1. kstanbro

    TDC 1352- Print all over


    Today’s daily create was to take a photo of yourself and put icons all over it. I used Snapchat because I was familiar with it. I tried to think of something witty and creative such as their example of “ants in your pants” but I came up shorthanded. So I …

  2. kstanbro

    Commenting in week 4


    This week I only had two comments from DS106 students. I enjoyed reading other peoples blogs on which audio story they chose to listen to. Although the one I listened to was interesting, I didn’t like it in terms of focusing specifically on the music correlating with the stories. Most …

  3. kstanbro

    Listening to Stories


    While choosing which story/ stories to listen to I realized why it’s important to have a good title. That’s the first thing I see when I’m choosing which stories I want to listen to by which title gets my attention. I decided to open a few of them and see …

  4. kstanbro

    Audio Storytelling


    I watched Part 1 and 2 of Ira Glass’ talk on storytelling. From that I learned that unlike writing, when you have a topic sentence and facts, broadcasting consists of an antidote and a moment of reflection. An antidote is a sequence of actions that answers questions along the way. …

  5. kstanbro

    Appearances reflection



    I named my topic Appearances, because everything is not always as it seems. The story I hope to tell with these pictures is that a girl sees a huge creepy shadow on her ceiling and is scared she then peers under her bed and finds that the huge shadow is …

  6. kstanbro

    The shape of Stories


    After watching Kurt Vonnegut’s video the Shape of Stories I started brainstorming different examples of stories that followed these patterns and then I decided on Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. A classic song and one of my favorites. 

    I decided to do a drawing to visually represent the song …

  7. kstanbro

    What do I think Storytelling means?


    When I think of storytelling I think of fairy tales and phrases such as “Once Upon a time” and “Happily Ever After.” I may just take this point of view being a girl and growing up being read and reading these kinds of stories, however I can grasp the idea …

  8. kstanbro

    Micheal Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able reflection


    Micheal Wesch delivered at keynote speech to UMW in 2011 entitled “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environments for New Media Environment.” He conveys how we need to have knowledge in “information literacy” then develop to “meta-media fluency” and ultimately “digital citizenship.” He defines “digital citizenship” as the capacity to use …

  9. kstanbro

    Gardner Campbell: “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” reflection


    In Gardner Campbell’s article “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” Campbell discusses the need for technology in the classroom, and more explicitly the need for each student to have their own web servers. He believes that students need to learn how to build a cyberinfrastructure, in order to “acquire crucial technical skills for …

  10. kstanbro

    Tell me about it, Stud!


    For our first Visual Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank we had to create an animated GIF from our favorite or least favorite movie that captured the essence of a key scene. The assignment was titles “Say in Like Peanut Butter.” The only directions we were given was …

  11. kstanbro



    The Daily Create made a new page which is awesome because the other one gave me anxiety and was way too stressful. In honor of a new site for The Daily Creates today’s daily create, and my last one for the week, was to post a picture of a neat …

  12. kstanbro

    TDC498- Introduce yourself


    Our very first and mandatory daily create was to take a picture today to introduce yourself to the team. I had lots of problems uploading this to the daily create page, so stay tuned to my website to see how I dealt with the problems that occurred and what they …

  13. kstanbro

    TDC1332-Studies in crap present


    For today’s daily create we had to choose a page from a Rambo themed coloring book. The pages were in a satirical post that was hilarious and at first I thought we had to create a satire about a coloring book, but thank goodness that was not the assignment, because …

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