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    Final Reflection


    Final reflection

    This course has been a learning experience on so many levels! While frustrating at times and completely unlike any course I have taken before I really enjoyed this course over all! Check out my learning portfolio that highlights some of the learning that was inspired and created over

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    Week 7 Reflection


    This week was a whirlwind! I cannot believe that week 7 is coming to an end! I feel like I completed this week’s assignments really well! I explored other people work who were not in my group which was very fun and interesting! I also explored different resources and outlets …

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    How To Develop Voice


    Check out our reading for this week!

    The first big takeaway I had from the reading was the definition of what reading is.  Reading is defined as an ability to read and write as well as ability to make connections, conclusions, and associations with text. I have seen firsthand in …

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    The Power Of Meditation


    This week I decided to pick a reading that addresses stress of students in school and its effect on their growing up and lives. As my study focus is growing up I have talked a lot about my own growing personally and professionally. This blog is making that connection to …

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    Discovering A New Force!


    Check out the fanfiction film that inspired this post!

    Last week my time was spent looking into and investigating written fanfiction. This week I decided to explore more into the word of fanfiction short movies. I chose a video titled “Kara” | (2016) (An Unofficial Star Wars Film). I must …

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    The Power Of Facial Expressions


    Check out the prompt that started it all!

    I love the representation of contrasting emotions in this project. Going through and looking at other students work was pretty comical! Want to see for yourself check out #ds106 and #ILT5340.

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    The Grass is Always Greener!


    Check out my daily create assignment!

    I chose the aphorisms, “The grass is always greener on the other side.” I chose this aphorisms because O often use it and though it would be fun to look into it a little more! Here is what I came up with.

    If you …

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    Week 6 Reflection


    This picture pretty much sums up how I am feeling right now!

    I am feeling very accomplished this week! I completed my assignments well and had a lot of fun doing it!  I think my sense of accomplishment this week stems from the balance I have found between everything going …

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    Ghostbusters Fanfiction



    Check out the fanfiction that inspired this post!

    I decided to explore a little bit of fan fiction this week. I have never really spent a lot of time exploring or getting into fan fiction, as such I thought it was about time! I chose to look into fanfiction related …

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    Surviving Your First Year


    This week I chose an article that aligns with my professional growth. This coming school year will be my 3rd year of teaching. After reflecting on our weekly class reading and participating on some online group discussion I began thinking about how we prepare individuals to become teachers. I reflected …

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    Collaborative Learning


    Check out our reading for this week!

    One thing that really stood out to me in this reading was the following quote, “by separating learning from ‘authentic’ activity grounded in physical and social contexts and situations, formal education largely defeats its goal of promoting ‘useable, robust knowledge.” I think that …

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    More Vampire Novels!


    Check out the daily create that sparked my interest!

    The craze that never seems to end is vampires! I chose to pick some well known vampires and put them all together in my cover. Looking up all kinds of vampires through time was a lot of fun! I picked mostly …

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    Monkeying Around!


    Check out the daily create assignment that started it all!

    In my story a monkey who has has a few too many bananas is trying to impart his wisdom on this dog who was in the wrong place at the wrong time. While the monkey is preaching to the dog …

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    Weekly Reflection


    I completed this week’s assignments as well as I could. I had a lot of fun with this week’s assignments, and worked to on understands my photo editing and audio editing software. I recently switched my photo and  audio editing software and  I really enjoyed getting to know it better …

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    Why Technology


    Check out our reading this week!

    I loved the following quote from Jenkins (2008), “for the generation which has come of age alongside networked computing, these practices  do  not  simply  represent  “entertainment” or  “distraction. “These practices are important gateways into larger learning cultures that help support young people as they …

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    Me Then and Now


    Check out the Daily Create assignment that started it all!

    While the assignment was to recreate the same pose and location neither were very likely.

    I am 28 now so sitting on someones solders is not so easy, so I went with a good old fashioned piggy back ride because …

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    Titanic Remix


    Check out the assignment that inspired this creation!

    I chose to focus on the inspirational picture of Jack and Rose in their iconic picture standing on the railings of the front of the Titanic. Here is the original photo!

    This particular movie was a big deal and just come out …

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    Week 4 Reflection


    Being brave and posting my weekly reflection on my blog!

    I feel like I completed this week’s assignments very well. I am starting to make connection to my work and others work which is exciting for me! I think I did a good job balancing all the parts of this …

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    Its All About The Family


    Check out the digital story that caught my eye this week!

    I chose to review a photo story this week titled Inseparable Ties: Family Bonds in Appalachia. The main type of “involvement” within this story was expressing an artistic identity/Expressing a photography-related identity. While there is a short excerpt explaining …

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    Relax Just Do It


    Check out the reading that inspired this response.

    This article discussed the relationship between stress and health issues in the US. The article states that relaxation techniques can be a good strategy in dealing with and coping with stress. The main goal of this article is to, “describes a research-based …

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    Academic Blogging


    Check out our weekly reading!

    I think a big takeaway for me was how multifaceted blogging really is. It is so multidimensional as opposed to simple text or journals. As stated in this chapter blogging is complex because, “of the capabilities offered by hypertext. New affordances include textual connections …

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    New ways to relax!


    Check out the daily create prompt that began it all!


    I chose this picture because I thought it was a very odd machine that was interesting and like nothing I have seen before!

    My focal theme is growing up. Part of growing up involved increase in stress and grown …

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    You Know Why!


    Check out the assignment that sparked this creation!


    I chose this pictures because first I am a 100% dog lover! Second I think that my dogs have really given me a lot of perspective and life lessons on growing up. I learned a lot about responsibility and dedication after …

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    Too Many Vegetables!


    Check out our daily create assignment for this week!

    I decided instead of taking a person and changing their appearance by adding carrots I could make a carrot look like a person! I recently changed my photo editing software to a new program. So bear with me while I work …

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