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  1. ktnmahone247

    Spirits and Joe

    Finally I see the home stretch! My last attempt at successfully completing a 12 star requirement and I finish with this 2 1/2 star beauty! With having to utilize the last 3 containers that I had drunk from throughout the day, this particular day actually spoke volumes to how my week was finishing out. This […]
  2. ktnmahone247

    You’s A Dime Piece….2 Star!!!!

    A third of the way done with visual assignments, this time I capitulated on a 2 star execution. “Larger than Life” required that I create an image of something making it appear larger than life; I decided to go with a dime keeping with the theme of The Wire. This would represent a detectives most […]
  3. ktnmahone247

    Just Over Half Done

    For the next visual assignment I reached even higher for the sky with a 4 star challenge. “Time of Day” consisted of taking several pics of an image throughout different times of the day. I captured the view from my a bedroom entry door while watching my daughter board the school bus as it was […]
  4. ktnmahone247

    Aaannngel Zooplankton?

    With a requirement of 12 stars for completing visual assignments, I reached for the high stars starting with A-Z Photo Collage. I wanted to approach this assignment from a perspective no one had done so I decided to do sea life. After many attempts utilizing Photoshop I decided to use a more simplistic method, so […]
  5. ktnmahone247

    Spirits and Joe

    Visual Assignment “What’s In Your Gullett” 2 1/2 Stars. My day started with hitting the ground and running once the kids and the hubby were off! After all I had the party of the decade to prepare for; my baby would be turning 12 and requested a slumber party to set the party off right. […]
  6. ktnmahone247

    Uno, Dos, Tres, Cuatro

    Well four weeks down and I am still present! This week tested my capabilities of what I was made of and could handle. With making other commitments that would take me away from the space of using my tools to complete the assignments expected of me in DS106, I was forced to double time it […]
  7. ktnmahone247

    Radio DS106

    In brainstorming an idea for my take on a The Wire themed radio show I choose to approach the conscience of the listener. It is my vision that this show would address the greater implications of David Simon’s portrayal of social injustices through his artistic imagery in the mini series. Each segment would pair one […]
  8. ktnmahone247

    Reverse, Reverse….

    For my last audio assignment I took on the reverse audio quiz. I took a song from Youtube uploaded the url to a Youtube to MP3 converted, saved it under my music file of my library, and imported that track to Audacity. Once that step was completed I went under the ‘effects’ tab and chose […]
  9. ktnmahone247

    Sound Off

    My second to last Audio assignment was a Bumper for DS 106. I feel it is a little different from sounds I’ve previously heard but speaks to the messages David Simon addresses in The Wire. I thought of all the social injustice issues that are portrayed in the series and allowed this to be the […]
  10. ktnmahone247

    Read Into Me

    My last daily create of week 4,’Create Your Sorted Books Self-Portrait’, a few selections from my library which represents the character behind all my madness! I chose readings that if stranded on an island would be my first picks. I situated them as I see they should be catergorized, uploaded the pics to photogrid a […]
  11. ktnmahone247

    Honey, I’m Hooommmeee!

    Ok so as intimidating as Audacity looked, it’s bite wasn’t at all as bad as it’s bark. I did have some frustrations with the time absorption with putting together this first audio assignment. I chose to do the sound effect story as suggested by the villain, Jim Groom! I’m sure this is very entertaining for […]
  12. ktnmahone247

    Making Sense of Viewer Sense’s

    The interview with Jennifer Halston leaves me with a high admiration for the passion and professionalism she contributes when playing her role making The Wire a viewer worthy experience. She is truly a master at her craft by conveying the importance of respecting the minor aspects involved with film easily taken for granted, possibly never […]
  13. ktnmahone247

    Hey Now Stranger Your an All Star!

    A photo of a stranger was today’s Daily Create and I of course had to go get my daily fix of couponing! Upon checkout my cashier, Michael was all too excited to scan my coupons with anticipation of just how low I could get my out of pocket; I guess you could say he was […]
  14. ktnmahone247

    Week 3 No Strikes Out Here

    Third week down and things are finally coming together. I created a routine for myself to better manage getting my assignments done in a timely matter. After watching Groom’s podcast of what was expected of us I printed the entire laundry list of tasks he laid out to be completed. Next I took enjoyment in […]
  15. ktnmahone247

    User Beware!

    Web 2.0 Storytelling gave another perspective in which to look at all the social media networking that we have access to; platforms used as a mode to communicate with others. I had not thought of looking at these networks as a manner of storytelling. With a closer look at what Bryan Alexander conveys in this […]
  16. ktnmahone247

    Way Down in the Hole

    The second assignment from the assignment bank I chose was Row Row Polyphony! I love the way the lyrics are song in Season 1 of The Wire so I really wanted to do that version with us rounding out the season with episode 13. Ifound myself humming the lyrics on a daily so I took […]
  17. ktnmahone247

    Bae Bae Baby!

    It was all too tempting to do the Visual assignment of Me and Bae! Ha classic! I thought I’d utilize a scene from The Wire, again I utilized FACEinHOLE to upload a scene portraying D’Angelo and Shardene. Then I chose a pic from My bae and I during our anniversary and Wallah its Me and […]
  18. ktnmahone247

    Monkey Mash’n Tina

    So for my very first assignment bank I felt it fitting to pay hommage to the very first invite I received to the Twitter community, Talky Tina!  I chose to do a Mashup assignment placing Talky Tina’s head on another object or person.  I went to FACEinHOLE after choosing a Talky Tina image from that […]
  19. ktnmahone247

    Big Things Come in Small Packages, No Gif 2 Me!

    The GIF assignment proved to be VERY challenging to create. I still haven’t mastered the skill of bringing the animation of it to life directly on my page, underestimating the time it would take to understand the process limited my ability to do this in a manner satisfying to me. It is something that will […]
  20. ktnmahone247


    The Daily Create assignment today was Internet Mapping Project. Well I find the Internet to be a mystic phenomenon that we all are so very intrigued by. If I had to imagine what a map of it would look like it would be just as mystical. Posted below is my imagination of that vision in […]
  21. ktnmahone247

    Intro DS 106 and Weekly Summary of The Wire

    By far the easiest task and the one I thoroughly enjoyed was watching the 9 episodes of ‘The Wire’ though not realizing just how much work I had in store, I found myself struggling with time management completing all assigned tasks for the week. I’ve been anxious to view The Wire and hearing that it […]

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