1. @lgperez19

    Social Media: An 80’s Rewrite Promo


    I decided to create a promotion flyer for our upcoming episode “Social Media: An 80’s Rewrite.” I used Canva to create it. Canva is very easy to use because of its drag-and-drop feature, and search bar. You can type in anything in the search bar that comes to mind, and …

  2. @lgperez19

    DS106 Fashionista


    This assignment asks you to sketch an outfit for a wedding party. Of course, I wanted to keep this within our 80s theme, so I searched for inspiration online. The photos I reminded me of the old pictures of my mom kept around of her and her sisters in the …

  3. @lgperez19

    Four Picture Movie


    For the Four Picture Movie assignment I visited The Noun Project website that the prompt recommended. I thought this would be a simple project which it was, but choosing which icon to use without being too obvious, that was a challenge. There is so many option on this website, so …

  4. @lgperez19

    Minimalist Poster


    I read another classmates post who mentioned Canva as a good source to design a poster. There is options for posters, videos, cards etc. The obvious choice for this assignment was a poster. I only used three elements to complete this poster. I’m certain this is probably easy to figure …

  5. @lgperez19

    Radio Show Brainstorming


    I like the idea of taking something that happened in history and chaning the outcome like Moon Graffiti did. We could focus on events from the 80s. For example, what if personal computers never became a thing? What if they Wall never came down? What if MTV was never a …

  6. @lgperez19

    Moon Graffiti


    I truly enjoyed Moon Graffiti, and had a great sense of relief knowing it it’s fiction. The sound effects in the story did a good job to paint a scene for us to imagine a trip to the moon, the crash, the atmosphere, and most importantly the character’s feelings. One …

  7. @lgperez19

    Week 5 Summary


    I was definitely intimidated going into this week. I have never worked with any audio editing before this week, but it was so much fun. I also liked the the live tweeting during DS106 Radio. Unfortunately only participated once because of evening classes, and multiple group projects, but I’m glad …

  8. @lgperez19

    Is that an Alien?


    Is it an Alien? What is it trying to communicate to us? Is it friendly like E.T. or does it want to destroy us? It’s actually a snoring Frenchie! Take a listen down below. She’s friendly and will accepts snacks. For this assignment, I recorded my Frenchie sleeping. Yes, her …

  9. @lgperez19

    Sick Beats


    This project was definitely fun, but not easy. I watched a tutorial from a past student which helped a lot. I searched for 80s hip hop sound effects, but it sort of ended being something else. Let me know what you think. I used the following clips from freesounds.org: –Hip …

  10. @lgperez19

    Week 4 Summary


    I didn’t get through more than a quarter of the assignments this week. It was a rough one. It is really unfortunate because when I first read the assignment I was excited to get out and get some good original photos. It didn’t work out that way. This week I …

  11. @lgperez19



    For the photoblitz, I took photos of all ordinary items in my home, and included all of my pets. I think I could have been more thoughtful of some of the photos I took. For example, the speaker and measuring cup. Those could have been more interesting. I will always …

  12. @lgperez19

    Ok I can do this


    This is all the work from this week. You can find my daily creates here. My favorite was the family photo album from my zine. I’m not an artist, and didn’t have actual photos, so I used an app called HP Reveal to add the pictures. It’s augmented reality, I …

  13. @lgperez19

    Story Analysis


    For this assignment I decided to look at some of my favorite episodes from the Golden Girls. First, a little background on the Golden Girls for those who haven’t watched the sitcom. The show follows four older women living together in Miami. It is one of the funniest shows of …

  14. @lgperez19

    That bucket list though


    For this assignment, we are to make a bucket list of things we want to do and why they are on your list. I’ve made bucket list before, and for the most part have accomplished all of them. For example, I wanted to jump out of airplanes and now I …

  15. @lgperez19

    To My Mom


    This assignment (4 stars) asks you to write a letter to your mom in Spanish. I will translate at the end. Ama, Esta semana elige una tarea que dice que le esbribes una carta a tu mama. Pense que era una buena idea. Espero que te guste y que no …

  16. @lgperez19

    Haiku Recipe


    This Writing Assignment asks you to write a recipe in only Haiku format. It is a 3 star assignment, but I would have rated it a 4. It wasn’t easy to keep all the main elements of the recipe without going away from the 5-7-5 format. I did it. I …

  17. @lgperez19

    Emotional Lyrics


    The Emotinal Lyrics assignment (3 stars) asks you to choose an emotion, then find 3 songs that evoke that emotion and explain why it makes you feel that way. I chose to look for 80s songs that remind me push through tough moments. Flashdance (What a Feeling) by Irene Cara …

  18. @lgperez19

    Create a Silly Movie Poster

    Really Lost Boys

    For the Visual Assignment, I chose the “Make a Silly Movie Poster” assignment. The assignment details stated to take an existing poster and make it look silly.

    The 80s were a little silly to begin with, so I thought this assignment would be perfect. I google searched …

  19. @lgperez19

    Week 2: That happened


    I was definitely behind this week. I learned that I have to set reminders on my phone to check out the daily creates. I also had to read and re-read the weekly assignment more than once. I’m determined to get better at this. Even with all of that, I really …

  20. @lgperez19

    DS106 Reacts


    This AnimatedGif assignment is called DS106 Reacts. The instructions are to make the perfect reaction GIF. You are allowed to react to anything. I decided to make a GIF depicting my reaction to DS106 on day one. Little note about the video I used to create this GIF. This was …

  21. @lgperez19

    Guess the Story


    Try to guess this story. I will give you a hint. It is a song from the 80s, you probably know it, and it was in a movie. Can you guess the story? Leave a comment!…

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