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  1. ktnmahone247

    DS106 Wrap Up

    As much of a thorn in my side that this course proved to be over the semester I hate to see it end! These past 16 weeks have allowed me to explore my creative side; a challenge I was determined to conquer. In truth the most difficult element was me fighting myself, due to the […]
  2. ktnmahone247

    @IamTalkyTina Headswap Tutorial

    The Mashup assignment for @Iam TalkyTina Headswap can be executed in several ways. The one which can be used through ease is with the use of the link FaceinHole. After downloading a picture of the TalkyTina image that you prefer and the character that you will place her head on go to this link. Choose […]
  3. ktnmahone247

    Cutty movin up! At-Risk Youth Empowerment Coach

    For five stars Cutty Wise chose “Public Service Announcement” video assignment. With exemplifying a portrayal of growth in a destructive and deteriorating environment, Cutty Wise showed a progressive and magnificent stride towards internal evaluation of the character he is fit to become. His journey is summed up in this short five-minute PSA and advertisement of […]
  4. ktnmahone247


    Cutty is a doing all he can to be a solid brother. Reform and Re-entry into society is his new game, he has set his priorities in line with this focus. To that extent he is promoting himself through activities that will support his success in accomplishing those goals. The best way to stay out […]
  5. ktnmahone247

    Mad Dash Summary Week 13 and 14

    These last two weeks have spun by with fury intact! Many things have happened this week, much can be attributed to the work required in DS106 but the holidays definitely account for the tight restraints. It was a worldwide classic circus balancing act. Assignments I focused on the 8 stars required for Mashups and Remixes […]
  6. ktnmahone247

    Cutty’s World

    For 3.5 stars I did color isolation from the visual assignment “Focus on One Color”. After attempting to do this first in GIMP I ran into time constraints so I settled with Pixlr after watching this tutorial. I captured all the brown(with the exception of the color of my skin) a key color in my […]
  7. ktnmahone247

    R.I.P Music Lives for Lyfe

    For the last of my 8 stars for weeks 13 and 14 I chose the “10 Second Song Mashup”. This was difficult because with choosing five favorite songs or songs by a favorite artist you get caught up listening to the music. Clipping out two seconds can prove to be next to impossible. After listening […]
  8. ktnmahone247

    Cutty wants to be a Celebrity

    For the first two of six stars that my Wire character completed was “Celebrity Life”. After locating a pic of Muhammad Ali, I transferred it into Pixlr and trimmed a pic of Cutty’s face which I inserted onto Ali’s face. The fit was close to exact seen below: I also posted on his twitter and […]
  9. ktnmahone247

    Top Coded Secret, Test Notes!

    For the last 2 of the 8 stars required for my mashup assignments I chose the “Contest Nobody Could Win”. I downloaded my favorite scenes from six movies on YouTube and trimmed a little over 2 seconds from each through Movie Maker. The final cut is below, take a shot at guessing:
  10. ktnmahone247

    Top Coded Secret, Test Notes!

    For the last 2 of the 8 stars required for my mashup assignments I chose the “Contest Nobody Could Win”. I downloaded my favorite scenes from six movies on YouTube and trimmed a little over 2 seconds from each through Movie Maker. The final cut is below, take a shot at guessing:
  11. ktnmahone247

    Letz Chop It Up! 2014-11-25 17:34:37

    For my second TDC of week 14 I chose “Be creative with leafs”. What I created reflects my strongest desire at this moment, peace. I can’t understand why we cannot get together as human beings. We claim to have such a heightened level of intellect but we cannot simply coexist! We have plenty of foliage […]
  12. ktnmahone247

    Amplify my Unsplash

    For the first TDC of week 14 I chose “Caption an Unsplash Photo”. I chose the desk with a closeup shot of a speaker and a desktop in the background. I downloaded it and imported into picmonkey where I added my caption. It can be seen below:
  13. ktnmahone247

    An Iconic Sunday

    For my second TDC of week 13 I chose “Tell us your day in icons”. There were no fabulous and exciting things to convey so finding icons to match my Sunday activities were not at all difficult. It basically consisted of housework, work, tutorial at the Digital Knowledge Center, and homework; how exciting! I created […]
  14. ktnmahone247

    Many Faces of Drew

    For my second Remix Mashup I chose “A Changing Character” for 4 1/2 stars. I chose Drew Barrymore because she has an extensive portfolio of work, making it simple to obtain a variety of clips to choose from. I used IMDB to remind myself of lifetime work in the movie industry and gathered my choices […]
  15. ktnmahone247

    Marlo Remixed In Pink

    For my first Remix Mash I took a dig at what Marlo’s gangsta would truly look like in the absence of Chris, his muscle sidekick! For this creation I mashed a scene from Ice Cube’s Next Friday and mixed it into the poker scene from Season 4 Episode 4 of The Wire. The final result […]
  16. ktnmahone247

