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    How do you like Starbs now?



    I decided to redo on this bank assignment since I was not too happy with it. I don’t think I put too much work into it as I should have. Here I changed the logo colors more to bright colors vice just keeping with the original black colors. The …

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    Be Conscious

    Our county has closed schools until the middle of April.

    My older sons’ are home from college.

    The government has not shutdown, so that means I’m still going to work.

    What’s the point? I go to work, mingle among everyone, and come home to my family who have …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Voices of Generation X

    Our two member group was not as bad as I thought it would be. I had a great partner. We both collaborated and got the job done!

    We kept our google doc updated as we went along, making it more specific so we both understood what …

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    Weekly Summary


    Whew! This week is almost done! Now on to editing and more editing on our group radio shows. We got some great materials for our radio show. This week, I concentrated on materials that went with our class theme and on our group radio show such as the design project, …

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    Radio Show Progress


    Voices of Generation X

    In our group, we have two people, myself and one other person. We’re making it work by dividing and conquering.

    Game Plan

    The radio show is to tell about the 80s from the very people that lived it. They will be asked a series of ten …

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    Gen X Radio Commercial


    80s Rubix Cube

    For this audio assignment, I created an 80s gadget radio show commercial.

    I stayed with the theme of the class, an 80s product that was the hit.

    I wrote the voice script, making it enticing for listeners to want to purchase a rubix cube; mentioning the six …

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    Radio Show Promo


    Voices of Generation X

    For this audio assignment, I created an advertisement for our group radio show. It’s to promote the radio show.

    It’s a little over 30 seconds long to promote the 80s generation X voices.

    I uploaded background music from the freesound link and drummer roll sounds. Then, …

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    Radio Bumper


    The Voice of Gen X

    For one of the audio assignments and to promote our group assignment, I created a radio bumper for our radio show.

    Our group project is to interview people that grew up in the 80s. What is was like and what they remember about the 80s.…

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    Voice of Generation X


    Stuck in Traffic, See that Bumper Sticker!

    One of the assignment this week is to create a design for our group radio show. See our bumper sticker!

    The bumper stick is the theme of the 80s, generation X, people born in the 60s and 70s, but group up in the …

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    Design Blitz


    Camera Buddy


    I ran to Harris Teeter to grab something else other than wine when this wine bottle caught my eye. The primary color, red, is what stood out among the rack.

    The red color is bright and collaborates with the gray background and a slight tint of white …

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    Love that is Strong & Fierce


    Happy Belated Valentine’s Day

    The bank assignment from Valentine’s Card to create a card that has a cool effect and someone would get a kick out of it.

    I uploaded a picture of jaws and used PS Express to edit to change the color and add the sparkles to it …

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    Guess the Movie


    Hint: it’s an 80’s film

    Created the bank assignment from One Story / Four Icons, initially using a PowerPoint to create the icons and airdropping into my photos to upload into this blog.

    The point of the assignment is to create 4 icons for others to guess the film. …

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    New Logo in Town


    Bank Assignment

    My assignment was picked from Logo Create using Tailor Brands. I have been quilting for about 20 years now, just for myself and to enjoy my hobby. I thought if one day, I could go into business and quilt others but I don’t think I will since …

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    Razor’s Edge


    Where the 80s music is at!

    The collage above is from the Bank Assignment where you create a collage to make a music cover page with a band and album name. Using PS Express, I filtered the image with red but I think the cover looks better with the black …

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    Design Reflection


    Design Thoughts

    Vignelli wrote a book on how designing takes planning.
    Among other things, Vignelli’s three basic design gears are semantic,
    syntactic, and pragmatic. Semantic is to know the definition behind the product,
    basically the history of the product. Its main point is to drive home the
    relationship between the …

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    Brainstorming Ideas


    Radio Shows

    There are many ideas for short radio shows to be discovered, I’ve thought about possibly creating an investigative show as they are done in podcasts, create a new 80s movie reviews, talk about money, or talk about book reviews.

    Investigative reports could be intriguing and put listeners on …

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    Audio Bank Assignment


    80s Radio Commercial

    I completed this audio bank assignment creating a radio commercial on an 80s product commercial. Walkmans were the thing back then. I used free sound to upload 80s background music. Enjoy!…

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    Audio Bank Assignment


    Guess the Movie

    I used the links free sounds and BBC sound effects to put the movie sounds together that I think are obvious in the movie. Enjoy!…

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    Every day Sounds


    Audio Bank Assignment

    Below is an audio bank assignment from Sound Effects Story, the assignment is to collaborate every day sounds no longer than 90 seconds. Below I included; nearby clapping, laughing nearby, pigeons fighting over food, airport announcement, metro train, and wind whistling. I never really paid attention …

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