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    The Final Update


    This week was the final of the final weeks of DS106. It’s been an exciting a crazy semester. My advice for future DS106 students post really captures the spirit of anything I could say about this course.

    Amari and I worked together to create a interesting and multimedia filled project …

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    Explaining Everything

    Creative Warning:

    This blog post is the explanation the full on summary of everything, and I do mean everything (or as close to as possible) that went into the creation of the final project created by Agent Amari and I. So! If you haven’t viewed our final project please go …

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    The Directorate’s Spy


    Agent Zero is on a mission. Director Bond of DS106 Headquarters asked Zero for her help in finding out who has been spying on the DS106 agents for the Directorate. The Directorate recently interviewed DS106 agents and concerns sparked that she had a secret mole among the operatives. Agent Zero …

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    Tips, Tricks, and How to DS106


    Advice any future DS106 student should know

    The number one advice any future DS106 student should know is that you should never underestimate this class.  Now I mean this in a few ways, in terms of time,  in what you can get out of this course at the end, and …

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    The Final Mission mission idea


    For the final mission we received four missions that we could choose to take. Agent Amari contacted me to see if I was interested in teaming up again so we decided to work together to solve our final mission. We met up in a shared google doc and hashed out …

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    Polling Polls


    This is a post about both making and taking polls this week. I was excited about the idea of shaping narratives about the class characters with this weeks polls. I’m going to start off talking about then talk about the ones I took part it and then talk about the …

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    Remashmix Week


    This week was mashups and remixes! Some how it felt like even more work then other weeks have been. (Maybe because it is just that crazy time in the semester.) This week all my mashups and remixes related back to spies and our class theme, focusing mainly on action in …

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    3 movies 1 poster


    My final mashup of the week was the Mashup Those Movies mashup for 3 1/2 stars. For this assignment you needed to take 3 different films and put them together in a believable movie poster. At first I started by just looking up spy movie posters to see what the …

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    How to combine video


    Tutorial Time! This is a tutorial for the mashup assignment Two Movies, One Line. I am going to go step by step with images to explain one way to tackle this assignment. (Fully acknowledging that there are other programs and options at your disposal.) I am also using a …

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    A mission bond mashup


    One of the mashups I took on this week was the Two Movies, One Line for 3 1/2 stars. I was excited by this one because it had a cool premise about combining different films. (Also I knew the person who originally put out the assignment so I thought it’d …

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    Magnifying Bond


    I took on the assignment This Doesn’t Belong here mashup worth 4 stars.

    So at first I read this assignment wrong so I did a totally different assignment. I thought it said combine an iconic film scene with something that does belong subtly. (Not combine two iconic scenes.) So I …

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    Spy Video time


    This week was a bit crazy full of video filming and editing. But it was also a lot of learning.

    Video Show Progress Posts

    Filming in Action – We did the bulk of our filming all together at once to try and get it started and working so that we …

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    The Final Progress show


    The video show was/is much harder than the radio show was. Since it was video we had to meet up more and get more done in short condensed times to make sure everything got done in time. It was also a lot of learning of what we could and could …

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    Mission within a Mission


    So part of this week we are supposed to come up with an idea about a mission the whole class could potentially take on together. I think it could be interesting if maybe we split the spies up into groups all taking on the same mission all competing. Now I …

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    How the video show goes


    Today Agents Katey and Amari and I got together to film the bulk of our video project. We met in the Hurley Convergence Center and went to the media production studio to record ourselves. When setting up the space we decided to go with a low back lights to obscure …

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    The end of the start of video week


    This week was the start of video for this course. We were given the option of either doing 10 stars of video each week or forming a group and making a 15-30 minute video show. I really enjoyed working on the radio show in my room so when Amari suggested …

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    The infamous interview


    This week Agent Fawn was interviewed by top ds106 leaders. The following video is a segment of some of the remotely done interview.


    The resume question in particular was great because Agent Fawn actually already had a resume created in a previous week so her story lines up with …

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    Mission Impossible in movement


    For this week’s scene analysis I chose a scene from Mission Impossible. In particular this scene comes at the films climax as the character crawl along the top of a moving train. I used the critical thinking methods from Tony Zhou’s videos as the primary element I drew on for …

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    Trailer: Your Guide to being a Spy


    Coming up to DS 106 soon is the new video show Your Guide to being a Spy. Since the show will include a portion done with moving cut outs I decided to incorporate cut outs in stop motion for the trailer.  I hand wrote out each word I was going …

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    Taking on the Video


    For this week we were given two options for what to do with video weeks. While I was reading through the options I got a message from Amari (who was part of our Agents on Air group) about coming together again and doing the group project option. I was interested …

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    Web Weekly Summary


    This week started off with live listen in to the radio shows everyone worked so hard on the last two weeks. I was very impressed by the variety of shows people had created and that each show was so difficult. I was proud of how my groups show went (even …

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    DS106 Showcase


    Deciding what projects have been the best so far was incredibly difficult. There have been lots of really cool and interesting projects that I have gotten to see and I’m sure some I missed as well! I try to frequently go through the site and check to see what people …

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    A daily create story


    As secret agents much of what we do is about deception and blending in to gain information. At least much of what I do certainly fits in that category. As all agents know the stakes are high in the intelligence community and one wrong move… well there are different outcomes …

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    Radio Shows are Great


    I was super excited at the start of this week to see what kinds of shows my fellow classmates groups had created I was also super excited to have people hear my groups show. Although I had read people’s blog posts about their shows listening to them was a completely …

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    Agent Resume


    For some of my stars this week I decided to do that Character Resume (3 1/2 stars) and create a resume for my secret agent.

    I created the resume in google docs but uploaded it as a PDF. I also decided that I would host the final product as it’s …

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