1. kshavala

    Posts that inspired me


    These are the links to a few posts that inspired me over the semester.

    This picture was one of my favorites because it captured the perfect essence of the Twilight Zone.  The feeling of uncertainty from not knowing what will happen next…

    Found here


    I choose this picture because …

  2. kshavala

    Final Project


    I really enjoyed learning most of the programs for DS106.  I will definitely be making some GIFs in my future.  Here is the self reflection part of my final project.

    Difficulty: 3 stars…

  3. kshavala

    GIMP tutorial


    Here is a tutorial to help my fellow DS106ers get started with GIMP.  In this tutorial I give an overview of how to cut and paste faces onto movie posters.

    Here is a screenshot.

    Here is my tutorial.


  4. kshavala

    Audacity Tutorial


    I decided to make an Audacity tutorial to show everyone how to edit songs.

    Here is a screenshot of the process.

    Here is my tutorial.

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    Show Off DS106 Work


    For this “Show Off” assignment, I made a compilation of some of my work from the summer.  I added a variety of my assignments and edited them in iMovie.

    Here is a screenshot of the process.

    And here is my video.

    Difficulty: 5 stars…

  6. kshavala

    Fight Club Comic


    For this remix assignment I was asked to “turn the volume up past 11 and exaggerate” these images as well as make them a comic book theme.  I took two images of Brad Pitt and Edward Norton to turn into comic images.  I added layers of effects to these images …

  7. kshavala

    Entourage Movie Premier


    For my “One Movie Watches Another” assignment I took a scene from “Entourage” where the whole gang is watching one of Vince’s movie premiers and mixed it with a funny animated trailer I found on Youtube.  I mashed these up using iMovie, which is a fantastic program if …

  8. kshavala

    The Bosh Perspective


    For my “Uncle Bob” remix assignment I decided to paste Chris Bosh’s face over the face of my friend to introduce an unexpected character that demonstrates perspective.  This image was pretty simple to edit.  I used the lasso tool to cut out Chris’s face and the airbrush to fix some …

  9. kshavala

    Bold Strategy Cotton


    For my “Mashup Those Movies” assignment I chose to put Jason Bateman on the cover of “The 40 Year-Old Virgin”.  I added one of my favorite lines from “Dodgeball” as well.  I edited this image using GIMP by cutting out the face with the lasso tool, then scaling and pasting …

  10. kshavala

    Animal Dance Off


    This is an assignment I created called “Animal Dance Off”.  I had a really good time making the example and I think the final product turned out very well.  All I had to do to create this video was to cut the audio from the Chris Brown song (polka …

  11. kshavala

    Cooking with @kshaav


    For my “Cooking Show” assignment I choose to make a burrito.  Being a college student, this is pretty much the extent of my cooking.  I put this movie together in iMovie and added title slides.

    Here is my screenshot of the process.


    Difficulty: 3 stars…

  12. kshavala

    I Love You, Man in 5 Seconds


    For my 5 second film assignment I choose to preview one of my favorite movies “I Love You, Man”.  I cut the important clips from the trailer into my mini movie.  If you have seen it, you should get the main idea.  ”I Love You, Man” is a comedy about …

  13. kshavala

    Yogi in the Zone


    I’m not much of an artist, so I cut out Yogi Bear in GIMP and pasted him into the Twilight Zone for my “Draw your favorite cartoon character in the Twilight Zone” daily create.

    These are the original pictures.

    Link Link

    And here is my daily create…

  14. kshavala

    First Video Assignment


    I really enjoyed learning the ropes in iMovie and had fun adding music I like to an awesome movie trailer.  I picked the Lorax because it is a great kids movie with a legitimate message.  The song I used is an old Ratatat beat called Loud Pipes found on Youtube.  …

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