1. kparker3

    And That’s a Wrap!


    Week two of our case, The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce, is complete and resolved!  After finding a lot of the evidence last week but not too many answers, we were bound and determined to finish up the case this week and find NoirCat! This determination led us to success. I …

  2. kparker3

    Update: The Finale


    Well, we have reached the end of the case, and the outcome was certainly unexpected. It turns out that NoirCat faked her own disappearance to escape Maggie and the DS106 community because she was being objectified by them all. Since my last update on Wednesday, we followed the trail of …

  3. kparker3

    The Evidence Is In…


    Check-in #3…check! Ladies and gents, I am proud to say we are right on NoirCat’s tail. Since my last update on Sunday, we have found all the evidence we need to lead us to her location. Since Sunday, the puzzle pieces are really starting to fit together. Upon leaving Groom’s …

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    The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce: Week One


    This week was definitely unorthodox compared to those in the past. Rather than just creating art in different mediums, we were assigned a case to solve. My agency will be working on: “The Disappearance of Meowdred Pierce”.          Maggie Black filed a missing cat report with Black Widow Agency, as NoirCat …

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    “Splash The Color” Tutorial


    1.  Install the free “Photo Splash” app onto your iPhone, if you don’t already have  it, and then open it. 2. Press “Start”. 3. Press “Start New Project”. 4. Choose the “Photo Albums” option. A message will prompt you to enable access to your photos.    5. Choose the photo …

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    “Email! Email! Read All About It!” Tutorial


      Go to VerticalResponse.com. Create a free account with your Email address and personal password. Choose the “Email Campaign” option. From the “Pick a Template” menu, choose “Purpose” and then “Newsletter/General”. Click “Select” on the template of your choice. It’s time to get creative by entering text and images, relevant …

  7. kparker3

    We Are Off and Running!


    At my last check-in, BWA had just begun its case. We had found one piece of evidence (the ransom note) and began a suspect board. Since that time, Wednesday 4-8-15, we have discovered even more evidence in the disappearance of NoirCat. Personally, I took a trip to Groom’s location in …

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    And So It Begins…


    Well…my agency’s case has been delivered, and we are are beyond excited to take on a case that doesn’t involve a woman being degraded by a man. Or at least we don’t think it does, yet. Maggie Black has filed a Missing Cat Report with Black Widow Agency (BWA) for …

  9. kparker3

    I’m in Heaven in Week Eleven


    After teaming back up with my fellow MaNOIRpulators and my Grandma last week, we went to work this week establishing ourselves on the web in different capacities. We formed Black Widow Agency (BWA). composed of Margaret Pinault, Julia James (me, of course), Edie Waz, and Sylvia Stone. In order to …

  10. kparker3

    Black Widow, Baby!


    Since we are forming and expanding our Black Widow Agency this week, I feel that we definitely need a theme song to represent what we do. That is why I chose the  “Your Theme Song” assignment, which states: If you had the opportunity to create your own theme music, what …

  11. kparker3

    Maggie’s Birthday and a Map of Sounds


    The Daily Creates this week were intriguing. We only had to complete two, which was a change of pace, but I made them count. The first one was pretty much a have-to. We were prompted to make Maggie Black a birthday card. And who doesn’t want to wish someone a …

  12. kparker3

    Newsletter! Newsletter! Read All About It!


    This prompt is the first original assignment that I created, and this week was the perfect opportunity to do so. Since we had to complete five stars of web assignments, and there are few that lend themselves to sharing the formation of  Black Widow Agency and how it operates,  I …

  13. kparker3

    Be Mine…All Four of You, Please?!


    When I saw this assignment, a belated Valentine’s Day card that was mysteriously left at Black Widow Agency came to mind. I mean, the wording is just beautiful, so it is worth sharing! The assignment “Noir Valentines” states: In honor of the convergence of Friday the 13th, St. Valentine’s Day …

  14. kparker3

    Put Away Your Books…Pop Quiz!


    What is the best way to really learn something? A quiz, of course! That is why I chose to complete the “Pop Quiz!” assignment. It states: Using a free online quiz service (I used PollSnack), create a quiz that shows off your knowledge of a particular story. Try to make …

  15. kparker3

    My Job Away From Both of My Jobs!


