1. kshavala

    Genre of “To Serve Man”


    This episode fits into several genres, as do most of the Twilight Zone episodes.  If I had to pick one, it would definitely be science fiction because of the aliens and space ships.  This episode also characterizes horror and mystery.  All these Twilight episodes have portrayed a message to viewers, …

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    Fun facts “To Serve Man” episode


    1. This short story written by Damon Knight was awarded the 1951 ”Retro” Hugo Award for Best Short Story in 2001.

    2. In the source story the Kanamit aliens were short and looked like hairy pigs that stood upright.

    3. This episode has been referenced in a ton of movies.  …

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    Youtube Genre


    There were a bunch of great ideas for genres listed on the Google Doc, but a lot of main ones were left out.  I added what I think is a very important genre, the highlight reels for athletes.  There are all kinds of these types of compilation videos.  Some …

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    Reading “To Serve Man” in three different ways


    1. Watching “To Serve Man” without audio made me pay close attention to the angles being shot by the camera and the locations of the main focus of each shot.  When the directors wanted to focus on an important part of a scene, we are first given a glimpse of …

  5. kshavala

    Intergalactic War


    A picture of my little cousin playing with a marshmallow gun that I know you have all seen before, but this was a great picture for this assignment.  I edited this picture in PicFix and added the space effects.…

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    Reaction to Scott Lockman: Episode 19, 20 & 21


    Haa i guess better late than never.  After this podcast I went through and checked to see if my sound levels were in the .5 to .8 range.  For the most part they were ok because I’ve been using the Amplify tool to balance the sound levels, as well as …

  7. kshavala

    I meet Consuela



    For this cartoon daily create i decided my perfect day as a comic would be meeting Consuela.  So I cut and pasted myself into a Family Guy episode.


  8. kshavala

    Inflate The Twilight Zone



    I incorporated the Twilight Zone theme song into my punctuate assignment.  I read an excerpt from one of Professor Grooms posts and added the Twilight Zone sounds in Audacity.  I am getting the hang of Audacity, just in time to put together our radio show!

    Here is a link …

  9. kshavala

    Reaction to Scott Lockman: Episode 16 & 17


    I’m getting started making my own bumper so it was good to hear a few examples from Scottlo.  Our guest appearances in episode 17 were a great preparation for this weeks radio show assignment as well.  I learned some valuable lessons about creating bumpers that are audience appropriate.

    Heres a …

  10. kshavala

    Radio Progress


    Everyone in my group has been on top of their work and our script is coming together well.  So far we have planned out everyones tasks and selected our characters.  I have completed one of our commercials already.  Take a look!

  11. kshavala

    Consuela Answers


    I decided to incorporate Consuela from Family Guy into my answering machine assignment.  I used an answering machine jingle from a Family Guy episode and had Consuela interrupt my message.

    This is the youtube video that I used most of the dialogue from and the assignment can be found here

  12. kshavala

    Reaction to Scott Lockman: Week 2


    Glad to see the groups are up for the Radio Show.  I am looking forward to getting started with the project.  This weeks tips for Soundcloud and Audacity were very helpful.  I played around in Garage Band a bunch and its a blast.  Theres another application similar to Garage Band …

  13. kshavala

    Week Two Write up


    This was a bit of a rough week for me because I was in South Carolina with a few friends all week and had a bit of trouble juggling my time to get all my assignments done.  Gladly this week is over and I am ready to be back in …

  14. kshavala

    Time to find your glasses


    In my sequel to “Time Enough At Last” Henry Bemis goes on a quest to find new glasses and return to the library.  On his trip he gets sidetracked by C3PO (from Star Wars) and they go to a Wendy’s to get burgers.  They eventually find glasses for Henry at …

  15. kshavala

    Rod Serling Interview


    I decided to interview Rod Serling for my Celebrity Radio assignment.  I downloaded the “Eye of the Beholder” episode, cropped it and added my voice in using Audacity.

    Difficulty: 4 stars…

  16. kshavala

    All me in the Twilight Zone


    For this assignment I played the roles of the doctor and nurse from the “Eye of the Beholder” Twilight Zone episodes.  They are having a conversation about the ugly hospital patient.  I recorded and edited this in Audacity.

    Difficulty: 4 stars


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