1. kshavala

    If I lived in Cook Out


    Woke up today feeling great.  Sitting next to all my friends in the freezer.  Its nice and cold in here and I love it.  Hopefully today isn’t the day… Ten minutes later. Im being defrosted and I think I’m going to the grill.  Yup, on the grill…  Its not that …

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    Design Safari


    This is a picture I took in England that demonstrates good use of space and balance.

    The natural colors in the flowers really stand out in this photo taken outside of a pub.

    My friend Joe demonstrating proportion.

    This is an amazing example of symmetry taken inside Kings College in …

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    What exactly is Creative Commons?


    As defined on creative commons.org, Creative Commons is a nonprofit organization working to increase the amount of available online resources for students or others to use.  In a nutshell, it gives people permission to reuse and possibly edit your work as long as they site you as the original author.  …

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    Death machine


    I peeked inside this big metal machine and it seems to be some sort of scalding death trap.  I can feel the heat waves sting my eyes from all the way up here.  What could this possibly be used for?  There’s something inside, but what is it?  The object is …

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    Week One Recap



    Scottlo Radio Blog

    Scottlo gave us some great pointers in the later podcasts this week and I thought some of his bantering was quite entertaining.  I didn’t mind putting on one of the podcast to listen to while I worked on creating my assignments.  Although it was very difficult …

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    Shaded in my bucket hat



    I found an awesome app for this assignment called Cut Me In.  Its free on the app store and there’s a pretty big variety of places to put yourself in.  Decided to crop myself into Madagascar to chill with some lemurs.

    Here is a link to the assignment.…

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    Painting vivid pictures, call me Basquiat Picasso

    This is my Picasso Yourself photo.  If you were wondering, the title is a random ASAP lyric that gets stuck in my head.  I thought the alien space theme worked well with the paper smile I happened to find in my room.  My favorite part of the picture is the…
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    Now Showing on Air Force One



    Just some good clean fun with Obama’s face.  I’m sure he wouldn’t have it any other way.  Not one of Dave Chappelle’s best movies in my mind, but he is always entertaining.  I edited this in GIMP using the lasso tool and it fit right in.

    Here is a …

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    If I made a band our name would be Time Wasted


    A couple of my friends and I watched “How to Train Your Dragon” the other day and for a kids movie I thought it was really good.  It has a bit of a cheesy moral, but I guess that’s what can you expect from a G rated movie.  I decided …

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    Just Google It



    This is my Ultimate Merger assignment where I have combined Nike and Google’s catch phrase and logo to send DS106ers a message to “Just google your ds106 questions.”  I put these together in GIMP by cropping, rotating and resizing these logos.

    This is the link to the assignment.…

  11. kshavala

    They’re here



    Wanted to show the Invaders have arrived in my graffiti post.  This is my favorite type of generic alien, so I thought I would incorporate it into the invaders posts.  I cut the alien out in GIMP and downloaded a graffiti font from here.

    A link to the …

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    An Inverted Twilight Zone



    This is my Twilight Zone 50th Anniversary book cover.  I decided to make the space background white instead of black to make the picture more plain and minimalistic, but I thought I would add some aliens for the Invaders effect.

    I edited this picture in GIMP by placing the …

  13. kshavala

    We have now entered the…



    This is my Twilight Zone bumper sticker explaining that we have now fully entered the DS106 zone.  I used an image I found on the internet as a background and cropped it in GIMP.  Then simply entered some text and found a font that looked similar to the Twilight …

  14. kshavala

    Let me introduce the Invaders



    Thought I’d creep into the Invaders episode to say hi.  I used GIMP to edit this photo and it was pretty simple.  Tons of helpful directions online.  Quick tip: make sure to save your file in GIMP then export it so it can be supported as a .jpg or …

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    Whats UP? Invaders GIF


    The aliens are here.

    My favorite part of the Invaders episode was definitely watching Agnes Moorhead chew on the chip, or whatever it was, in the beginning.  This clip captures the eerie mood as she stirs her smoky cauldron and begins to hear strange noises.

    I built this gif in …

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