1. @libcal3

    The Desk of Agent Fawn


    I took on the One Shot assignment that is worth 3 stars. I decided to use this assignment along with my character. The idea of the one shot was to take one image and split it into a comic style to convey something. I decided to tweak that a little, …

  2. @libcal3

    Writing Week


    This week was the writing week where we got to create our characters that we will be using throughout the semester.


    Daily Creates

    I was a little slow on the Daily Creates this week and went down to the wire completing the last one today. But they are always …

  3. @libcal3

    Shape that Story


    Watching the Kurt Vonnegut video on the Shapes of Stories was super interesting to me. It brought me back to those middle school and early high school exercises where we had to drawn out the plot of the story explaining the key points. (Although that was more plot based then …

  4. @libcal3

    The Hunt for Spy Kids Avengers


    We got to watch films and tv shows for storytelling for class. That is a great way to start off a week of writing. To try to get the best feel for the genre we are exploring I tried to consume the most of the films and media we were …

  5. @libcal3

    Haiku for You


    Took on a Haiku Recipe assignment worth 2 stars. I felt pretty good about this one because I decided to go very simple but stick to the shortness and syllabus of an actual traditional Haiku. I chose the first comfort food I could think of that would also lend itself …

  6. @libcal3

    Monologue Tool


    This time I took on the Monologue of a Household Tool assignment which is worth 4 1/2 stars. I tried to make it ambiguous so you have to guess what household object I am describing.


    An average day starts at the start of everyday for me. Every morning I …

  7. @libcal3

    That was a Bad Choice


    My take on the Your Adventure Is Over two star assignment, with an example of the wrong choice for a choose your own adventure book.

    You tuck yourself under the antique desk in the corner of the room trying to make yourself as small as possible. But it does not …

  8. @libcal3

    Explaining My Spy


    When I created my character I wanted to play into the trope of semi-normal people falling into or being coerced into spy role. With those kinds of characters I have noticed they always seem to fall into two categories the completely goofily under qualified new spy or the somehow has …

  9. @libcal3

    Agent Fawn


    Greetings. My “name” is Fawn, or I should say my code name is Fawn however I find codenames mostly superfluous. I understand keeping ones identity a secret to protect against constant threat, however I also believe anyone with anything to loose should not consider a career in espionage.

    I would …

  10. @libcal3

    Weekly summary 2


    This week was my very first for plenty of DS 106 assignments. It was also my first set of daily creates! I started it up with some dog propaganda, learned how to print a youtube video (honestly had to google what that was), and made a fun book mashup. So …

  11. @libcal3

    Weekly Summary



    To start of the introduction to DS 106 in “bootcamp” the week started with an introduction of ourselves to the class using different media outlets that we will be using throughout the course. I already had some familiarity with most of these sites but it took me awhile to …

  12. @libcal3



    Hello! My name is Callie Liberty (technically Catherine). I am a senior at UMW a history major and a digital studies minor. I also work on campus as a tutor at the Digital Knowledge Center.

    In terms of an introduction to me I like knitting, history, reading, and learning. While …

  13. @libcal3

    Mission 106 Thoughts


    I was pretty excited to learn this semesters course would be spy themed. I enjoy spy films even with the often problems within the genre, and am excited to explore that genre in more detail. I have always enjoyed spy films both in the Martini Flavor or Stale Beer Flavor …

  14. @libcal3

    Show Your Work


    The importance of showing your work to a community makes sense as a concept but Kleon’s 10 points help define the concept in a concise way. While all the points are certainly useful in the pursuit of sharing work I found the first two most applicable for me personally and …

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