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  1. ktnmahone247

    Jack is Back

    For Halloween I juggled my daughter’s US Navy Boot Camp Graduation with the festive colors associated with Halloween. With the TDC calling for a Halloween colour walk it was great that my husband had taken a photo of our own carving of Jack with lil Jack in his jaws; this would be the first image […]
  2. ktnmahone247

    Week 9 & Creations that Shine

    Week 9 creeps to a lock down, with it works of in[SPIRE] have been locked into the archive vault. This week was like taking a stroll or at least a slow trot through an exhibit at an expo, museum, or something of that caliber looking at all of our creations. The three works I chose […]
  3. ktnmahone247

    Gifted & Inspired

    My last Ds106Inspire creation although impartial would have to go to Ahotcrazymess’s Desa Stone, My Digital Experience.. DS106 For Life’s Melinda Albrycht, and Letz Chop It Up’s Kisha Mahone. Even though I was a part of this creation the fact that us over 30 something’s courage, relentless strength, and mere audacity to execute and accomplish […]
  4. ktnmahone247

    Fit for Radio

    My second selection was in honor of Blooming Mandala’s NixMemita! through possibly nothing but mere research on her part to fulfill the radio show we were instructed to create, she was considerate enough to post a how-to-tutorial on creating a radio effect to your voice found here. This was a nice effect to add when […]
  5. ktnmahone247

    Wired Inspires!

    For my first DS106Inspire creations I chose one from when I was but a newbie to this entire technological dynamic! Talky Tina would be my first and my the first to give me a true initiation to this entire game. With trying to place a spotlight upon this character, I indeed chose the right one. […]
  6. ktnmahone247

    Role Call

    Last TDC of the week completed with no time to spare. I’m not sure if I dropped the ball on this one but this was the first thing to come to mind when I saw those 30 circles that I would be responsible for filling. So Welcome Class of 2014 DS106 and Wired game players!
  7. ktnmahone247

    Flakes of Snow

    Today’s TDC was a drawing challenge. To my surprise I was required to do a winter drawing. ? Why are we rushing the frigid cold? Anyways my favorite image of Christmas that everyone is obligated to deal with, regardless of the Caribbean scene that they may rather enjoy are snowflakes. Besides everyone chose to highlight […]
  8. ktnmahone247

    BWRS Poster Update

    So we have settled on the look of our poster! We freak’n love it too; daring, colorful, vibrant, urban, with a raw and edgy twist. All things that describe the group of gals we are.
  9. ktnmahone247

    BWR Poster

    (function(d){ var js, id="pikto-embed-js", ref=d.getElementsByTagName("script")[0]; if (d.getElementById(id)) {return;} js=d.createElement("script");; js.async=true; js.src="
  10. ktnmahone247

    Radio Rants

    One full week in preparing for group audio productions has come to an end! It has been the swiftest week since as no one was virtually accessible with it being midterms, 8 week finals, and anticipation of fall break which is officially over. It felt like a swift breeze across a bare naked butt it […]
  11. ktnmahone247

    TDC For a Very Special Day

    The Daily Create today consists of a flickr pic showing a very special day for myself. OK so I was completely floored by the fact that someone threw away free money but I really enjoyed just taking in a burger with my baby. I surprised her on the campus of VCU today to take in […]
  12. ktnmahone247

    Lucky #7

    This week has been somewhat mystic and out of the ordinary. I guess some of this can be attributed to the lack of a presence from Big Brother Groom ( his circumstances well understood), it just always seems that he is a reminder that there is something we should be doing at all times that […]
  13. ktnmahone247

    Real On The Wire

    For my last Audio Assignment I chose the 3 1/2 star “Recite an Original Poem”. I chose to approach a summation of what The Wire is constantly reminding us. The overall message implied one should walk away from this series with. The game here is one of many levels, replicated by many but just the […]
  14. ktnmahone247

    Deprived of Sleep?

