1. kriezl

    Six-Word Memoir Tutorial


    For this assignment, I used my iPhone 5 with the Insta-Frame App.

    In the app, I had to choose a frame.


    Then, I picked the background and chose an effect.

    Next, I added text to it and chose a font that I liked.

    Lastly, I saved it to …

  2. kriezl

    Vine It Tutorial


    I created this six second video by downloading the Vine app into my iPhone 5s. I created an account. Then, I begin to create a video by clicking on the video camera icon on the top right in the third picture. Lastly, I begin recording segments by pressing on the …

  3. kriezl

    Arietty Goes House Shopping


    I went house shopping today. I think I am in love with this backyard!

    Check out the video I made about the backyard. While I was taking pictures, I thought about how I really feel about this class. Even though I struggled a little bit in this class, I still …

  4. kriezl

    Kindergarten Drawling


    When, I walked outside into my backyard, I saw a bunch of flowers. Honestly, I don’t go into my backyard very often so I was surprised to see all the flowers blooming.


  5. kriezl

    So Are We, like, in a Relationship?


    That’s how we got in a relationship last year.

    He said, “really, Kriezl? Are you in middle school or something? Yes.”

    First, I was unsure about what just happened so I asked, “So, are we official now? Like, are we boyfriend and girlfriend?”

    There was no official title established, though. …

  6. kriezl

    Who is Winslow ‘n Arizona?



    I was traveling in my Jimmy from Utah to the visit my grandma in Mexico. Before I left, my mother told me to “visit Winslow ‘n Arizona.” She said it would be nice to visit along the road trip. I’ve never heard of them before so I assumed they …

  7. kriezl

    Me and Bae


    Me and Bae just got married! We got our jackets custom designed by my favorite couture designer in Paris. I love him so much. When, he looks into my eyes, I know we’re meant to be together forever.

    The purpose of this post is to create an example for  VisualAssignments1335 …

  8. kriezl

    Sunday Workdays


    Although it’s sad to me that I have to work on Sundays, I look at all the positive things :).

    This was taken at my job’s stairwell. I like this place because of the glass background.

    I added a rainbow-ish filter to the picture.


  9. kriezl

    Shaquandanesha said Hi.


    Wow, I can’t believe it has already been Week 3. I can’t get over how these summer classes just pass by so quickly and effortlessly. I like the shortness of the courses but the course load is definitely demanding. The assignments this week were adventurous to me. I’m not familiar …

  10. kriezl

    Flower Child


    I love this photo of my self because I love this shirt and it was a good hair day!

    For this photo, I my iPhone 5 camera with my InstaCollage App.

    First, I chose a template.

    Then, I inserted the same picture four times.

    Next, I edited each picture …

  11. kriezl

    Bad Driving Ahead.


    It’s true. I fall under the typical stereotype of bad driving. It’s sad, but it’s true. I have a great driving record to prove it!

    For this post, I used my iPhone 5 with the Insta-Frame App. The picture I used was taken from my MacBook Air.

    In the …

  12. kriezl

    Proving All the Statistics Wrong. #VICTOR


    These 6 words mean so much to me due to the rough childhood I experienced. In order to be where I am today, I had to overcome several obstacles. My mother and I came from a third world country. I had to learn the English language at the age of …

  13. kriezl



    The presentation by Kelli Anderson was great. I truly enjoyed it. She brought up great points regarding how society takes in information. For the most part, people already have expectations when it comes to the basics of life. In one of Ms. Anderson’s projects, she created newspapers promoting a positive …

  14. kriezl




    The Fireworks Show at Lake of the Woods was amazing. It was even better being on the water and watching it on the boat. It was definitely a great experience.…

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