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    Photo Safari












    This first photo is a field that has color in the field. I feel like it is a color explosion. I like how so many colors are incorporated and I feel like it might be conveying that the land itself …

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    Bow Down To Me!


    My assignment today is to create a new law:

    It is simple really. Do not break anyone’s heart.

    Don’t do stupid things just to do them and break your parents’ hearts.

    Don’t hook up with that blond you met once just because and break your girlfriend’s heart.

    Don’t build up …

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    Cut It Out!


    For this assignment I was to take a passage a cut it down to a sentence where it still conveyed the meaning basically of the passage.

    By the grace given me I say to everyone of you: Do not think of yourself more highly than you ought, but rather think …

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    Phoenix Talk Reflection


    I really liked this video. I loved the card she made, I really want to make one of those. I think it would be cool to make one of either a person growing older or the different seasons in the trees. Wow! That paper record player is crazy! Its just …

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    DS 106 lowdown


    I like that he intends on keeping his podcasts shorts. I think that the human mind works better when presented with information in a short amount of time and in a visual manner. I am nervous about putting a video of myself online. I already feel insecure putting out my …

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    Groovy Day Today


    Had a good day today with the father of my son and my son. It was a hippie kind of day since we had a nice picninc and exploration in the woods. This was today’s TDC. I’ve got “hug a tree” behind me, a tie die shirt on, some shaded …

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    Week 1 of DS106


    I feel proud of what i have accomplished this week. It was fun making time for a little creativity. With a son, two other classes, and a boyfriend it is sometimes difficult to take time out and let a little creativity drain from my brain. I wish I had gottn …

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    Gardner Campbell: Personal CyberInfrastructure


    Connecting in our own personal cyberinfrastructure seems almost asy when Gardner explains it. I agree that to progress in this world that you have to keep with the skill set that is needed in today’s environment. That skill set has a basic base of general use of technology, and now …

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    I’m ALIVE


    I took this picture with my regular Canon camera and used GIMP 2 to edit it and have only the dandelion’s colors showing. I think that by doing this, it is showing how beautiful and alove the dandelion is even though we pass by them every day because they are …

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    When We Were Young


        64 years later 


    This couple started out meeting in their favorite stop on the way home from day care: the millkshake shop called Marko’s. As soon as they laid eyes on eachother they knew that they would be willing to share crayons. Years went on and they shared many …

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    Come here boy!



    Sid’s last day with us. This is a picture taken from Sid’s last day, this was my goodbye. We woke up early in the morning as Sid licked my face begging to be taken outside. Unlike any other day I jumped out of bed holding back tears as I …

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    Unanimous Thinking



    Everyone’s live throws all sorts of things from all sorts of different directions. We aren’t going to be able to adapt or conform to all of the obstacles but we can try. This is the picture I drew for the TDC. All sorts of obstacles and the brain is …

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    This Is Who I Am


    My name is Elizabeth King for all you my fellow DS106ers that didn’t get to see my other post from the other blog that didn’t work for me. Im just going to roll with this one. I am a mother first above everything else. I have worked hard in the …

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    How Did it Get So High?




    How does the cost get so high? We look at our products we wish to buy in the store and we wonder; how is it that this piece of crap costs this much?!?!? Well if you bought it directly from the producer you might understand the costs. It …

  15. lizardbreath1717

    Legal Con-Men


    Salespeople. They act like your best friend and then try to take the shirt off your back and make it seem like they did you a favor. Some companies, such as car dealerships, have a flexible price policy. A flexible price policy is one that lets the salesperson start high …

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    Your’e Paying for What I’m Not Seeing


    I know I’m not the only one who doesn’t watch cable anymore. I havn’t watched cable for a long time now so all of those ads tagerting young women, moms, and athletes are being completely ignored. Netflix is the only thing I watch on TV anymore and there are  no …

  17. lizardbreath1717

    I’m the BEST


    One of the most heated rivalries in advertising is between Coca-Cola and Pepsi. These two giants in the soft drink industry have been back and forth with competitive ad shots since the Pepsi Challenge launched in 1975. This long-running campaign features regular people taking part in taste tests on film …

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    The Real Business of America


    It has gotten away from us since all of the crime and things that could go wrong with young children alone, but lemonade stands is the kid retail world. It is retailing in its simplest form. A cute face or little misspelled sign luring in the prey. The next thing …

  19. lizardbreath1717

    Piss Poor Packaging Proves Pricey


    Those darn clamshell packages. People hate them. They may be very convenient and great for shipping but the problem is that consumers absolutely hate clamshell packaging. People will turn to other substitutes rather than buying the one with the packaging made in hell. I’ve learned that using a can opener …

  20. lizardbreath1717

    OOOOOOHHHH! I Want That!


    To the average person they are idols, celebrities, or the famous. When you see them on TV they are “order-getters”. Its Michael Jordan making you believe that if you buy those shoes you will be just as good as him. Its Katy Perry on a Proactiv commercial making you believe …

  21. lizardbreath1717

    How I’m getting sexy


    It is Valentine’s day. Everyone is out on a date with their partners and being wooed with chocolates and roses.  You want to keep your partner or you want to attract a good partner. We aren’t all going to go rushing to the person who looks shabby, doesn’t have a …

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