1. @leniwstory

    Week 5 Summary


    So, our last week of class was all about the final project. I thought it was the perfect way to tie together all that we’d learned, and I knew right off that I wanted to create something a little silly. I was inspired by the new Spiderman movie to create …

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    Tutorials, Sweet Tutorials



    The first step in creating my comic book cover was to give it some comic book-worthy title text. I did this by going to a comic book text generator online, customizing just how I wanted my title to look. After I had that saved, …

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    Manspider #1


    A child browses the comic book store, searching for entertainment in this cruel place we call “the world”. In a bargain bin, they come across a strange title, outlined in a bold red. The book tells the story of a small arachnid. After biting a scrawny teenager, the arachnid gains …

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    Week 4 Summary


    As always, I started on Monday by reading over our summary for the week and planning out what assignments I would be doing and on what days. I also did my first daily create on Monday. The assignment was to create a dancing robot, and it turned out really cute …

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    Narrative Ambiance


    There’s something really simple and beautiful about the way Benjamin Alire Sáenz writes. I’ve read this particular book, Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe, a few times now. I’m always amazed by how much he says in so little words. The book is poignant, and real, and …

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    60 Second Day


    My days are pretty peaceful; the one I’ve filmed for this assignment is no exception. I chose to do the ’60 Second Day’ assignment because I like watching vlogs sometimes, and I thought it would be fun to try my hand at my own vlog-type video. Compressing everything down into …

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    Look, Listen, Analyze


    The clip I chose to analyze for this blog post was from the film The Thing. I wanted to take a look at this clip because I’ve seen this movie before, and knew I wouldn’t get distracted from analyzing the scene by trying to figure out what was actually …

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    How To Read A Movie


    I’ve never heard of a Cinema Interrupt, but the way that Roger Ebert describes it in his article “How To Read A Movie” sound like a lot of fun. I think it would also be really useful to have a bunch of different perspectives from a film’s audience. …

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    Week 3 Summary


    I started Monday of this week as usual, by reading over our syllabus for week 3, looking at the information on audio that we were directed to, and deciding which audio assignments I would be completing throughout the week. One thing I did do differently was that I didn’t immediately …

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    Reverse Audio Quiz


    Can you guess this peppy tune’s original title?

    If you want to try guessing, you probably should before reading the next paragraph! It might give a little too much away.

    This assignment seemed like fun; I wish I had a deeper reason than that, but I really was just excited …

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    Old Poem Same Feeling


    The poem I read for this audio was “With Whom, Then, Should I Sleep?” by George Ives. George Ives is really underrated, as historical figures go. He was a huge social rights activist, a scholar, and a poet (though I’ll be the first to admit his poetry is…lacking, in a …

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    Sound Effects Story


    Jeremy is a rather lonely man in a very nice apartment. He inherited the piano in his living room from his grandparents when he was very young, and learned how to play it mostly just because it was there. If he had any dreams of playing professionally, he’s left them …

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    Make Your Own Mixtape


    There are few things that inspire me as much as going on a car trip with my friends from home. Whether it’s a five minute drive to Burger King, or an hour long drive to the beach, I leave the car feeling inspired to live life and create beautiful writing. …

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    TED Radio Hour and Scottlo Summary


    PART I- TED Radio Hour

    What is left unsaid or unheard can make a huge impact on a story. I was intrigued by the directions given to us when listening to the TED Radio Hour, telling us to pay attention to when the background music suddenly stops. What would the …

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    Ira Glass and Jad Abumrad Summary



    For this summary, I watched the first two parts of Ira Glass’ series on storytelling.

    In the first part of the series, he emphasizes the importance of understanding the building blocks of storytelling for radio and TV. Those building blocks are not the same as for …

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    Week 2 Summary


    I started off this week mostly getting my bearings on Monday. First, I looked at the necessary assignments for this week, and then read up on some of the materials on design given to us.  Graphic design is not my passion, and I found a few of the things I …

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    Design Blitz


    I think some of the key principles of design rely on the fact that human beings like both patterns and opposites. After reading up on the design principles provided to us, my impression was that I should always be striving for at least one of those in my photos. If …

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    Event Advertisement


    Anyone up for a movie night? I sure am!

    I’ve designed quite a few posters for events I’ve organized as an RA, but I’ve never used a computer to make them. I thought it might be useful to try my hand at making a poster digitally so that I could …

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    Contradiction Creation


    Feeling good about life today? I was too, until I decided to craft a demoralizing poster. It got a little darker than I thought it would with this assignment. I chose it because the preview image for the assignment appealed to me, in terms of design; it felt minimalist but …

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    It’s A Great Day For Sporting GIFs


    My Dad has a saying that he loves: “Teamwork makes the dream work.” Certainly, I think this is true in the case of the Buffalo Beauts, who pulled off a miracle and won the Isabel Cup against the Boston Pride last Isabel Cup.

    I’ve already done a tutorial on how …

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    DS106 Reacts


    As I’ve said before on this blog, over the school year I work as a Resident Assistant. Normally, during the summer I’d also get a job, but due to family circumstances I didn’t get one this summer. Basically, I’ve been using my savings for the past few months to buy …

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    The Vignelli Canon


    The most thought I’ve ever given to design is when it was applicable for school or work projects; it’s not really something I do for fun. However, one of my favorite things about writing is structuring what I’m trying to say or the story I’m trying to tell. I like …

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    Pop Culture .GIF


    On my computer, I have a program I use to take screencaps called Gyazo. Gyazo also has a function where you can screengrab GIFs, and I had never tried it before. This assignment seemed like the perfect time to try it out.

    Making the gif was pretty simple. I brought …

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    One Story / Four Icons


    Right away, this assignment stood out to me because it looked fun. I had a good time searching through icons on The Noun Project and trying to decide which ones would best represent the story I was thinking of. In the end, I picked icons more that represented some of …

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    Are We There Yet?


    I was pretty nervous about this assignment, given that I don’t have a lot of photo editing experience. However, I saw that other students had written tutorials, and so I checked on those, mostly using this one in particular.

    To complete this assignment, I used GIMP for the first time …

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    Week 1 Summary


    1. Setting up the blog and social media

    From a past class, I already knew how to use UMW domains, so from there it was the simple task of setting up a new subdomain. I ended up choosing leniwilliams.net/ds106 because I didn’t want the url to be super long, and …

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    Photo of the Week


    My best photo of the week, I felt, was this one:

    This photo was my favorite because I used a few tips from the ds106 website to try and capture it. The first was “Change My Perspective By Changing Yours”. I tried taking this photo from a few different angles, …

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    Lessons in Photography


    I’ll be the first to say that I am as much an amateur photographer as you could possibly get. I had a brief photography phase in middle school, but I didn’t really have an eye for it–and I still feel that I need way more practice, though it was nice …

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    What’s In Your Bag?


    This assignment is exactly as the title sounds: what items do you keep in your bag? After gathering up all of the stuff that I usually carry with me, this is the photo I got:


    Starting from the top, you can see the drawstring UMW bag I usually carry. …

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