1. Bryan

    Speakin the words of a poem

    So for this audio assignment i did a reading of my girlfriend favorite poem, she forced me to do it against my will and I had no choice.  She also said it is about Death.  It is a poem written by Robert Frost from 1923 and written in New Hampshire…
  2. Bryan

    Mashin up Album covers


    In This mashup assignment you were supposed to remix an iconic Album cover to mean something else.  Instead I sort of went in a different direction and combined two album covers from 2 of my favorite bands Mogwai and Boards of Canada.  I used Mogwai’s EP+6 cover and  BOC’s (Boards …

  3. Bryan

    Jays presentation on open source


    Today my classmate Jay talked about Open source Software and some of the debates surrounding it.  He gave a few good examples of big projects that are open source such as Firefox and Gimp.  I was wondering how big companies like this can function if all their work is given …

  4. Bryan

    The secret alliance of guys who do challenging things.


    In this world there are things that need to be done.  These guys are the guys you may consider hiring when combing the yellow pages for “people who do things good” because they are the only group that do things good.  The leader of the group is a man whom …

  5. Bryan

    Optical Illusion


    For this assignment we needed to share a picture of an optical illusion.  This Is a picture of an optical illusion i created using red tape in this hallway.  My idea was to create a red slit down the hallway that was one continuous line.  Red is just a good …

  6. Bryan

    Fan Fiction


    So for this Assignment it was pretty broad, All you have to do is post a picture related to your favorite show, movie, song ect.  This picture I am using is a painting I did that involves Rocko From Rockos Modern Life, the 90′s nickelodeon cartoon.  It is my all …

  7. Bryan

    Horror Movie


    So Me and my friends back home have dabbled in making some short film type things.  Being a huge George Romero fan and zombie fan in general, Me and my friends made a first person take on a stand alone zombie infestation that was caught on tape but was never …

  8. Bryan

    Guess that Single


    SO can you Guess The single? Ill give you a Hint its By a band called Mogwai. The process for making this is fairly simple, finding 3 images and combining them through using the quick select tool in Photoshop and magic wand tool to select the parts I wanted and …

  9. Bryan

    Expression of Myself (through others)


    With this Assignment The point was to Express yourself in an Image but I decided to mix it up a bit and express my Friend Tanner in an Image. Tanner is From San Diego California and enjoys all things Mexicano. We have a burrito club here in Japan for our …

  10. Bryan

    1 second Video


    The Assignment was to make a one second video that tells a story.  This sort of constraint presents an interesting challenge that can have surprising outcomes.  I chose to use a 1 second video of my Friend Jacob.  In this video he is simply being Himself.  It’s strange how …

  11. Bryan

    watching hunter


    watching hunter, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

    One job that I had once or twice actually, was dog sitting. This dog here is my Moms Friends dog Hunter. Watching dogs is a job I enjoy just because I love dogs in general. They are definitely the best pet …

  12. Bryan

    Glass nerves


    Glass nerves, a photo by lazypenguin13 on Flickr.

    This was a collaborative glass blowing piece that was done during Tyler school of arts 24 hr blow-a-thon. The piece was roughly 8 by 15 feet in a rectangle sort to grid, but this shot was looking more at the perspective …

  13. Bryan

    Web 2.0 looking forward at what could/will be.


    The question that Professor L. posted in the recent Google Doc. arose  “In the last section of the reading it speaks of applets in Web 2.0 enriching user experience. In the future, Web 3.0, what would be a hypothetical “level up” in enriching user experience?”  I am really interested in …

  14. Bryan

    Album Art


    So I definitely enjoy this type of assignment.  This is the folk black metal band Krasno??ka, they hail from Poland and get their name from the their home town.  This is their 15th album release and they have really been rolling with the times the past 27 years.  They …

  15. Bryan

    Alan Turing a Visionary


    Alan Turing seems like a very interesting historical figure.  Thanks to horiicissp12 for the youtube video briefly giving a view of Turings life.  It talked about how he developed a computer ,Pilot Ace, that was designed to break German telegraph codes.  Up until then in the WWII era computers were …

  16. Bryan

    Vannever Bush Pokemon


    So my first DS106 assignment I chose to do the Pokemon card assignment. I chose to make Bush a Steel type Pokemon because of his association with technology and computers.  His attacks are based on his contributions to computer science as a field, as well as his idea of the …

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