1. @lee_sam86

    Final Reflection


    WOW! I said this in my final portfolio and I will say it again, I can not believe what a journey this has been. I am so grateful for the learning opportunities that have been presented to me. I have learned so much about myself as a learner, a teacher, …

  2. @lee_sam86

    Week 7 Reflection


    WOW! How is it week 7 already? I really enjoyed the reading and research that I did this week. I liked that we had a choice of our required reading and it was nice to revisit an article I had read a few years back. It opened my eyes again …

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    Writing Assignments-Myself in 10 years writ


    Dear future me,

    Life in 10 years… this is a crazy thought but I will be 40…YIKES!!!! What do I imagine my life to be like at age 40…

    Married 3 kids Still teaching loving life


    What is scary to me is who is president… Donald Trump? Hilary Clinton? …

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    Low Stakes Writing- Digital Story Critique


    AWESOME Video!!!.
    This was a great video that explored the idea of using low stakes writing in the classroom.



    The presence of literature was so amazing in this video. It showed students writing in every academic subject. I love the idea how differently it was being used across …

  5. @lee_sam86

    White Privilege


    This is such a great article that I have had the chance to read before but it was great to revisit it. I had really forgotten so many of the great points that it brings up about white privilege.

    As I read through I was reminded that I think white …

  6. @lee_sam86

    Weekly Reflection



    This seems to be the theme of what I took out of this week! I read many articles and watched videos that I found and that my classmates shared that focused around collaboration. My thought now is to really think about how this plays into my classroom …

  7. @lee_sam86

    Reading Response to Social Learning


    This was a long article for me. It seemed that I had to read and re-read many times. Social learning is something that we have been dabbling in throughout this whole class and I guess I am still just trying to understand exactly how it will play out in my …

  8. @lee_sam86

    A Haiku Poem about a Haiku Poem


    Ever wonder what to write a haiku poem about? Well here is my haiku poem with some ideas.


    People, places, things

    Things to write in a haiku

    Anything you like


    Love, trust, happy, sad

    Emotions at their highest

    Writing a haiku


    Work, life, family

    Everything that I …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    I have to agree with so many of  my classmates this week on the sadness. I will be teaching 4th grade next year and I know that my students will be aware of what is going on around them. I know that this will be a topic of discussion in …

  10. @lee_sam86

    The Hatred of Poetry


    This was a very interesting review. I would love to share it with my students some day. I would also love to read the book, but of course have added it to my never ending list of books I need to pick up.


    Research- As far as this review …

  11. @lee_sam86

    Week 5 Reading Reflection


    I love that this article began by stating that the book is a “why to” guide. This is so meaningful to me. I have to know the why behind the what.

    How do we immerse the powers that be how important this digital movement is? Not only is it important …

  12. @lee_sam86

    Week 4 Reflection


    I am just continually amazed by the technology that is out there these days. I am soooooo far behind when it comes to technology. This week I watched some great videos that my colleagues shared and read some great articles that they shared as well. I am feeling extremely inspired…it …

  13. @lee_sam86

    Week 4 Reading Response


    Blogging…..ohhhh blogging

    Blogging has not been a friend of mine so far. The article speaks to a blog not only being the text but the style, the look, the colors, etc. This is something that I am still continually struggling with. I am not tech savvy enough to create the …

  14. @lee_sam86

    Week 4 Reflection


    What a week! I learned so much more new technology this week. I LOVE VINE!!! I have so many great ideas for using this in the classroom. I want to use this to have my students create introduction videos of themselves. How fund would it be to have them make …

  15. @lee_sam86

    DIY Media Reading Response


    Wow- Talk about overload… So much new information to me. It was very interesting to actually read the background of DIY I had no idea that it went back to the 70’s. I thought this was a fairly new trend- such as what we are seeing on all the tv …

  16. @lee_sam86

    Weekly Reflection


    Good evening!

    I am happy to say that I have a much better understand of some of the technology that we are using. I am feeling much more confident and am really getting the hang of the annotating and such. With that being said I think I had a much, …

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