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    Loving Alzheimer’s


    Alzheimer’s disease is defined by the Alzheimer’s Foundation fo America (AFA) as “a progressive, degenerative disorder that attacks the brain’s nerve cells, or neurons, resulting in loss of memory, thinking and language skills, and behavioral changes.”(http://www.alzfdn.org/AboutAlzheimers/definition.html) My Grandmother has Alzheimer’s. She is 86 years old and has been suffering from …

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    Week 15 Summary




    Final Project

    For my final project I wanted to try and tell Snow White’s story through a realistic lens. I attempted to blend key aspects of the story with real life scenarios as well as creatively and successfully tell the story through a series of media. Its a …

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    Advice to Future ds106ers


    I wanted to share with future ds106ers some advice I wish I had taken. It would’ve saved me a lot of stress and sleep. I chose posters because its something people can just look at, they aren’t real time commitments and people are more likely to take the couple seconds …

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    Created Assignments Summary


    When thinking about what assignments I wanted to create I thought back to what assignments I enjoyed the most. I loved the design and visual assignments so I knew I wanted to create assignments for those categories.

    For my Colorize it assignment I came up with the idea after finding …

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    PSA Billboard Tutorial


    Tutorial for PSA Billboard and the PSA Billboard assignment.

    First: Decide on an idea, then Open Gimp. Once you have Gimp open go to File -> New. The Create a New Image window will pop up. For image size change width to 680 and it should automatically scale the height …

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    PSA Billboard


    Is there something about society, people, the world, or just anything that really bugs you and you want the world to know it? Then create a PSA billboard!

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    Black and White re imagined in Color


    Black and white photos are beautiful in their own way, but sometimes I wonder how color would change the the feel of a photo. So my assignment is to recolor a black and white imagine how you would imagine it looked during the time it was taken or how you …

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    Movie Trailer Mashup


    For the movie trailer mashup I was supposed to take a movie trailer and change the audio to put a new spin on it. I overlayed Al Green’s Lets Stay Together over the movie trailer for Obsessed using Windows Movie Maker. I wanted to give the movie more of a …

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    Using Recycled Media


    I used seven images and an audio clip to create this video. I used gimp to edit the photo of the hand over the other six images. The audio clip I edited in audacity to clip out the sections that I wanted. I then used audacity to speed on up …

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    Final Project Spit Ballin’


    So, on the project introduction the example used was Cinderella.

    I am choosing Snow White.

    I am choosing Snow White because after seeing the different examples used for Cinderella all these great ideas popped in to my head for what I would do for Snow White, my favorite Disney princess. …

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    Scenes with an Impact


    Scenes with an Impact

    For this assignment I used scenes from 10 Things I Hate About You, Pretty in Pink, and My Girl. All three of these scenes/movies had a different effect/impact on my life. I really don’t have a lot of life changing effects from movies, so I’d say …

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    The Teenage Dream


    character/genre mashup

    My original intent when making this video was to poke fun at the overtly sexual theme of the teen dramas on TV. I think it ended up more on the porn side than the cynical side, but what does that tell you about these shows? I chose about …

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    Weekly Summary 10


    This week’s daily creates.

    This week’s to-do list was enjoyable to accomplish because it focused on one of my favorite things, movies.

    The video editing software that I have is MPEG stream clip, YTD video downloader that is capable of converting videos to different formats as well as downloading them …

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    Daily Creates Week 10


     tdc298 Take a photo using forced perspective:

    I used a toy car about the size of my palm and held it up in front of the road a ways away in order to make it look like it was a normal sized car actually driving on the road. The car …

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    Weekly Summary #9


    Daily Creates

    -They are in the order in which they are linked by my story. I decided to go with an alien theme because my daily creates had nothing to do with each other. Like nothing. So, the only way to connect them was extra terrestrially.

    Your Most Prized Possession:…

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    For the Storify It assignment I chose to retell Snow White in my own way. Skin as white as snow, hair as dark as night, and lips as red as rose and so forth and so on. Storify made it very convenient to find media from several social media sites …

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    Two Weeks in One: Week 7 & 8 summary


    Daily Creates:

    Record yourself repeating words from your favorite movie. I chose to do one of the most quoted scenes from a movie that my sister and I do. This is from the film Drop Dead Gorgeous that has been featured in other blog posts that I have done. I …

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    Un Chiste


    So in my attempt to make you laugh I told a joke in Spanish. I have an awful Spanish accent, so to anyone who listens to it and is a native Spanish speaker I apologize and please forgive me. I recorded myself telling the joke using audacity.  I chose a …

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    For the Suess it assignment I recorded myself reading One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish by Dr. Seuss. Like most Dr. Seuss books I loved the rhyming and flow of One Fish Two Fish the best. Like most people I do not like the sound of my own …

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