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    Legalization Tutorial


    For this assignment, you are asked to make a poster or an ad for a law to be legalized.  Some suggested are the common ones like gay marriage and marijuana.  For fun, challenge yourself to think outside of the box and look for laws that are not as well …

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    GIF list Tutorial


    For this Assignment, there is a simple way to approach it.  To make this GIF, there is a wonderful website.  You get a sight similar to this:

    For this assignment you will want to take pictures of each step, or each item being marked out, and upload them …

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    Behind the Final Project


    So for the final project we got to create a story and tell it through multiple means of media, being design, audio, GIFs, and video.  With the military close to my heart, I decided to write a slight love story of a military man, Max, and a single gal, Sally.…

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    Military Max


    Let us begin with the cliche, once upon a time, there was a group of men who decided one day they want to see the world, and serve their country.  They decided to, can you guess, join the military!  They saw all the glorious propaganda, and multiple posters and ads …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Four


    Almost there!  I still cannot believe it has already been four weeks!! Definitely some of my favorite weeks, but also some of my most stressful weeks.  This week was lots of fun, but also a challenge (as they all have been in some form).  Learning more about video, and particularly …

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    Since U Been Gone


    For this Video Assignment, worth 3 stars, we were asked to film ourselves lip syncing to a song of choice.  I chose Kelly Clarkson’s “Since U Been Gone” as a fun video to do since a friend of mine recently went through a break up and she could laugh …

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    My Mom


    So, for this Video Assignment, worth 5 stars, we were asked to record a sweet message to someone, so I clearly chose my mom.  She means the world to me.  As she likes to joke around, she brought me into this world and can take me out of it!  …

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    Today’s Daily Create was another that I enjoy since it is a simple random act of kindness.  I enjoy making other people’s days, so I love hearing what others did and sharing what I sometimes do.  I chose to leave it slightly vague seeing I do not like to “toot …

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    Reading Movies


    From Roger Ebert’s “How to Read a Movie”, several interesting things can be seen.  First off, just looking at the title, you can learn that movies obviously are not what they may appear to be to a bare eye.  Movies have much more depth that can be learned, and …

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    Dumb and Dumber


    For this task, we were asked to watch a video clip of our choice (from a selection) to watch and analyze the video alone, audio alone, and video and audio together.  For this, I chose a clip from Dumb and Dumber, specifically a scene where they are trying atomic peppers.…

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    I Miss You


    Today’s Daily Create has to be one of my favorite to date.  Seeing my blog’s title is The Little Things in Life, I love doing those small little things for friends.  So seeing the prompt to write a sweet message to a friend or someone you care about, it was …

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    Twinkle Twinkle


    For this Audio Assignment, worth 1.5 stars, we were asked to play the first song we learned of musical medium.  The first song I learned on the piano, which I played for almost 10 years, was “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star”.  This was also a song that my parents used …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Three Audio


    This week we worked with audio which provided great struggle.  It is one thing to do my own work, but to then record it with my voice makes it much more personal which is hard for me.  I also had personal struggles being out of town and completely losing my …

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    The Little Things in Life


    For this Audio Assignment, worth 3.5 stars, we were asked to write a poem that sets the scene for our blog.  Since my blog is The Little Things in Life, I wrote a poem containing some of the little things that help make life better.  It is the simple …

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    My Ride


    For today’s Daily Create we were asked to film a clip of how we get around everyday.  I guess mine could technically be a double whammy since it captures a glimpse of walking and a glimpse of the car and driving.  Anyways, hope you enjoy my YouTube video!

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    Circle of Shapes


    For today’s Daily Create, it asked to make something out of a circle.  So I made a more modern, we can say abstract, sort of circle.  In paint, I played with different shapes and colors and then added a circle around it.  This allowed for me to look at …

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    Who Stole the Coffee?



    For this Design Assignment, worth 3 stars, we were asked to make a suspect board of a certain event.  I decided to do a classic, especially for us college and working folk.  We all want our fresh cup of coffee whether it be from home, or a lovely …

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    Design Blitz


    For my Design Blitz, I found a few interesting designs for different reasons.

    This first picture can be looked at for typography as for the second one but for different reasons, but also balance.  Typography for the first one because of the simplicity.  If I am walking around the mall …

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    Weekly Summary – Week Two Design


    For this week working with design, I was timid at first. I thought this would be very challenging and not so fun for me. It turned out being a blast and being something that is of interest to me. I have enough of an OCD side to me that this …

  20. krobert4

    Nature is For Lovers


    For this Design Assignment, worth 2 stars, it asks us to build a license plate that describes you.  I also decided to put some meaning into it with the whole idea in general.  In Virginia, one of the motto’s we have is “Virginia is for Lovers” and so I …

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    For this Design Assignment, worth 2 stars, we were asked to use a single word and a single typeface to communicate the word and represent it.  The thought behind my word “laugh” and when I think about laughing I think about the belly/ gut laughs where you feel like …

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    Vignelli Canon


    The Vignelli Canon provided some very interesting details about design and all the factors that go into it.  With having an art class or two under my belt from high school, I thought I knew about design, especially since I helped with our high school, yearbook and the designing and …

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    Packed and Ready


    For this Animated GIF Assignment, worth 3.5 stars, we were asked to make a GIF from a to-do list, while completing it.  We were told to take screen captures or pictures of the list as we completed each task.  For mine, I have been on the go frequently recently …

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    Dominican Republic


    For today’s Daily Create, it asked us to write a poem from a memory from ages ago.  Although this memory is not from “ages ago”, it was on my heart today as I soon prepare to return to a place I have come to love, not for the beauty …

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    “Take Your Time”


    For this Design Assignment, worth 4 stars, we are asked to illustrate song lyrics from a favorite song by typography.  At first, I saw this and thought it would be simple, but my OCD took over, as did looking at it more in a design method.  I began by …

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