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  1. kstanbro

    How to be a better photographer

    Photography yay! I’m very excited for this section! The three tips I chose to examine are Look to the light Change my perspective by changing yours Use the best lens The first one I played with when I did my first daily create I used the different lights in my room to create different effects. […]
  2. kstanbro

    TDC 1352- Print all over

    Today’s daily create was to take a photo of yourself and put icons all over it. I used Snapchat because I was familiar with it. I tried to think of something witty and creative such as their example of “ants in your pants” but I came up shorthanded. So I decided to promote recycling! @ds106dc […]
  3. kstanbro

    Commenting in week 4

    This week I only had two comments from DS106 students. I enjoyed reading other peoples blogs on which audio story they chose to listen to. Although the one I listened to was interesting, I didn’t like it in terms of focusing specifically on the music correlating with the stories. Most of the music was used to […]
  4. kstanbro

    Slowin’ it way down- Audio assignment 1423

    The final audio assignment I did this week was 3 stars entitled “Make it 800% slower.”  For this assignment you have to take a song and slow it down to make it sound almost like classical music. The example was U Smile by Justin Bieber. I decided to do Life Happens by Brandon and Leah. […]
  5. kstanbro

    TDC 1350 Concrete Poetry

    @ds106dc #tdc1350 #ds106 Concrete poem — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 19, 2015 Today’s daily create was to create a concrete poem. The first image that popped into my head was a tree, so I wrote about a tree. I’m not good at poetry so I just tried to make every other word rhyme. I […]
  6. kstanbro

    Stalking Zac Efron- Audio Assignment 1665

    The first audio assignment I did for the week had 3 stars. It’s called “Have a Phone Conversation WIth Yourself.” I started this assignment by typing up a transcript in word. This way I would have the just of what I wanted to say and what the topic of the phone conversation would be and […]
  7. kstanbro

    Fear of War- Audio Assignment 1551

    For my second audio assignment I completes “Emotions Through Sounds“. We had to use at least 4 sounds to convey an emotion. I decided to do fear and what I fear most is war. So I clipped together different war sounds; guns shooting, a man screaming in terror, planes flying, and background noise to make […]
  8. kstanbro

    TDC 1349 Wish Jim Bon Voyage

    @ds106dc #tdc1349 Bon voyage!! — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 18, 2015 Today’s daily create was to wish Jim bon voyage! Well Jim I hope you find this daily create less awkward then I found the one dedicated to me! The daily create was to make a video with puppets wishing Jim good luck in […]
  9. kstanbro

    Listening to Stories

    While choosing which story/ stories to listen to I realized why it’s important to have a good title. That’s the first thing I see when I’m choosing which stories I want to listen to by which title gets my attention. I decided to open a few of them and see the length and what they […]
  10. kstanbro

    TDC 1346- Take an emophoto

    @ds106dc For #tdc1346 my emotion portrayed in this picture is excitement #ds106 — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 15, 2015 Today’s daily create was to create an emophoto. An emophoto is a picture that shows emotion. I knew immediately that I wanted to post a volleyball photo that was captured moments after we won the game that […]
  11. kstanbro

    Audio Storytelling

    I watched Part 1 and 2 of Ira Glass’ talk on storytelling. From that I learned that unlike writing, when you have a topic sentence and facts, broadcasting consists of an antidote and a moment of reflection. An antidote is a sequence of actions that answers questions along the way. A moment of reflection tells […]
  12. kstanbro

    TDC 1345 Suck it up Buttercup

    @ds106dc #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1345 Suck it up Buttercup! — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 14, 2015 Today’s daily create was to create a cover for a help/ how to book, but it was suppose to be really bad. Mine kinda sucked and was not creative, once I saw the rest of them. x Kelsey
  13. kstanbro

    Appearances reflection

            I named my topic Appearances, because everything is not always as it seems. The story I hope to tell with these pictures is that a girl sees a huge creepy shadow on her ceiling and is scared she then peers under her bed and finds that the huge shadow is made […]
  14. kstanbro

    Tell a Story in 5 Frames

    I chose to do Tell a Story in Five Frames. I knew that I wanted to do a story about a girl in bed and then she sees a shadow and is scared, but it’s actually just a stuffed animal. Unfortunately, not a lot of people have stuffed animals in college so I ended up […]
  15. kstanbro

    TDC1343 Your peak utopia

    @ds106dc #tdc1343 #ds106 — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 12, 2015 Today’s daily create  was to create your utopia on top of a mountain. The only thing mine is missing is an ice cream mountain in the background!
  16. kstanbro

