1. kwisbaue

    Radio show wednesday


    Today, Rita and I wrote the script for our radio show. Kevin and Mark both did a commercial each and they are both doing the bumper. Rita is also doing the slate at the begining. I am excited to see how our audio turns out tomorrow. Everything should be recorded …

  2. kwisbaue

    Twilight zone Haiku


    For this daily create (tdc.ds106.us/) , we were first supposed to write our own haiku that had to do with the twilight zone and then do a dramatic reading of the poem. A Haiku is a poem where in the first and 3rd line there are 5 syllables …

  3. kwisbaue

    Radio show group meeting one


    Today my group for our radio show had our first meeting. Rita was on top of things and allready had a pretty well thoughtout idea for out show so we are going to go with that. Today we oovooed and discussed what we were going to do, who was going …

  4. kwisbaue

    Creative commons


    Creative commons was invented by Lawrence Lessig so that people can put their creativity, and share online without having to worry that other people will steal or copy their ideas. Creative commons helps “allow creators of content to communicate which rights they reserve and which rights they waive for the …

  5. kwisbaue

    Lodown 009


    In this episode he talks about different audio assignments that are easy to do, but we just may need a kick in the right direction. I am definitely going to use his advice on making a bumper for our radio show, to make it the best it can be. Hopefully …

  6. kwisbaue

    Scott lodown 012


    This episode was extremely helpful! I am so glad that he told us how to export our audios into MP3s, because I was having lots of trouble with this! I would have never guessed that we would have had to download a seperate file to make this happen! I think …

  7. kwisbaue

    Weekly summary week 2


    This week, there was a focus on Audio and Design. For the design portion, I did: The ultimate merger (3.5 stars) (http://kelliwisbauer.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/the-ultimate-merger/)  cartoonize bubbe(1 star) (http://kelliwisbauer.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/characterized-twlight-zone/) weird book room (3 stars) (http://kelliwisbauer.wordpress.com/2013/05/29/weird-book-room/)  Bumper sticker (3.5 stars) (http://kelliwisbauer.wordpress.com/2013/05/30/bumper-sticker/)  Budding entepeneur (2 stars) (…

  8. kwisbaue

    What am I?


    Today I sit on the top shelf of the fridge once again. I wonder when I will be moved. My friend clucky the chicken gotten taken out yesterday and I havent seen him since, but Im sure he is fine! I have made friends with the apples and oranges in …

  9. kwisbaue

    “Weird book room”


    My dog’s wedding is a detailed book about my dog’s wedding. It is a behind the scenes encounter of everything and every detail that went on at the wedding, and the preperation up to it.

    In this assignment, I was supposed to make a very weird book title and book …

  10. kwisbaue

    “The Ultimate Merger”


    In this assignment, I was told to create a logo that merges two different business logos. The guy said the funnier the better, so that is what I tried. In this photo, I tried merging the logo for Gold’s Gym and the logo for Mcdonalds. Golds gym promotes healthy active …

  11. kwisbaue

    My Point of view


    Hi, Hi, Hi! Im buddy the dog! I missed you so much! mmmmmm you smell good. whats that smell?Humans always smell so good. I missed you so much! pet me pet me pet me! ohhhhh right there, thats the spot! You’re so much bigger than me, human, but I love …

  12. kwisbaue

    Week one weekly summary


    This week I had a lot of trouble. I am not familiar with photoshop or flickr or any of the things we used so it definitely took me a while to get everything figured out.

    For the design assignments I did 4 seperate assignments. the assignments I did for this …

  13. kwisbaue

    Old and New


    This is my daily create number 4. In this photo, I had to take a picture of something old and new of the same object. The first thing that came to my mind was to take a picture of an old piece of fruit and a new piece, but we …

  14. kwisbaue

    The invaders GIF


    I made a GIF to represent the Twilight zone episode the Invaders. In this episode, the invaders are little action figures but actually turn out to be the US, and the person ends up being a giant! Threw a little twist in things, huh?!

    Here is a little animated GIF …

  15. kwisbaue

    Cartoon The Head- from puppy to tasmanian devil


    In this photo, I started with a picture of a cute little innocent puppy, and photoshopped on the head of the famous cartoon character the tasmanian devil.

    Here is a link to the assignment page: http://assignments.ds106.us/assignments/cartoon-the-head/

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