    To Banish Batman

    For my first TDC of week 13 I added to the Thinker’s Plan. Never combating Batman I am forced to rethink my strategy, my brilliant mind conceives the thought that the Batmobile must be where my problems stem. What a fascinating ambush if I can just obtain control of his treasured vehicle it is after […]
  17. ktnmahone247

    11 and 12 = 3

    Or at least it should have; that is equal three weeks that I at least needed to complete these weeks! Working from behind, I had the task of completing weeks 10, 11, and 12 with time running out at the moment. Video Assignments I managed to complete 13 stars with the exception of my video […]
  18. ktnmahone247

    Mommy Sentiments

    For my third (5 star) video assignment I chose to commemorate my daughter. She just recently enlisted into the United States Navy, with Veteran’s Day just passing I thought this would be a great tribute to her. I dropped many tears in the process, still absorbing the unselfish sacrifice that she has chosen to make. […]
  19. ktnmahone247


    For my second video assignment during weeks 11 and 12 I chose the ‘Cooking Show’ challenge. It just so happens that my 16 year old daughter had to make a dish for her culinary class so we teamed up killing two tasks with one situation. She assisted by giving commentary of the process as I […]
  20. ktnmahone247

    Back in the Swede of Things

    For 4 1/2 to 5 stars and some change on the side if creating a swede as a group, the biddies and I were back at it! Although all three of us had SOL chasing us consistently for the last two weeks, we utilized technology more with prepping to combat some tough blows. You can […]
  21. ktnmahone247

    Naughty or Nice?

    For my last TDC of weeks 11 and 12 I chose to do the ‘Pick a Pet and Change it’ challenge. Considering the holidays are quickly approaching I decided to play off of that by altering a typical squirrel into Santa. I found a pic of a white squirrel and copied the image which I […]
  22. ktnmahone247

    Curb Poetry

    For one of two daily creates during week 12 I tried my hand at rhyming as possibly one of the most hated public service workers, parking enforcement. Yea, I said it. What every American has thought at one time or another; that stealthy, unforgiving, invisible son-of-a-motherbiscuit eater that managed to place that overpriced slip in […]
  23. ktnmahone247

    10 Times the Trouble

    Week ten crushed me! With a daughter graduating from Great Lakes boot camp the same week, it was impossible to work ahead in completing audio even while working ahead. In part, this was because I had no idea of the amount of tutorial I would need in just navigating the software necessary to complete the […]
  24. ktnmahone247

    Look, Listen, Analyze, and Ebert

    For the assignment I first watched the film 300: This is Sparta without sound seen here. With what I learned from Ebert’s article I noticed that while Leonitus remained on the strong axis, the person speaking to him seemed at first more dominant. Righteously so as this character is placed to the top right of […]
  25. ktnmahone247

    Camera, Action???

    Product Evolution put me just short of 10 stars for week 10 but I think the time I spent to make it half decent warrants that extra 1/2 star. Research of cameras in the motion picture industry took just as long as producing it. Cameras have an extensive history in the movie industry; I could […]
  26. ktnmahone247

    We Be Gett’n Money and $hiiiii

    I conquered 5 of the 7 1/2 stars left to complete in week 10 of video with the assignment ‘That Bleeping Censor’. Finally after trial and error with first grasping use of Movie Maker and then technology problems only fixable through the help of IT, I successfully completed this assignment by my lonesome! I imported […]
  27. ktnmahone247

    Alvinized Omar Stands Off With Brotha’

    For my 2 1/2 stars of the 10 required for week 10 I decided to do Chipmunk Style featuring Omar as Alvin! Through the use of Windows Movie Maker, compliments of great tutoring from James at the ITC Digital Knowledge Center, I was able to download this clip from YouTube and convert through YTD converter […]
  28. ktnmahone247

    Have Havens

    For the second TDC of the week I chose Safe Havens as I definitely need to seek refuse in one of the three I look to when the rough gets going. Video is all the way turned up here for the last two weeks and so is my blood pressure! What I wouldn’t do for […]
  29. ktnmahone247

    Haiku Hack

    Today’s TDC required the creation of a haiku. Instead of writing it in the traditional 5/7/5 format I followed the creator’s example of 4/5/4. My current situation is “The Struggle is So Real” so I used that status as the driving motivation for my haiku which can be found here.
  30. ktnmahone247

    Stealing Z’s

    This weekend was very demanding for my family which is already over scheduled being that we have three college students in our household and one pursuing a career with the US Navy! When the TDC for today called for the best sleepy shot there was no difficulty in delivering. My husband, my oldest daughter, and […]

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