1. kriscorpus

    Bowties & Skulls Love Red Pandas!


    My girlfriend and I got our first glimpse at these cute creatures at the National Zoo. This day also happen to be on the same day that Rusty freed himself from his enclosure. We witnessed him just chill on one of the highest branches in his enclosure, paying nobody else …

  2. kriscorpus

    Final Week Summary


    My final thoughts:

    I go through my general thoughts in my audio self-reflection so I shall go more in depth about certain things I’ve experienced in DS106. At first, I was skeptical of what was to for come in this online course, being that it is the first online class …

  3. kriscorpus

    Audio Self-Reflection Tutorial


    There is quite the amount of preparation for this assignment.  You want to really reflective on this assignment, especially when in terms of talking about the course as a whole. Go back and start from the first post of your blog and work all the your up to your most …

  4. kriscorpus

    Return To The Silent Film Era Tutorial


    Downloading the audio and video from Youtube:

    1. Choose a movie that you absolutely love. Find the trailer on Youtube.
    2. You will be using keepvid.com for a lot of the ripping of the audio and video from Youtube. Copy and paste the URL of the Youtube video to the …

  5. kriscorpus

    Random Object Pirate Ship


    I decided to add another challenge into the assignment bank using the world of Minecraft. DS106 is all about creating so I thought Minecraft would be perfect.

    I started doing this assignment myself yesterday and finished it today.


    Enter Minecraft world.
    Create a random object that doubles as a …

  6. kriscorpus

    Growing Up With Will Smith


    If you have been following the career of Will Smith, then you know the tremendous growth of acting chops throughout his career. I started watching him in his more childish comedic roles like The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and to his more serious roles like in Seven Pounds. Now, we …

  7. kriscorpus

    Your Favorite Teams Mashup: The Lakeskins


    “Combine the logos of two or more of your favorite sports teams. Don’t just create an image with the two logos next to each other! Make the final logo look natural and cohesive.”



    Introducing “The Lakeskins” I hybrid logo for the Los Angeles Lakers and The Washington Redskins. …

  8. kriscorpus

    Week 4 Recap Pt. 2


    Man, what a crazy weekend. Today is my 24th birthday! Woo! Also, Happy Father’s day, all you dads out there!

    I was able to do and create a new video assignment, which is inspired from this scene in The Hangover shown below

    Here is my very less intense version of …

  9. kriscorpus

    First Half of Week 4 Summary


    “3 time” review–

    In this assignment, I had to sort of dumb down one of my senses in order to heighten another sense to stress the importance of audio, video and how they are intertwined together in media.

    I got to analyze Nightmare At 20,000 which my girlfriend suggested to …

  10. kriscorpus

    Return To The Silent Era: Moonrise Kingdom


    “The dawn of cinema had no audio; silent movies created an atmosphere with music and the use of cue cards. Take a 3-5 minute trailer of a modern movie and render it in the form os the silent era- convert to black and white, add effects to make it look …

  11. kriscorpus

    Exploring Nightmare At 20,000 Feet Even More


    Any fan of cinema should find it interesting to delve further into the behind the scene work of any visual production or any art form for that matter. Sometimes you will come across something that makes you appreciate the work even more. Let’s talk about some background things happening with …

  12. kriscorpus

    Look, Listen, Analyze


    We have entered the video portion of this ds106 journey and one of my beginning tasks is to analyze a scene from one of the assigned episodes of The Twilight Zone. In this case, the episode in discussion is “Nightmare At 20,000 Feet.”  I must watch this scene in three …

  13. kriscorpus

    Week 3 Recap


    Audio focused week!

    Audio Assignments–

    911, What’s You Emergency? (Twilight Zone related)- I was noticing all around the ds106spere that people were doing this fake 911 call assignment so I thought I would take a crack at it. I have yet to receive feedback on it but in general my …

  14. kriscorpus

    Down with the Lo


    Lo Down 016

    Love the part about latency and why it might cause some to sound drunk…Scott droppin knowledge here.

    Lo Down 017

    This is evidence of how dynamic the Lo Downs can get, it was great to witness the chemistry between Rochelle and Amber of this Mother/ …

  15. kriscorpus

    Twilight Zone Nightmare 911 Call


    I thought I would take a shot at this 911 call assignment everybody has been doing.

    The explanation of the dream is from a bit that Donald Glover did in his stand up when featured on Comedy Central Presents. Which can be watched in it’s entirety here. *All rights …

  16. kriscorpus

    Audio Dream Stories


    I was responsible for the audio drama in my group’s radio show so why not apply it to the required audio assignments for the week. Unfortunately the assignment criteria is a max of two minutes so ya’ll (you pick up this word if you have lived in Virginia long enough) …

  17. kriscorpus



    I was in need of a sound clip of a jet ski and I couldn’t find anything without violating copyright or creative commons so I had to go to “pay-for-play” route, so to speak.

    I found sounddogs.com and they had a slew of sound clips for jet ski sound clips.…

  18. kriscorpus

    Recording day


    We’re here in the campus library recording our radio play. Yay! It’s early but it’s crunch time. We have three days left.…

  19. kriscorpus

    Newly created audio assignment: Teezee Reference


    I’m sitting here with my girlfriend as she recovers from her wisdom teeth extraction watching her favorite show, Everybody Loves Raymond, and we hear this…

    She looks at me and I look at her, and she says, “Ohhhhhh!” and I get the idea to create a new audio assignment.

    The …

  20. kriscorpus

    Tracking comments on wordpress


    So when I comment on other people’s blog using my twitter account, how do I properly track all my comments. I don’t know how to find old comments without backtracking to every single blog I have visited.…

  21. kriscorpus

    Radio Show progress


    I have been in a time crunch since Tuesday because my girlfriend got her wisdom teeth taken out, and she was in need of a acting nurse. Regardless, no excuses. Our ideas have been narrowed down and structured so plan to crank out this thing tonight. Like Scott Lo’s analogy …

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