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    Radio week ends a summary


    Radio week is officially over when I submit this assignment, and turn in our show for the week! This has been a crazy follow up to week one of radio show. Week two was were we had to do everything from script to record to edit. I wrote a very …

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    radio week 2 post


    The second week of the radio show and the final for that matter was a little stressful at first. We had not written our script yet as of the weeks start so I was a little nervous but we got it together fast! Agent Heather suggested to the group that …

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    A weekly summary featuring radio


    This week started the famous or infamous radio show week. Which I had been warned by previous DS 106ers was an important set of weeks. The unanimous comment was “make sure you get a good group” in which case they all agreed it was a great time. Admittedly I had …

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    Radio Show thoughts part 1


    Radio Week for me started with the frantic trying to find a group and more specifically a group with like minded ideas and work ethic. I knew that was important so I posted I was looking for a group right away. In my way to try and help people understand …

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    Read along to Facebook convos


    The Text Impression assignment (worth 2  1/2 stars) was all about reading aloud text from Facebook or other social media site’s comments and trying to impersonate the people in the text. I decided to look through my own Facebook for inspiration. Originally I thought “oh easy i’ll just pick one …

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    Agents on Air Poster


    So as part of the assignments for this week we have to create a bumper sticker, logo, or postcard for our group’s radio show. I decided to create a poster for our group featuring our new show’s name Agents on Air. The word air of course lends itself to different …

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    Design Week


    Design week was a little hectic. Mostly I should correct my other classes and responsibilities were rather hectic and that made this week crazy. That withstanding though design week was a fun one, it made me think more critically about the way that image editing week and design are separate …

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    Design Thought time


    I have many thoughts about designs now that I have read the Vignelli Cannon and watching Abstract: Art of the Design. I had some ideas and opinions about design before this week of course but these two sources helped me think critically about design.

    Right of in the Vignelli Cannon …

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    Design Blitz


    Now I am going to start off with the fact that I found this assignment rather difficult. I did not expect it to be when I read the assignment but I had more trouble trying to find some of the particular examples. I also kept debating/rationalizing to myself what was …

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    Agent License Plate


    To round out my star assignments for this week I completed the Design a License Plate assignment worth 3 1/2 stars. I thought this was a good one that I could use along with out theme with my Agent. The one issue I ran into was that my agent’s whole …

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    Destination- Beijing


    So for the pick 1 of 3 assignment for this week I chose the Destination Postcard design assignment. I went with this one because I realllly like postcards. Love them! I actually send them to people rather frequently and even send them to people living on campus (cause hey no …

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    Sounds Week


    Audio week as was forewarned was a fair amount of work. Fun work mind you but plenty of work too. I think my most proud part of the week was my fake commercial for underwater living, mostly because I had the most fun making it. However the over all coolest …

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    Aqua Living Ad


    I took on the Make Your Own Commercial! assignment worth 3 1/2 stars. I was flipping through at random and found this one and since I had just completed the radio bumper assignment I thought it would be fun to stay on a trend.

    For my radio commercial I decided …

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    Free Sounds Breathe


    The Sound Effects assignment worth 3 stars said to find a sound lacking on Free Sound. Now in my previous post where I created the Sound Story project I mentioned how I was looking for breathing sounds and they all sounded too deep for what I was trying to …

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    Radio Bumper


    After listening to the DS106 radio for the first two live broadcasts I figured I needed to take a swing at working on my own already. My approach was to go for a standard radio add, but minus the loudness that I usually associate with radio bumpers. Usually the examples …

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    ds106 radio


    Let’s start off with how cool DS 106 radio was/is, cause it is pretty cool. I enjoyed the aspect of live tweeting as a group. Mostly because it was basically the only time most of the class seemed to be on twitter from what I can tell. While we all …

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    When I was flipping through the Assignment bank and came across Movie Voice Machines I got pretty excited. It was 3 stars. It immediately reminded me of a scene in the tv show Futurama. The basic premise was that one character Bender left his roommate Fry on another planet …

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    Broadcasting Ideas


    In the spirit of no wrong answers and no super terrible ideas I sat down to try and figure out just what I would be interested in doing with a radio show group. I’d heard from previous friends who took the course that the radio show was a big deal …

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    Moon Graffiti & Audio Storytelling


    To start off with I really like astronaut stuff, especially analyzing actual NASA broadcasts from early missions that still exist. So the start of this broadcast was cool to me the way they incorporated sounds of beeping and static that are all very accurate to the audio that I have …

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    Sound Effect Story


    Sound Effect Story this 3 1/2 star assignment was our mandatory one for the set of assignments for the week. Honestly though that was cool with me because it was pretty awesome. I decided to make mine within the secret agent theme and along with my character.

    I decided to …

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    The photoblitz was a really cool concept that I was nervous to try. I generated several random combinations till I got this list below and went with it.

    Make a photo that emphasises one color much more than any others in the shot A pair of photos which show some…
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    What’s in a Shadow?


    Shadow of a Doubt

    Shadows have a particular peculiarity to them. Agent Fawn for instance always thought it frustrating how much shadows disproportionated the actuality of the real object. For instance her shadow in particular was always much taller than she thought it ought to be. Given her height, it …

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    The *Red* Photography


    As one of the scenes I chose to analyze for photography scenes comes from The Hunt for Red October. This still shot above is from a key scene towards the films end where Jack Ryan and Captain Remius are trying to capture the KGB operative shooting at them in the …

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    Love at the cat


    The couple stood on their front porch step to say goodbye. A normal couple thing to do for sure. It starts with standing at each others doorsteps for dates after dates, until finally they are standing at their own front doorstep for their own home.  Just as Alice and Jack …

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    Photo Reflection time


    I do not actually take many pictures in terms of going out and trying to look for something to take pictures of or using a nice camera. Instead I tend to take pictures on my phone, usually for my own enjoyment. Usually just for my purposes too, because I enjoy …

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