1. kriscorpus

    Budding Entrepreneur


    Filipino culture is a large part of my life. Filipino cuisine has largely been untouched and still remains a big business opportunity to fulfill. I always wanted to that ambassador or the Captain Kirk of Philippine cuisine. I think a large part of why lurks in the shadows behind it’s …

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    Greetings From DS106



    I would love to be in the Philippines by now. The bamboo frame was an installation on the shore for photo opportunities. I took this photo last summer, I finally get to use it for something.

    I used GIMP to edit this photo.


  3. kriscorpus

    DUBSTEP!!!!!!!!!! AHHHH, MY EARS!!!


    I found the episode, “The Invaders,” of the Twilight Zone to be freakin hilarious!

    I miss my childhood when Dubstep didn’t exist.

    I used MPEG Streamclip to trim my scene, exported it as images, imported in GIMP as layers, scaled images, and saved as .GIF. BAM!…

  4. kriscorpus



    Interesting that the concept of the audio portion came to fruition in Scott’s head at 5 am. I don’t think I could operate at such a time. Good stuff!…

  5. kriscorpus

    “Allow me to reintroduce myself, my name is…”


    This is bowties & skulls

    or formally, you can call me Kris.

    The name bowties & skulls originates from my love of bowties and my girlfriend’s interest in skulls and anatomy.

    “I’m her bowtie and she’s my skull,” as she likes to put it.

    Speaking of bowties, my favorite bowtie …

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