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    This is how we do


    This is my breakdown of how to create the things that I created! ENJOY!

    1.  Making the motivational poster

    Step one: Upload image

    Step 2

    Edit With Scratch filter

    Step 3  Insert text box

    Step 4 Transition color to red

    Step 5 Final Product

    2. Sportscenter clip

    Step one: Insert …

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    Kyrie Kyrie Kyrie


    Kyrie Irving is a great player. There’s no denying that. I think the situation he has gone through with LeBron is a little TMZesque. It’s unfortunate that two great players can’t get through tough times like these. I really respected these two because they stayed in the Eastern Conference, at …

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    One More Time!


    Today marks the end of my crazy five week journey. I’ve learned so much during this time! The class really made me work hard! I would be up until 5:30 am in the morning working on assignments. It was difficult to deal with at first, because I’m able to complete …

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    The daily creates for week 4


    For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, …

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    80% complete


    This week was very exciting. I had a great time completing the assignments. While they took some time, it was great to see that my hard work was paying dividends. I think that I learned a lot from this week.

    Part 1 videos:


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    Reading Movies with the sound off


    For this assignment, we had to evaluate what was going on in a movie scene. The scene of the movie I chose was Fight Club.  Growing up, Fight Club was one of my favorite movies. I personally think Edward Norton Jr. and Brad Pitt do a great job in this …

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    How to read a movie


    Reading Roger Ebert’s Reading Movies made me realize so much. I knew when I was going to learn a lot from the article, as Roger Ebert is one of the influential people in the movie critic industry. He was one of first movie critics. Many of the things he used …

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    Talking Symmetry


    For this daily create, we made to create a picture that had something to do with the symmetry of the number 2017. The process to fulfill this assignment was very time consuming. I had to dig deep and think outside of the box to complete this task. For my picture, …

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    Get down wit it


    For this daily create we had to create an animation with a robot that was dancing. For this animation, we could personally customize how our robot was dancing. During the creation process, I made sure that my robot was dancing a certain way as his dance moves were a representation …

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    This is interesting


    For this post we had to create something that sounded like it was spooky. I decided to make my sound with three beats that I recorded off garageband. The first sound is a hard edm sound which I thought was a good way to start the song because I needed …

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    In this post, I created an image with lil b the based god. Lil B is one of my favorite artists. He has inspired a generation with his music as well as his positivity. While he gets mocked for a lot of the stuff he puts out, his best work …

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    Another one of these


    This week was very tiring. The assignments were killing me! I was very confused at points but I got through it. I did up enjoying what we had to this week because I really enjoy making sounds and having my voice heard. When I started this week, I was not …

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    Always learning


    That’s the theme of my week! I’m always learning. I keep on learning that if I don’t manage my time correctly that I will pay the price for that. I also have learned how to use different audio techniques to make my sound special. I think that if I had …

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    The story of sounds


    This week we had to make a story by just using sound. For this assignment I used many different things. I downloaded a couple of sounds off freesound.org which included sounds such as rain, a chicken bawking, a futuristic transition. These sounds really helped me create my story. The other …

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    Feedback is important


    This week I spent a lot of time providing feedback on how other students in my class performed. I thought it was a great experience as I was able to get a lot out of it.

    A Rainy Day

    When I commented on Tyler’s blog, I was really happy with …

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    Man on the moon


    In the Moon Graffiti post, it was awesome to see the different techniques that were being used. One of these techniques included making a dispatch like tool to sound like a radio the astronauts were using. When I heard this technique, I could visualize the astronauts talking to each other, …

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    Technology is something else man


    In Lo Down Episode 9, I really like the intro. The intro music really made me get into it. The speaker has such a great, articulate voice. The intro was great as it showed what a bumper was. Even though I didn’t create a bumper, I think it would be …

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    I’m Learning a lot that’s from sure


    In the first video, I watched Ira Glass talk about how Audio storytelling is different than other forms of storytelling. In the video, he says there are two basic building blocks that can be used at will. The first building block is Anecdote; which is what is the story about …

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    Man this was kind of tough. I had to spend a lot of time on this one.  What we had to accomplish for this assignment, was to make a post similar to that of PhaseChase, which is a bot that takes a word and automatically changes a letter. It then …

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    The Fat Boys were one of the most influential hip hop groups in the late 1980’s. They had a funky style and their swag was on point. They embraced themselves for being fat and had a positive outlook about their weight. Their song “All You Can Eat” is a hip …

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    Make the most of what you have


    For this assignment, we were told to show an improvisation of something that we use everyday. For my improvisation, I decided to go with a picture of my improvised recording studio. I thought that this was a great picture that did a good job of representing myself. I like to …

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    you might have 2 chains, but i have 2 instruments


    For this assignment we had to do something that was making an instrumental with two instruments. For this assignment, I used Garageband. Garageband is great in this type of situation because it helps you find the missing sound you were looking for to perfect your song. In this assignment, I …

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    Go Dj, that’s my DJ


    This right here, was a fun assignment. I loved doing this assignment because I love to create music. My music production isn’t the best, but I enjoy the overall process of music production. Using many different instruments to record a song is so fun! I get so fired up every …

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    Had to do it to them with that heat


    My favorite audio assignment I did this week was my ds106 rap. I like rapping a lot just for fun, so this assignment wasn’t too hard for me. I used Garageband for this assignment, as it is easy and simple to use. When I first started recording music, I would …

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    Different day different view


    In this daily create we had to take a picture of something that we usually see from a different angle. To take this picture, I went on a similar level in regards to my dog’s height.  He was very surprised when I took the picture and I thought he was …

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    What a way to cap week 2 off


    Week two was much different than week 1. This week we had to focus on design principles and photography. I think while I was more challenged this week, I felt good about what I have done and the progress I’ve made.

    For my  first daily create of the week, I …

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