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    DS106 Radio


    Live Tweet-Along

    I listened to the DS106 Radio this evening and I heard my radio bumper which was very exciting.

    A podcast was aired in an older style story being narrated to assist in the making of the story. It gave examples of how detailed sound designs makes an audio …

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    Audio Reflection


    Moon Graffiti

    How does sound drive stories?

    The sound design of the this audio from Moon
    was very graphic. The dialogue, sound effects, and the audio
    details support the person listening picture the story. The detail is very depictive
    and vivid.

    How does it impact mood and create atmosphere? …

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    80s Radio Bumper


    This assignment was a bit difficult. I went from the Mac Desktop to my Windows Laptop thinking I kept doing something wrong or missing something. I went to YouTube and listened to a quick 1-minute tutorial on how to record music from the YouTube site, probably not the best way …

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    Photo Analysis


    Finding all the points of the images from the 80s was a bit difficult for me since I didn’t know what all the points were so I had to do my research and find the best photos to best describe the points of the images provided in the links.

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    Flicker photos


    Here it Goes!

    This is of the 20 minute flicker photos. This was challenging for me since I tried to upload the app but was unsuccessful so I improvised and used google photos.

    My challenge was to take a picture of something with a rope, prized possession, an interesting tree, …

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    New Starbs in Town


    Would you like Starbucks now?

    This is the original sign of Starbucks. This is in calligraphy form. I think I would go since it’s welcoming. This is more of a broadway style of a sign. I probably would go if I lived in a big city. This is definitely a…
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    80s Baseball Camp


    Come All Tee Ballers and Senior Players

    Here at this baseball league one month camp, kids from ages of tee ballers to senior players in High School would be able to learn and play baseball. Early leaners would learn solid fundamentals and proper baseball techniques. Senior learners would be challenged …

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    One of the Many


    One of Many Achievements in Life

    This was a fun project for me. Picked a 3.5 rating from Visual Assignments Bank. I had to find a photoshop editor and put all the best images into one. This is a collage of my son’s graduation last year. Just about everyone …

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    Photo Reflection


    My Camera Experience

    Some years ago, I took a general photography class as an elective, which taught students how to use their camera in manual mode that met everything had to be created in manual mode and not in automatic mode, which I use now.

    The only real photos I …

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    Appreciation Letter for Awesomest Person


    Who’s the awesomest person in the world? MOM!

    Hi Mom,

    This is a letter to keep! I want to say thank you for the
    many nights you had to stay up with my sons since I was too tired myself, you
    had many more sleepless nights than I have, thank …

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    Capturing the 80s


    What am I?

    I was purchased off the shelf of a technology store to capture
    memories. My main purpose was to ensure the wide tape caught and seized every
    live memory in real time.

    My on button is pushed, the door is slammed to ensure there
    is enough wide tape …

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    Crystal’s Olden Days


    Crystal’s Past

    Crystal was an 80’s teenager girl; some of her struggles
    were she was walking everywhere making it hard to be punctual when all her friends
    met up at the local video arcade to have fun around all the beeping games and
    kids cheering. The video arcade is where …

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    Weekly Summary


    This week’s assignments were definitely a learning process for me. Since I’ve never been really part of the social media world, the daily creates using twitter was a change for me, it was fun. The 3 bank assignments were also interesting since I’m not a technology guru, everything I did …

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    This week was a tough one for me since I had never activated or signed up for social media accounts. It was somewhat difficult for me to maneuver the many sites and cites to different sites. I learned that the world thrive on social media such as twitter, youtube, etc. …

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    the 80s

    Popular American singer Michael Jackson (1958 – 2009) performs on stage at the Meadowlands Arena during the ‘Bad Tour,’ East Rutherford, New Jersey, October 3, 1988. (Photo by DMI/The LIFE Picture Collection via Getty Images)

    All of Micheal Jackson’s songs come to mind when the 80s subject come up. He …

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