1. lisadise

    Babies and Facebook – Chapter 6 Reading Response


    Disclaimer: This is not my baby  Photo from Pixabay

    For this week’s reading we were asked to choose between two chapters to read.  I chose to read Chapter 6: Everyday practices in online social networking.

    This chapter focuses on how people use social networking and the implications of social networking. …

  2. lisadise

    Blank Space Moms – Week 5 critique


    For this week’s critique I am choosing to evaluate the YouTube video: Taylor Swift – “Blank Space” PARODY (Mom Version) created and uploaded to YouTube by user WhatsUpMoms.

    This video is a short story of the life of a mother of (a) toddler(s). I chose this video because it directly …

  3. lisadise



    So today the last person on my team started.  My department has basically been the department of Lisa for almost 7 months.  There was some restructuring and it is no longer the department of Lisa and the last person to fill in started today.  I’m so excited I had to …

  4. lisadise

    Weekly reflection 4 – Halfway there!


    It’s hard to believe that I’m halfway through my first graduate course already.  Time has really flown by, maybe it’s because I’m having so much fun with this course.  My professor is great, he is always present which is really hard to accomplish in an online course, I really like …

  5. lisadise

    Mona Lisa holding my cat


    So today’s Daily Create asks us to embed a famous painting in an everyday setting.  I chose to take a different route for this, and instead of embedding a famous painting of a person into a modern setting, I embedded something in my everyday setting into the famous painting.

    I …

  6. lisadise

    Is Cosplay really a remix? L&K Chapter 4 response


    In chapter 4 of Lankshear and Knobel’s New Literacies text, the authors speak to the concept of digital remixes.  We are now shifting from exploring single literacies, to mixing (or remixing) multiple literacies to create digital stories.  This chapter explores different kinds of remixing and goes into detail regarding certain …

  7. lisadise

    Humans Need Not Apply – A digital story critique


    This week I’m critiquing a digital video short story called “Humans need not apply”, uploaded to YouTube by a user named CGP Grey.  This video does not relate to my focal theme at all.  I chose this video because it relates more to the major theme in Lankshear and Knobel’s …

  8. lisadise

    New ethos and social learning – Week 3 reading response


    For most of chapter 3 Lankshear and Knoble write about ‘new technical stuff’ and ‘new ethos’  in relation to new literacies. The definition of ethos is: “the fundamental character or spirit of a culture; the underlying sentiment that informs the beliefs, customs, or practices of a group or society; dominant …

  9. lisadise

    Putting Things Together – Week 2 Summary Reflection


    This week I’m starting to see links between literacy, Discourse and digital storytelling. Last week I was so overwhelmed with getting everything set up for the course and managing all the assignments that I feel that I failed on learning as much as I could.  This week I’m getting into …

  10. lisadise

    Drawing your emotions


    Today’s daily create is to draw the best moment of your life.  Instead of taking this at face value and drawing what the best moment of my life looked like, I decided to draw the emotions I was feeling while experiencing the best moment of my life.

    People will tell …

  11. lisadise

    Reflecting on my first week as a graduate student

    A whole new world

    My world has completely changed this week.  There are so many new things in my life.

    First, my son learned to crawl this week!  He now “motors” across the living room looking for all his toys and some things that are not his toys.   We had …

  12. lisadise

    Flowers for Emily


    Dear Emily,

    These flowers are for  you.  A little reminder of life in Pennsylvania.  My lilies just opened this week and my roses are nearing the end of their first bloom.  Like a new beginning and an end.  I hope you like them!

    Today’s daily create had us take pictures …

  13. lisadise

    Reading Response: Chapter 1 Lankshear and Knobel


    I’ve seen the word literacy before.  I’ve seen the word in many iterations before: digital literacy, computer literacy, illiteracy, etc. but where do these words come from? Lankshear and Knobel explore this question in the first chapter of their text: New Literacies, Everyday Practices and Social Learning.

    This chapter was …

  14. lisadise

    Who’s the best baby in the world?


    Sir Oliver (Ollie) Dise is approximately 9 months old.  He is just over 2 feet tall, slim build, with blonde hair, hazel eyes and has two bottom front teeth.

    This  young man is wanted for being the best baby ever.  The list of his crimes include: sleeping through the night …

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