    TDC 1341 The ocean at the end of your backyard

    Today’s daily create was to write a short story about the ocean in your backyard. My story was a little longer than the maximum characters allowed in a tweet so I tweeted a picture of my response. @ds106dc #tdc1341 — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 10, 2015 x Kelsey
  17. kstanbro

    #tdc1340 Collaborative Poetry on Twitter

    #tdc is poetry… I might have to sit this one out — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 9, 2015 I’m not a poetry fan so today’s daily create wasn’t really my style. However, since this week is so hectic I decided to do it. I did think that this was a really cool assignment. The power […]
  18. kstanbro

    TDC 1339- Her computer crashed and ate her work! Cheer @KelseyStanbro up

    #ds106 #dailycreate #tdc1339 Her computer crashed and ate her work! Cheer @KelseyStanbro up — ds106 Daily Create (@ds106dc) September 8, 2015 Well I woke up today to this daily create, which made me feel really awkward, because it’s based upon a tweet I tweeted September 3rd. Ugh my computer just crashed and I […]
  19. kstanbro

    Appreciating Past DS106 Stories

    I chose to look at a final project entitled Swarley the Missing Dinosaur. The writer of the blog Christine starts with “Once upon a time” which I thought was funny because in my blog post I talked about how I think of this phrase when I think of storytelling. What was really funny was the […]
  20. kstanbro

    TDC 1338- Dolphin meets Crab

    @ds106dc "Mhhh that crab would go good with some butter" #tdc1338 — Kelsey Stanbro (@KelseyStanbro) September 7, 2015 Today’s daily create was to come up with what the dolphin in the above picture is thinking as he approaches the crab. I love crab and my response mimics that, I wanted to try to do a […]
  21. kstanbro

    The shape of Stories

    After watching Kurt Vonnegut’s video the Shape of Stories I started brainstorming different examples of stories that followed these patterns and then I decided on Goodbye Earl by the Dixie Chicks. A classic song and one of my favorites.  I decided to do a drawing to visually represent the song much like Maya Eilam did in […]
  22. kstanbro

    What do I think Storytelling means?

    When I think of storytelling I think of fairy tales and phrases such as “Once Upon a time” and “Happily Ever After.” I may just take this point of view being a girl and growing up being read and reading these kinds of stories, however I can grasp the idea that story telling is more […]
  23. kstanbro

    Micheal Wesch: Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able reflection

    Micheal Wesch delivered at keynote speech to UMW in 2011 entitled “Knowledgeable to Knowledge-able: New Learning Environments for New Media Environment.” He conveys how we need to have knowledge in “information literacy” then develop to “meta-media fluency” and ultimately “digital citizenship.” He defines “digital citizenship” as the capacity to use technology in order to collect, create, imagine, and make a […]
  24. kstanbro

    Gardner Campbell: “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” reflection

    In Gardner Campbell’s article “A Personal Cyberinfrastructure” Campbell discusses the need for technology in the classroom, and more explicitly the need for each student to have their own web servers. He believes that students need to learn how to build a cyberinfrastructure, in order to “acquire crucial technical skills for their digital lives” that would allow them to […]
  25. kstanbro

    Tell me about it, Stud!

    For our first Visual Assignment from the DS106 Assignment Bank we had to create an animated GIF from our favorite or least favorite movie that captured the essence of a key scene. The assignment was titles “Say in Like Peanut Butter.” The only directions we were given was to make sure that the movement is […]
  26. kstanbro


    The Daily Create made a new page which is awesome because the other one gave me anxiety and was way too stressful. In honor of a new site for The Daily Creates today’s daily create, and my last one for the week, was to post a picture of a neat place. I posted a picture […]
  27. kstanbro

    TDC1333-A movie scene in English…slang

    I thought we were doing a week and a half of photography so I was somewhat confused when today’s Daily Create was writing, but I enjoyed this assignment and it was easy to post to The Daily Create page (yay!). Today’s assignment had us take a scene from a movie and exchange some of the […]
  28. kstanbro

    TDC498- Introduce yourself

    Our very first and mandatory daily create was to take a picture today to introduce yourself to the team. I had lots of problems uploading this to the daily create page, so stay tuned to my website to see how I dealt with the problems that occurred and what they were. x Kelsey
  29. kstanbro

    TDC1332-Studies in crap present

    For today’s daily create we had to choose a page from a Rambo themed coloring book. The pages were in a satirical post that was hilarious and at first I thought we had to create a satire about a coloring book, but thank goodness that was not the assignment, because I do not think I […]

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