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    Super Manning????


    Here are some entries in “Peyton’s” Poem diary:

    One beard of steel for the Football’s pride
    One beard of steel for the times we fly
    One beard of steel gotta stay alive.. .I will survive
    One beard of steel for the city streets
    One beard of steel …

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    Today Its All About Me


    Description: Make a video and brag about yourself for at least two minutes. The point of this is not to make your head so big that it explodes but to build your self-esteem. Don’t brag about your children, your pets, or anything outside of you. You don’t have to dress …

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    Make My Day


    Description: Plan your perfect day. Use either pictures you have taken, ones you draw, or ones from another source. Outline what it would be first with a schedule and then add the pictures with more specific details of what would be occurring.

    Here is my own submission for this assignment:…

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    Never Stand on the Corner in High Heels


    I was standing on the corner of Winslow Arizona awaitng my lovely boyfriend to find his way out of the flea market that had so many “cool things that you can’t find anywhere else”. The fact that you cannot find those things anywhere else should be a sign to high …

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    When Mom and Dad Are Away…


    Exhausted they layed in the bed.

    “That was a lot of work” they both said in unison.

    “Oh that could be from the excitement” he said.

    “My legs are so tired they are shaking” she said.

    They both were giddy from the joy of nobody knowing, they werent supposed to …

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    Make Poop


    The music video I used is Keith Urban’s “Long Hot Summer” and the soundtrack I replaced his magical voice with the audio from “Make Poop”.

    I downloaded the music video from Youtube using KeepVid.com. I used VideoPad to strip the actual audio from the video. I downloaded the “Make Poop” …

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    Free the Beef!!!

    The friendly cow all red and white, when you’re a little girl it’s quite a sight to see a cow do a twirl. She wanders lowing here and there,
    running so fast with her long red hair Is she running from her past? And blown by all the winds that…
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    That’s Vut Eyem Talkin’ Bowwwt


    I know I am probably alone on this but this is my favorite scene from Despicable Me. My brother and I watched this together and we replayed this scene so many times and to this day I can say “That’s What’s I’m Talkin’ Bout” in the funny voice and it …

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    Chugging Along Better Than Before


    This week was a hell of a week. I’ve been so stressed out but when I’m doing my ds106 work, it is a bit of a break for me. I feel pretty good about completing the assignments for this week, they were very challenging but I learned more this week …

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    Artsy Fartsy


    I hope to achieve an onlooker’s understanding of my life through my work. My emotions should be bleeding from the pictures.

    My choices of styles and what to do come to me in an image in my mind. I see what I need to do and in my mind there …

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    I really liked this assignment. I am an October baby so I had the pleasure of making my own sound track to the chaplin foley clip from 1.01 to 1.30.

    My sounds I attempted to create are:

    a “huff” setting wood down (using a wooden pencil on my desk) barking…
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    In Honor of Cheer Up The Lonely Day


    I have been alone a lot in my life and it has sucked but its the encounters and the people that you meet that make everything okay. You may be lonely today but what about tomorrow? Pick up the phone and call someone you havn’t talked to in a while. …

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    DS106 Reflection


    This was an audio assignment I chose to reflect on DS106. I started taking this course because I thought it would be cool and I had to fulfill my art requirement. I think it has become so much more. Well…you can listen to my reflection. I thought about what to …

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    Killer Karrot


    Killer Karrot

    KILLER KARROT AT IT AGAIN!!!! His name is Karl and he won’t stop eating rabbits until that blasted bugs bunny is in his tummy. Unfortunately for carrots, as we all know, they dont have ears. So he can’t tell which one is bugs bunny…when asked how he was …

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    Week 2 of DS106


    Two down and three to go. This week was definately hectic with my two other classes so I unfortunately slacked on the DS106 part of my schoolwork but maybe not as bad as I thought originally now that I am coming and seeing what Ive actually completed. I realize, like …

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    Silly Humans


    I have been studying the cows, eating with them at every meal, and disguised myself as one of them for the entire week to really get into the spirit of what this joke should be. Here is what I have compiled:


    Cow1 Maybelle: Moo Moo

    Cow2 Sandra: Ugh! Not …

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    Who Doesn’t Love Blondes?








    Photo from :http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2270060/Classic-album-covers-given-makeover-using-pictures-kittens.html


    For this assignment I had to use a classic album cover and twist it. I chose the ever famous Blondie’s Parallel Lines cover. I thought it was really funny to replace the faces of all the men with blondie …

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    Feedback smack


    I have gotten encouragement to do better both from fellow DS106ers and from seeing their work. I realized this week that I need to comment more and give more feedback. The more that I give the more I will get I suppose. That is my goal for week 3…More feedback.…

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    What Are Twitter?


    Okay horse and buggy generation, all settle down and I will tell you of the futuristic twitter that I just conquered last week.

    Lets say you have a small piece of paper that you can only fit 140 symbols on such as letters, numbers, or punctuation marks. You can write …

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    My super hero would always have exact change for everything he ever needed to buy down to the penny. I would simply just take it out of his pocket. His name is PerfectIron. He gave himself this name after taking the iron supplement so it is not really about nickels …

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