1. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #10 – Digital Teacher Identity


    I think the first step in establishing my credible online identity as a teacher is to evaluate my facebook page, and likely make a new one. I made facebook when it first came out and used it often like many from my generation, but I fell off of it quickly. …

  2. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #9 – Reading and Writing Online


    Here is a trajectory of what a typical 3-4 page research paper looks to me.

    What’s irritating in this whole process for me is my inability to focus on a task. I have the uncanny, and terrible trait to procrastinate for as long as I can humanly get away with. …

  3. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #8 – Transmedia Franchise


    For my discussion of a transmedia franchise, I chose Star Wars, a franchise I am very familiar with. Since the franchise’s inception in the 70′s from the mind of George Lucas, it has spread like wild fire to every available facet of interpretation whether literature, gaming, clothing just to list …

  4. kylejohn295

    Blog Post #7 – DS106 Assignment C


    For the third ds106 assignment I did the Animated 2600 assignment under the gif category. It appealed to me because of how simply ridiculous older games look and seeing how far we’ve progressed in terms of what we can animate with machinery, and it’s a sort of homage to an …

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