    My third Audio assignment was “FlickrSounds” a 1 1/2 star assignment. I decided to do snoring as my picture / sound collaboration as that is the sound that I presently hear and envy so much right now! I was lucky to find a man snoring carefree of those around him, similar to m husband right […]
  15. ktnmahone247

    Funk Wit’ Me

    My next Audio assignment required that me to pick one of my favorite bands or artists and at least five of their songs to mash. I loved this assignment, it had me listening to some of my favorite old tunes from the funnest decade of my life; childhood! I grew up listening to this band […]
  16. ktnmahone247

    BadCutty Mash

    My first Audio assignment consisted of mashing two distinct songs in to one track, a . I used two popular songs from different genres; one being R & B and the other Hip Hop. The track Bad by Wale uses a lighter version sound featured in Trillville’s hit Some Cut so I thought they would […]
  17. ktnmahone247

    Word of the Wise

    For my second daily create assignment I chose a writing daily create. I wasn’t able to post that day but it can be found here. This book is perhaps the one which most closely aligns with my opinion as to every thing wrong in our society today relevant to episodes of tense race relations we […]
  18. ktnmahone247

    Drop me a note

    I completed today’s TDC, my attempt being to get a jump on this week’s assignments. I chose to do my letterhead with piktochart to make a letterhead that reflects a combination of DS106 and The Wire since that is the courses focal point. I uploaded some images of The Wire and played with varies fonts […]
  19. ktnmahone247


    Week six was just as brutal as the first five weeks. The work is definitely enjoyable, a transformative experience learning of all the concepts that collaborate to convey the designer’s message. Still it was just too much with having to learn the in’s and out’s about the different tools to make it all come to […]
  20. ktnmahone247

    Colors, Signs, Symbols, & Bears Oh My!

    Form/Function/Message I wanted to focus attention on this concept of design because it is used very often in marketing. The first image to came to mind was the FedEx trucks. Although the logo uses bold colors and typography that definitely demands attention; it is the embedding of the arrow that speaks to their marketing message. […]
  21. ktnmahone247

    Brothers Mouzone, No Move On!

    Last Design assignment ending on a 3 star note with “Keeping Up With The Cast of The Wire”. I followed the suggestions within the directions and went with Piktocharter. This software was very user friendly, the research is what took me a good three hours to do. In choosing my characters I actually wanted to […]
  22. ktnmahone247

    What! Groom with a Man Bag?

    Just for kicks and pay bag I chose to do “Wait, Where’d That Guy Come From” and since Groom seems to what us to have his presence on our minds at all times he was my target. I cloned his face onto another figure who likes to be on everyone’s mind at all times…that’s right […]
  23. ktnmahone247

    For Sale: One Wired Greek

    The last of the 8 star design assignments relating to The Wire I completed with the “Barcode Transformation” assignment. I chose the scene where the surveillance team was tailing Spiros because there was a good clip of a silhouette of The Greek walking in the parking garage. This was a perfect pic to embed a […]
  24. ktnmahone247

    Dem Venn Boi’s

    The ‘Venn Pop Culture’Design assignment offers 4 1/2 stars; I looked at it and said to myself “Well I’m your Huckleberry”! I take an ambitious leap at the opportunity by first pulling up photoshop. I think to myself “Hell to the Naw” I don’t even have the patience for this ..ish tonight. Next I looked […]
  25. ktnmahone247

    WIRE Word Search

    I’m a little behind but I left the weekend open to hash out these Design assignments, so this is my very first. I chose to use episode 11 of The Wire to do the ‘Picture Into Words’ assignment worth 2 stars but hey it is a start! I decided I would find scenes within that […]
  26. ktnmahone247

    Empathy Map

    For my third daily create assignment I took advantage of an opportunity to vent and release some of my emotions thus far in the semester with an empathy map; TDC 998. These are all of my own emotions tied to my frustrations with not being able to spend more time being even more creative with […]
  27. ktnmahone247

    H2O & Glass

    Today’s daily create was “Water and glass moving around”. I’m not sure whether I understood what was expected of me because it didn’t seem like I had to do much. To make it more interesting I made my water glow. I like the spiraling rings that I created from moving the water around and the […]
  28. ktnmahone247

    5/15 Done!

    My fifth week accomplished in #DS106 with the completion of this narrative which summarizes my week focusing on visual aesthetics. I learned early on in life to appreciate all the senses we are blessed to have. I learned best from playing hide and seek blindfolded with an uncle who had his sight taken from him […]
  29. ktnmahone247

    Seeing is Believing

    Photoblitzer 13:27 This assignment which was to be done within 20 minutes I accomplished while accompanying my household to family’s house to take part in Sunday football, there was plenty of material since my aunt and uncle reside in what I consider the sticks in King George! The rules follow in the bullet list below: […]

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