1. @littlelamb0216

    Final Week Summary


    I learned so much about audacity, gimp, iMovie, and Movie Maker in the short 5 weeks of this class. I think I enjoyed audacity the most overall because it can be used the most for other classes. The Look, Listen, Analyze assignment was the most exciting because I really got …

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    Final Project


    For this final project, I had to come up with a character and story that uses the media pieces I’ve learned about from ds106. With no money to spend and no crew to help, I definitely faced more challenges. In my head, it all flowed nicely like a movie, but …

  3. @littlelamb0216

    Where Do My Shoes Take Me?


    Process: I took a slightly different approach when putting this video together and there were some big pros and cons which I will go into later. I wasn’t a huge fan of iMovie so I decided to take advantage of the awesome features my new Samsung Galaxy s8 has. I …

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    College Snapshot


    Process: I used iMovie to make this short clip for the College Snapshot Assignment. I went to My Media and clicked through my photo albums. For the pictures I wanted to include in the clip, I clicked and dragged to the bottom of the screen. I clicked on the end …

  5. @littlelamb0216

    Robo Boogie


    This was a fun daily create. Of course I picked the robot that resembles a cat since I love cats. I got a kick out of changing its arms, head, and hips movement. The movements I chose were completely random. Below is a screenshot of my dancing robot.

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    Moon Graffiti Summary


    Moon Graffiti is an audio drama made by The Truth Podcast and it is about when Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin landed on the moon in 1969.  The question this clip is based on is, what if they crashed? A speech had been prepared by Nixon in the event they …

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    TED Radio Hour/ScottLo Summaries


    There’s a narrator for the story of an MIT professor named Sherri and her voice is used to tell parts of what she saw in a nursing home where a robot was being used to interact with the elderly. Uplifting music played while recordings of real interaction played because that’s …

  8. @littlelamb0216

    My Own Ringtone


    For this assignment, I made my own ringtone in Audacity. I imported two separate clips from freesound.org of a piano and violin then cropped and joined them as seen in the photo below. I chose these sounds because I like more quiet, subtle tones rather than loud, startling tones. I …

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    My Cleaning Playlist


    Cleaning and organizing can be difficult in silence. That’s why I must have a cleaning playlist. I like for most of the songs to be upbeat to keep me moving. If classical music was playing, I’d probably end up laying in bed while looking at old photo albums or something. …

  10. @littlelamb0216

    Song Story


    There are a ton of songs that bring back memories but one of my favorites is “When You’re Smiling and Astride Me” by Father John Misty. Daniel and I met online and enjoyed talking to each other so much we decided to meet. On the day we met, he gave …

  11. @littlelamb0216

    Daily Create Tour


    Today’s daily create was “you, on tour” and since I’ve had my upcoming trip to the Dominican Republic on my mind lately, I decided to use that. My picture can be found here. I found a picture online of Punta Cana and used aviary.com to add text to it. …

  12. @littlelamb0216

    Sound Effects Story


    This week’s required assignment involved making a story using only sound effects. You can listen to mine on Soundcloud.

    My story is about a guy going for a walk then he sees a car crash. He runs to the scene and uses his phone to call for help. He checks …

  13. @littlelamb0216

    Twitter Poster


    My first daily create for week 3 was to make an off-beat inspirational poster. I found a picture of a businessman and used aviary.com to sharpen the image and insert the text, “You get what you work for. Not what you wish for.” I didn’t want an identity in the …

  14. @littlelamb0216

    Week 2 Review


    The biggest thing I learned this week was how to embed sites. For a long time, I thought attaching links meant embedding but I see now I was wrong. I tried to include all important aspects for each assignment and I think I’ve improved since last week.

    1. The daily …

  15. @littlelamb0216

    Make Your Own Data


    Everyone debates on the best phone and most are between the iPhone and Samsung Galaxy. I myself am trying to figure out if I should leave my beloved iPhone behind and switch to Samsung. It’s been on my mind for awhile and that’s why I decided to make this. Here’s

  16. @littlelamb0216

    Design Blitz


    While doing this assignment, I realized there’s a lot more to things than what meets the eye. Companies do a good job of incorporating these design concepts into their work to make them visually appealing and rememberable with a hidden message.

    Symbolism Below is a picture of a t-shirt I …

  17. @littlelamb0216



    For my second gif, I made a dancing ballerina. I took a ballet class last year and enjoyed it. So that was the first thing I thought of when I saw this assignment. I found a photo online of different ballet positions then cropped them individually. I wanted the same …

  18. @littlelamb0216

    New Perspective


    While taking a break from my chemistry homework, I decided to check out today’s daily create: Take a picture of something familiar from a new perspective. My calculator that I use everyday was right in front of me. So instead of taking a traditional approach and shooting from above the …

  19. @littlelamb0216

    Before, During, and After


    For this assignment, Animals Doing Funny Things, we had to make a gif of an animal doing something funny. I chose pictures of a calm pug, a pug eating ice cream, and a pug with a crazy, excited look on his face. So in the gif, it’s what a pug …

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