    I took on a third job this week, and it is certainly full-time! I entered the ds106 world and am not looking back. At first I wasn’t sure I could handle all of the work, in addition to my other two jobs, but I got through this week and am …

  16. kparker3

    One on One: Julia James


    I obliged to a very abnormal request this week. For some reason, still unbeknownst to me, I had to answer seven unusual questions, in a sort of interview setting. The thing was that the interviewers (two men and two women) were asking me the questions through the computer. At first …

  17. kparker3

    People, Let Me Tell You About My Best Friend!


    The “Special Person Montage” is a perfect way to pay tribute to the best guy I have ever known! Unlike most, he is always there for me, regardless! I can definitely see myself waking up to his cute face every day for the rest of my life. I think this …

  18. kparker3

    Movies That Made Me!


    My life has been changed over the years by several movies. All of them contain powerful women, just like me. I was not always this way, however. Growing up, my mom was treated like dirt by my dad. Unfortunately, she wasn’t strong enough to get out of the relationship at …

  19. kparker3

    Breakfast, Batman, and Bark


    I was searching through the “DS106″ website (still not sure what that means), and I discovered something called Daily Creates. I just knew I had to test my creativity with these. It turns out that these activities were the best part of my very stressful week. When you work as …

  20. kparker3

    Oh, The Place I’d Go!


    Even if I had all the money in the world, my dream travel destination would not change. And, it is not a common vacation spot either, trust me! However, it has sentimental attachment for me, which is exactly why I would want to visit Cambridge, Massachusetts. During my senior year …

  21. kparker3

    Guess What?!


    This assignment was just to die for! As soon as I spotted the “Name that Book!” prompt, I knew that starting my own book club would come in handy one of these days, and today was that day! It states: For this assignment, use the app Vine to visually create …

  22. kparker3

    The Decision Heard Around the (DS106) World


    For the final unit of this course, I have decided to reunite with Sylvia Stone, Edie Waz, and Margaret Pinault; my best friend, cousin, and grandmother, respectively.  Together, we are the “MaNOIRpulators”. After meeting up at Edie’s bar a few weeks ago, we just knew we had to reconnect. The …

  23. kparker3

    On the Go From Radio to Video!


    This week in DS106, we made an evolution from radio to video. As much as I loved the radio portion, video has taken over the 21st century and, therefore, is very familiar. We began the week by wrapping up the playing of radio shows on DS106 Radio, and I decided …

  24. kparker3

    “Don’t Be Such A Show-Off”….Too Late!


    I took a different approach to the interactive character assignment this week. Rather than assuming the role of Julia James, I decided it was time to show off some of the work I have created, with her in mind. This provided a perfect opportunity to work with Brianne Comden, as …

  25. kparker3

    “Notorious” B.I.G. (Movie)


    A major part of this week’s assignment was to create a video essay for a movie that was included on a list that the professors provided. Considering that I have always wanted to watch an Alfred Hitchcock film, I chose “Notorious”. Preceding the viewing, we were required to read Roger …

  26. kparker3

    A Walk Down Memory Lane!


    Although I graduated from high school just last year, it seems like a long time ago! My years at Stafford High School were pretty great, despite the many, many hours that I spent on homework and studying for AP and Honors classes. Four years of varsity basketball, combined with awesome …

  27. kparker3

    And That’s a Wrap, Folks!


    Radio is a medium that I never thought I would enjoy as much as I did. Not only did I love listening to our group’s final project on the radio, the process of making it was so satisfying. There is nothing that gives me more pride now, than lining up …

  28. kparker3

    I Didn’t Just Get A Clue, I Got A Lot of Clues!


    Tuning in to “Get a Clue” this week was definitely an experience! The Twitter buzz about Lawrence Spitler surely did not disappoint! In order to describe my personal experience while listening to this show, I would have to say that one of my favorite parts was trying to figure out …

  29. kparker3

    Puz Ling and Blurred Lines (or Plants)


    The Daily Creates for this week may be described in one word: awesome! I had the most fun creating my first one, and the next one was super easy. I loved the outcomes! For this week, we only had to complete two assignments. The first assignment that I chose to …

  30. kparker3

    Eight is Great, Let’s Create!


    We went back to the basics this week with the typical assignment bank prompts, daily creates, and a few other posts. It was a nice return after the two weeks of radio show work, although I enjoyed doing that tremendously. Speaking of radio shows, our first task for this week …

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