1. @Lachdown3

    The Day is Saved: The end of DS106


          The final week of this semester is finally upon us, and with it brings a multitude of digital works from the students of DS106: from The Beast and his crisis of losing his powers, to Weather Woman and her reports on Global Warming, the students of DS106 …

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    Week 11 Summary


        For this week, I’ve tried to pick some difficult assignments to test my skills with video editing; Since I enjoyed playing around with different movies and clips that I enjoy last week, I decided to keep to the same method. I was satisfied with how everything turned out …

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    Week 10 Summary


        Below is all the work I’ve completed for week 10. Playing around with video editing software was entertaining for me, once I was able to get the hang of working with iMovie.

        Life Hacks – Cheese Fries
        Cloud Delta
        Spoiling Theevan

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    Cloud Delta


         Seeing this assignment gave me a great idea to utilize a song that’s been stuck in my head for the past few days, and the opportunity to play around with one of my favorite movies; Using iMovie, I put together 3 different scenes from the movie Cloud Atlas, …

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    Playing Pictionary with Google


        For this web assignment, I was tasked to play ‘Pictionary’ with a AI that was produced by Google. I’m not going to lie, I think I got absurdly lucky with the drawings that I was tasked to do, because I don’t have any talent as an artist and …

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    Political Stances via Kumu



       For this week’s web assignments, I decided to play around with Kumu, a online app used to create diagrams and designs. When using Kumu, I quickly learned that the tool was indeed powerful, although I learned that mostly through breaking things rather than creating them. I then decided …

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    Ode to my Chair: A Twitter Story



    For the assignment, “Photo Through Different Lenses” I decided to make art out of the most mundane thing that I could find, but also something that isn’t absent from my life. I didn’t feel like going through my closet to find some ancient ornament or memento just to …

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    Week 5 in Summary


        For Week 5 we delved into the world of audio presentations, as well as the listening and editing that comes with it. I enjoyed learning Audacity on my own time, as well as the assignments that I created from scratch using it – it made me feel like …

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    Radio Show Idea: Live Talk Show

        So I had an idea for a radio show – well, I had multiple ideas, and I got stuck on one that I thought was the best out of all of them. At first I thought that it Me and a group of people could play a game…
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    Barnyard Underworld


        An epic story from the barnyard, about a young bull and his quest for revenge on the infamous Triad Chickens of the west side. Will he be able to end the chickens reign of terror? tune in to find out.

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    Experimenting with Song Editing


        For this Audio Assignment, I decided to take one of the songs that had been stuck in my head as of late, and experiment with Audacity, editing the song to make it sound to my liking.

        I first took the entire song and reversed the intro, …

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    Listening to ds106 Radio


        This last Wednesday, I tuned in to ds106 radio to listen in on an ‘Audio Drama’ that was airing for the evening. Admittedly, I didn’t enjoy the show at first, because the drama that was being presented was simply the audio from a Netflix series that I …

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    Week 4 in Summary


        This week I experimented with taking photos and looking deeper into different visual works, from the daily creates to the readings. I found it entertaining to get to know my ‘inner art student’ this week, attempting to be creative with the different assignments.

        My work for …

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    The Visuals of Storytelling


        This week I was tasked to do some reading on how to become a better photographer, as well on what elements create the narrative and tell the story for visual presentations. From the readings I learned that nearly every detail in a picture, video, or movie can be …

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