1. lgalvan

    Week 5 Final story (The Amazing Super/Spider-Man)


    Assignment 2 create: Probably 2 stars tops.

    Step 1: Think of something (a story) that if you read in the paper would make you laugh.

    Step 2: Using whatever resources you have at your disposal, create a template for a newspaper.

    Step 3: Write a up a story that would …

  2. lgalvan

    Week 4 summary


    I read Roger Eberts “how to read a movie” first, it was pretty informative. I grew up watching his show on weekend mornings (with Jean Siskel), so I was happy to read more and get a feel for how he started to read or give opinions on films he watched. …

  3. lgalvan

    Sports reel (video assignment)


    I thought this 5 star project would be fun. Turns out it wasn’t, I encountered all sorts of downloading, copyright issues etc. I had to splice pictures in sequence, in an effort to try to tell a story from beginning to end (from taking the field to the final whistle).…

  4. lgalvan

    Tire vine


    I had to look up what a vine was. The urban dictionary stats that it is a short video, usually 5 to 10 seconds long of compiled clips of random stuff. They are frequently posted on social websites such as facebook, twitter etc. So with that to go on I …

  5. lgalvan

    American Psycho (look, analyze, listen)


    I remember watching this movie for the first time when I was 13. Unfortunately my grandma just passed away. My big sister, brother and I got to stay home all week from school. I remember going to the video store to get some movies to kill the time during the …

  6. lgalvan

    My way of reading movies.


    My first go around at college I had a roommate who was a undergrad film student at UT. Prior to living with her I never really looked at movies abstractly. Meaning in my opinion I never thought about why a film made me feel, think a certain way or empathize. …

  7. lgalvan

    Week 3 summary


    Part 1.

    TV on the Radio?

    Part 3


    Daily Creates

    1. May 31:

    2. June 3:


    June 4:

    June 6:

    Ira and Jad had the same philosophy towards story telling. They both liked to have a sequence to their story with limited jumping around in time. In my …

  8. lgalvan

    It’s Neologism Day at DS 106!


    1700 words were aded to the Merrium Webster Unabridged Dictionary in 2015. Can you use all of these in one semi-coherent piece of writing? emoji, wtf, nsfw (“not safe for work”; example is porn), net neutrality, click bait, click fraud, photo bomb, crema, chilaquiles, colony collapse disorder.

    I saw the …

  9. lgalvan

    The Truth (Stories) Synopsis


    I listened to “Remember the Baby”, “Failing”, and “Third Party”. Here are some comments I have about them:

    Remember the Baby, was pretty strange. The music was kind of overbearing to the actual events. Its starts with an aunt watching her niece who won’t stop crying. She is being hounded …

  10. lgalvan

    TV on the Radio?


    After listening to Ira and Jad, I was able to connect the dots as to why I thought a movie was bad and why I thought a movie was good (all things being even). All things being even, meaning the thesis of the film was decent, Ira pointed out regarding …

  11. lgalvan

    Week 2 summery


    Whoa, this week was much harder than the last. I do not feel to great about my assignments, but I do feel they were adequate. I completed what I thought I would, those being the Blitz, Daily’s, and the Assignments. I knew I would have trouble with the gifs, and …

  12. lgalvan

    Design blitz


    This design blitz was patched together with one existing and 4 photos I took. I watched videos to learn exactly what I should keep an eye out for (aside from the definitions of the concepts), essentially it came down to what I see through the screen/lens. That said I interpreted …

  13. lgalvan

    The Little Caption


    No matter how hard he tries, he is still bat shit crazy to me.


    We all know who Ted Cruz is by now, if you didn’t, he is that other crazy bastard from Texas who wants to be President. He says more selfish, back wards, not coalition building stuff …

  14. lgalvan

    Create your own business card

    Eventually after graduation I think I would have a card similar to this, without the fake information. It’s simple, bold  (if made on bonded paper with texture) and conveys what i am trying to convey. That is, I am not wasteful.

  15. lgalvan



    This assignment called for a picture that captured 3 objects that were in the second picture. I was able to find Atari games, a VCR and an antique TV stand. One object had to be in another, in the top pic you have a Duck hunt game in the Nintendo …

  16. lgalvan

    Me and my sons summer trip

    Travel Itinerary Date Mode Agenda Hotel Depart for Texas-San Angelo 1-Jul Car Arrive in Nashville 2-Jul Visit Grand Ole Opry A 3 star that is less than 125.00 Depart Nashville 3-Jul Car Arrive in Dallas 3-Jul Take my son to a Texas Rangers game A 3 star that is less…
  17. lgalvan

    Hit-men softball gang


    Hit-men Softball Gang

    Wanted LJ Galvan for assisting in the brutal beating

    of Team Atlanta in the finals.

    Wanted Rick P. for the aiding and abetting the massacre that took place in Panama City two summers ago.


    Wanted Chris H. for slaughtering the ball over 15 times in 10 …

  18. lgalvan

    A Garfield Monday


    Mondays bring the out the worst in most
    I however feel they bring possibilities
    Most feel groggy and annoyed
    I feel energized and joy that I have a brand new week
    In the fall, I have Monday night football,
    the spring brings my favorite shows on AMC
    Yep, I don’t …

  19. lgalvan

    A memory from ages ago


    You ever dredge up a memory from ages ago that suddenly demands to be a poem?
    Sure, I’ll call it “Senior year”.

    I thought I cared about all the moments we shared
    I prayed at night we would always be
    then summer break came along
    those memories I revered didn’t …

  20. lgalvan

    Week 1 Summary


    I felt decent about what I did in week 1. Then I received my grade and did some reviewing of my work and realized I dropped the ball completely. Luckily I met with Dr. Polack and she encouraged me redo some of the things I left out in week one …

  21. lgalvan

    Color schemes


    I thought this photo captured plenty of rich colors. From the Florida palmetto trees, to the contrast in uniforms, it seems like a vivid blend and assortment.

  22. lgalvan

    Love at first shot


    Here is a pic of two french children exchanging their first gift to each other. Around this time they begin to play a game that they can only say “game” too. Meaning they have to say yes I am game to do that. Essentially it is truth or dare with …

  23. lgalvan

    Photo safari


    The place of this safari was off Braddock road in Fairfax, at the Sealock Athletic complex. I spend a great deal of time here umpiring or playing softball. Not a whole lot of invention took place on my part, I did what I could with my iphone, I feel like …

  24. lgalvan

    Summarize a Film You Have Never Seen Before


    After seeing the trailer to this particular movie, I figured I pretty much summed up the gist of it and there was no reason for me to watch it.

    The trailer starts with a slightly geeky but attractive female bumbling here way through the scene and catching the eye of …

  25. lgalvan

    My two cents on story telling through visuals


    Years ago I took photo J. Using a 35 mm camera I learned the ins and outs of how to adjust for light in take through shutter speed manipulation etc. But I did not ever take a picture with the intent of passing on knowledge through that image.I dropped that …

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