1. Lara Hampson

    New Daily Creates!


    This semester, I contributed two daily creates that have yet to be used.  I submitted them and I hope they get chosen!  The two options I did included a photography one and a written one.  I made sure to keep them simple and short since they’re meant to be done …

  2. Lara Hampson

    The New Adventures of Old George


    Ever since George came to the big city from Africa, he’s been going on adventures with his best friend Ted.  Whether it was flying over the city in balloons or eating lightening bugs, George has always been up for anything!  His last adventure with Ted was too close a call …

  3. Lara Hampson

    Nearing the End…


    The past two weeks included so much to do on remixing and mashing.  First of all, what is a remix?   I watched some videos and examples of remixes to get a better understanding. Then, in my blog post,  I explained to my roommates what a remix was after showing …

  4. Lara Hampson



    So, it’s the end of the semester, and Alan wanted to go on vacation!  We were supposed to use Mozilla Popcorn Maker to to add 8 things to remix his already created video.

    An unusual image or video on the laptop screen. A SoundCLoud music track to start playing when…
  5. Lara Hampson

    What is a ReReRemix?


    To begin the two weeks of remixing and mashing, we had to review two references and three examples of what a remix is.  I wanted a clearer understanding of what a remix was, and I wanted to know if other people thought the same as I did, so this was …

  6. Lara Hampson

    TuTu Tutorials


    This semester, we had to complete two tutorials for assignments from the ds106 assignment bank. Luckily, I followed past ds106 student’s advice and did my tutorials during the semester.


    My first tutorial was my post, Colourize It, where I explained how to complete the visual assignment in detail.…
  7. Lara Hampson

    Stripes Everywhere***


    As soon as I read this title, I knew I wanted to do this assignment.  Inanimate Motion calls to create a movie story of an inanimate object.  Being at college, I didn’t have too many toys to choose from, BUT, I do love tigers so I have a small toy …

  8. Lara Hampson

    Let Us Move On & Step Out


    This week was the dawn of a new era: Video editing.  Well, sort of..I learned the basics of video editing, such as the tools to use, and then I attempted to create a montage.  I’ve already used MPEG Streamclip a lot this semester, so to my great relief, I found …

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