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    Make A Mixtape:


    For this assignment it asked to create a ‘Mixtape’ in whatever digression you please. I made this playlist a while ago and it is my go-to relax playlist. The genres somewhat very but are mostly new songs. They are all songs that either make me happier, or remind me of …

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    I Wanna Boujee With Somebody


    This assignment asked me to combine two songs (similar or not) so I decided to incorporate our class theme and use ‘I Wanna Dance with Somebody’ (I know I use this song a lot, its my favorite) with Migos’ ‘Bad and Boujee’. I used the Rave website and then an …

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    80’s Photography Reading Summary:


    Photography in the 80’s was such a revolutionizing art form–especially in the music industry. Unlike today, you couldn’t just youtube or google a specific artist’s concert and watch it. Unless you were physically there, these photos were the only source of insight.

    The biggest thing that stuck out to me …

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    Take a photo and make it abstract:

    This is a photo that I took of succulents. I first added some hue and saturation and then used an angled paint brush to add the painted lines and used a blending layer to distress them and make them look more arbitrary.

    Take …

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    Switch Up the Mood


    Before photo:

    After photo:

    I think the main goal for this assignment was to make the photo look more ‘alive’, in other words less flat. This picture is of a valley and mountain that I took over the summer on my trip to Guatemala. This picture is very important for …

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    Splash the Radio City Color


    This was a one of my favorite photos that I have taken. It is (obviously) Radio City Music Hall in New York City. The original has a strong blue tint so when I changed it to black and white I adjusted the blue setting to make the blue tints not …

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    Dolly Not in Dollywood


    In relation to our class theme I decided to use Dolly Parton as my pop start out of place. As an iconic public figure, I thought that the last place she would be is the subway of New York City. I first took the picture of just Dolly and selected …

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    Averaged Portrait (Dancer)


    Since I usually kind of manipulate what the assignment is asking for I decided to make this not a portrait, but rather full body shots of a friend of mine dancing. Originally I was going to have each image on top of each other and create a circle effect, but …

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    Week 3 Summary:


    This week was a little more challenging for me strictly because it was more writing heavy rather than creating things. While I still enjoyed the variety of the writing assignments, it is just not what I am neccessarily used to. My favorite assignment this week was the letter to my …

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    Burlesque Movie Review


    Burlesque is a musically acclaimed film about The Burlesque lounge where new girl Ali decides she’s good enough to sing and dance at. Owner, Tess, is hesitant because of her lack of experience but gives her a shot. While she is there she learns to appreciate the love for the …

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    Letter to My Mom in the 80’s


    Dear Mom,

    I am writing this letter to you in the 80’s. You are currently graduating high school soon and going on to college. I want you to remember some things that you have always made sure I remember since I’ve come to college. First thing is to love yourself, …

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    80’s Story Analysis


    Watching movies like Pretty in Pink and Full House are such great examples of what the 80’s represented and how that time is still relevant today. Personally, when I first think of the 80’s I think of art, and then music. Movies and television are not the first mediums I …

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    My Bucket List:

    Go Sky diving:

    Sky diving is something I have always wanted to do. I remember being really young and my grandmother decided to go and she showed me the video her go-pro took of her fall. I vividly remember watching that and thinking to myself ‘I have GOT to do …

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    When and Where Would I Live?


    For this assignment I had to think about a place and time period in which I would want to live. My dream location and time would be southern California in the 80’s. I chose this because the mindset of everyone during this time was so free spirited and I love …

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    The 80’s Bunch


    As I was browsing through the Visual Assignments in the assignment bank I cam across the Brandy Bunch assignment. I thought, what better people to photoshop in than the most iconic singers of the 80’s. I was raised listening to primarily 80’s music so when this idea came to me …

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    Animoji Sings Whitney Houston!


    For my mashup assignment I decided to use my bitmoji to sing one of my all time favorite 80’s songs. I figured Whitney Houston’s “I Wanna Dance With Somebody” would be the perfect song to tie in our 80’s class theme. It is such a fun and inviting song that …

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    e3kids Charity Ad Assignment:


    e3kids is a non-profit organization that I have been working very closely with for about a year now. They help equip, empower, and educate kids and families in Kenya and Guatemala. Since thier founding they have built schools, housing, water wells, and even libraries. e3kids is a missionary organization that …

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    Creative Masterpieces Week 2:


    For all of my daily creations for this week I used Photoshop. For all of these creations the original pictures are not my own pictures, but I did edit them or manipulate them to suit this assignment. Each one took about 15 minutes but I am fairly happy with how …

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    Hey Class!! My name is Karsen Vawter and I am a Junior here at Mary Washington studying Communications and Digital studies. I thought I would start out with a little about me and my experience with digital storytelling so far. Last Spring semester I took a digital design workshop class …

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    80’s Theme Recommendation Review


    The 80’s Pop culture scene was a very prominent and influential era that changed all mediums of art. Music, fashion, art, and even politics were shaped from the 80’s pop period. The article that I chose was very inspirational article that is already creating all these ideas in my head …

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    Week 1


    This first week for me so far has been like a refresh button. I have learned a lot since the first day last semester. Learned who I am and what is good for me. My mindset for this semester is visually reflected by the feature image that I selected for …

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