1. @lfrappao

    Final Reflection


    Me As A Learner: Looking back on this course I have learned a lot. For me the key to my learning was communication and that is also what I struggled with the most. I have never been much of an online communicator and I have always tried to limit my …

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    Week 7 Reflection


    This week I am really proud of my assignment!!!! I feel I did amazing!! I love the video and the slow motion. Last week I talked about planning ahead. I found this assignment two weeks ago, but getting ice time alone is hard. Most time after games they rush you …

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    D.C. I Wish I Were Somewhere Else :(


    For this DC I knew the perfect picture. I went to Stonehenge today. Stonehenge is a place I have always wanted to visit. When I got there I had been on a bus for a long time and was feeling sick. But when I saw the structure I could not …

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    D.C. Logo…Can You Read This?


    For this DC I tried to think of a logo that I would hate. I hate it when it is too fancy to read or too small to read. So I made a logo that is fancy and too small to read. I found a fancy frame on Google and …

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    Critique Impact of Creativity


    The top video is how creativity help Rebecca create a video for change. The bottom video is the actual video she created. The bottom video International Boulevard is the video I am critiquing.  This relates to my chosen topic of technology in the classroom because I would like my students …

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    Swing And A Miss


    For this assignment I decided to have fun with it. I chose Instant Replay! VideoAssignments1853. I knew I wanted to do a hockey replay but I was not sure how to go about it. I decided I wanted it to be funny so I asked two friends to stay after …

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    Week 6 Reflection


    This week I felt I nailed it. My communication was down a little I still shared on social media and in comments but I felt so on top of the assignments. I finished everything in the beginning of the week (because I was going to travel) but I also made …

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    Reading Response Social Learning


    In this week’s reading Lankshear and Knobel (2011) Ch7: Social Learning, “Push” and “Pull,” and Building Platforms for Collaborative Learning the main theme is social learning.

    First they gave you the background of social learning. A new word for me was ancillary. I read the definition and still was a …

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    Week 5 Reflection


    I completed everything this week. My D.C.’s were awesome!

    The mash up assignment was harder than I thought. I really wanted to try something that mashed up audio and video. I did that with my Beyonce video I edited the audio on that, so I know I can do it …

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    D.C. National F#*k the Patriarchy Day


     For this Daily Create I created a national holiday for my sister. She fights hard for equal rights for all and F#*k the Patriarchy is one of her favorite sayings. I found on Google a blank Rosie the Riveter.  I then opened the image in GIMP and added my own …

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    D.C. Photo Recreation


    For this photo recreation D.C. I first found a photo I could recreate. I narrowed it down to two pictures. The one I used and one of me in a pot. I have a pot that I could kind of fit in but the thought of my feet in something …

  12. @lfrappao

    D.C. Aliens!


    For this D.C. I did not exactly do what was asked of me but I could not resist. I love the Ancient Aliens guy meme. I thought of a few months ago the image above became popular and was all over online. Every time people share something about space I …

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    Week 4 Reflection


    This week I feel a lot better. After my rant last week and watching the screencast, I feel that my rant put me on track. In my rant I said that I felt I was just trying to complete a task and not communicating with my peers, and in the …

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    D.C. Simpsons meet Game of Thones


    For this D.C. I followed the link and add the ‘Print YouTube Video’ to my bookmarks bar. I picked a fun video. I clicked on the the link and it created a new tab with the video broken down into a bunch of screenshots. I hit file print and you …

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    Design A Cat Garden


    For this weeks assignment I chose to do DesignAssignments1836 Recover a Classic. For this assignment you had to take a classic novel and create a new cover. The theme on the page seemed to be to simplify the cover. The Dracula cover is an example from the website. I …

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    Week 3 Reflection/Rant


    I am trying to write this reflection after just watching the season finale of Game of Thrones so just a warning.

    This week was the first week where I felt confident going in. I had already picked my Video Assignment and knew what I wanted to do. I chose to …

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    D.C Attention Harry Potter Fans


    For this Daily Create I copied the picture and pasted it into Word. I then examined the photo and decided it looked like a steam engine. Then I thought who would want a steam engine…Harry Potter fans. I created the caption in Word then took a screenshot of it. The …

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    DIY Blog


    This week’s readings Lankshear and Knobel (2008) Ch1: DIY Media: A Contextual Background and Some Contemporary Themes, once again changed my view. Last week when I heard the word remix I thought of music now I think of so much more. This week before I did the readings I thought …

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