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    Because I didn’t like the device, get it?

    ANYWAY let’s get cracking. Which incidentally was the main way to get inside this thing. PS I don’t have pictures because this nonsense didn’t deserve to be photographed. We did most of the disassembly in class when we were mostly together, and …

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    First week with the team.


    I’ve finally assembled my workforce. Donnie and Lilah should be great assets to me in this coming adventure. I wanted to start things off easy for them, just set up the public website and give them their first challenge. As many of you already know, my bananas were stolen several …

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    I submitted the Origins assignment, but upon completion I’ve realized that it’s more like 2 bananas than 3 bananas. 

    Stirrup Trouble had their first meeting yesterday. We spent a lot of time talking through how the business will run and adjusting to working together. In order to celebrate our …

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    Back to the Work Force


    I’ve decided to open my own business! Folks around these parts can be so untrustworthy. I bought a record deal with Legitimate Company Not A Scam over six months ago and no dice! Where’s my record? Gone with the wind. 

    First, I had to draft my own resume. This was …

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    Meet Delia


    Alright, my lovelies. Yesterday, I promised and an interview and an interview you shall receive!

    After downloading the question videos and my answer video, I had to trim everything to fit. I then put the clips in order, cleaned them up to flow better, and I also added some background …

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    Gone In An Instant


    I only needed one more banana… and I found one! However, it was taken away horribly and tragically, too soon from this world.

    Because I never leave the house without my face on, I had to put on my makeup and curl my hair. I went on a great …

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    Introductory-level Delia


    A quick little video that I put together for this 4.5 banana assignment. I definitely didn’t do multiple takes or edit the video in any way. Nope, just all me and my raw talent. One hundred percent.

    Anyway- let’s not talk about the video for now. How are you …

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    New Week New Me


    Hello, lovelies. As you might be able to tell, my page has gotten a facelift! I feel that this new layout suits me much better than that old, drab thing. So, today we say goodbye to the old

    and hello to the new!

    Also, I would just like to let …

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    Notorious(ly hungover)


    Here’s my Notorious video essay. I watched all of the videos because they were only like 2-3 minutes long, and I picked Notorious because it was free. This video was very easy to put together. I downloaded a section of the movie using this converter, and then I recorded …

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    Vixen’s Ventures Have Come To A Close


    It’s been real, y’all.

    I was the on-air rep for my group, and it was really great to see everyone’s reactions on twitter. Of course, there were some parts that I didn’t like of the show or that I thought could be done better, but nobody seemed to notice this. …

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    Get A Clue Review


    Yes, it’s late. Hush.

    Get A Clue was a very well put-together show. What immediately stood out to me was the way the show was put together- it was told through a series of monologues from the perspectives of different characters.

    Seems like everyone wrote their own character parts- the …

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    There are zero puns on inspiration.

    Okay first up is Spencer’s JIM GROOM AS AN EWOK

    I can tell that a lot of work went into editing this image. Even when he described everything that he did, I was in awe. I’m not very good at image manipulation, so this …

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    pure happiness


    This is Kristi. She is a great love of mine, one of my best friends, and a beautiful person. She goes to school in New York and spends most of her breaks in Bermuda, so we haven’t seen each other in far too long. We met in fourth grade in …

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    I didn’t know what this show was getting into it. Maybe it was a noir script with D&D themes? A D&D style noir mystery? It ended up being a group having a game of D&D using their noir characters and progressing through a murder mystery. 

    Things That Worked Well

    The …

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