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    big brother is watching you


    hey hey homies! so my group’s radio show is entitled “The Eighties Through Space-Time”, and the plan is to take & analyze different piece of pop culture created during a different decade but set in the eighties. My piece is the novel 1984 by George Orwell. For advertising purposes, we …

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    [regular] design is THEIR passion


    the design blitz bby! so the first design element i was able to find was color, which I found in one of the dorms on campus that was advertising and giving info about housing selection on campus.

    I really like the way the background is in black and white. I …

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    girls just wanna have fun!


    this assignment was pretty straight-forward, and i didn’t have to edit any photos! giphy? much more user-friendly than gimp! the goal of this assignment was to make a gif out of something pop culture. I decided to do this one because what better way to incorporate our theme of 80s …

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    15 minute masterpieces week 6


    my daily creates for this week! i started out this week by doing the what color is your name dc! the colors are cute, but i felt as though their wasn’t enough yellow in the site’s decision, so I augmented their response with a photo of some beautiful yellow flowers …

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    heathers again? shocker!


    In a completely unforeseen turn of events, I’ve decided to theme another assignment around the 1985 move Heathers! The goal of this assignment was to make a minimalist movie poster! I decided to go with the KILLER (in all senses of the word) movie Heathers because it both fits the …

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    imagine how is touch the sky


    i tried using gimp again! am i supposed to introduce gimp with an article? i hope not! regardless of the answer, my affinity for both no caps and random caps For Emphasis should alert my fair readers to a certain. nixing of traditional grammatical structure in favor of ~Aesthetics~. but …

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    graphic design is my passion


    so the general vibe that i got from the readings and articles & my minor rabbit-holing is that less tends to be more, and that good designs tends to be somewhat timeless. And I understand this and the appeals of this, especially for brands trying to build brand recognition, but …

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    week freaking 5!


    it almost rhymes! would you call that a slant rhyme? unsure, i disgaree with and hate slant rhymes as a concept so i’m probably not the best judge. anywho ds106! this week was full of totally rocking daily creates that you can find right here!

    In order to orient …

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    talkin to myself


    this was delightful! I had a lot of fun with this assignment, of which the goal was to record a phone conversation with myself, but to try and make it seem like its two completely different people! Here’s the final product!

    In the spirit of Valentine’s Day, but also …

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    marius pick up your phone


    This assignment had me leaving a voicemail for a character from some sort of media. I decided, in keeping both with the 80s theme and with my personal interests, to leave a voicemail for Marius Pontmercy regarding his shirking of his revolutionary duties. Give it a listen!

    This was really, …

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    a face made for radio


    thats a really mean thing to say and i don’t mean it in regards to anyone including myself its just the most clever title i can currently think of for my ds106 RADIO BUMPER!

    This was really cute! a nice one take shot to get me into the groove of …

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    the disappearing lady!


    tonights radio drama was a part urban legend part Anthropocene-ic investigation of a popular urban legend about a lady whose mother disappears from a hotel after having seen a doctor for some unknown illness. Not only was this a really interesting story, but the live-tweeting aspect of the radio show …

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    scooby do vibes


    so my original plan for the short story with only sound bytes was a titanic-esque drowning story, then i realized that was a little bit dark, and changed pace to a more lighthearted ooky spooky vibe, much like the popular cartoon scooby do!

    and here she is, in all her …

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    a 20-30 minute radio show is in our ds106 futures! wahoo! 20-30 minutes isn’t too terribly long, but it certainly is an amount of time that needs a modicum of planning and idea generating before jumping in.

    so im currently reading 1984 by Geore Orwell, and my oh my is …

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    okay so Moon Graffiti does a really really good job of setting up a sense of place and time; contextualizing the scenario and giving the audience a setting and a literal visual while literally not having a visual, which i think is just. so cool. this story was definitely more …

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    whaddaweek (week 4 over & done!)


    Jimminy CHRISTMAS this was a heck of a week. Just. A roller coaster.

    As always, my masterpost of daily creates is up! The three I did this week were the photo captioning one, the fairytale one, and the whale one. Check em out!

    I started off the week really strong, …

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    photo editing redemption!


    my redemption post! the other editing project- linked here if you really wanna see it- I did I ended up being Super Unhappy with. So, I decided to go a little bit more structured for my redemption, go easy on myself to build up confidence. And although the perfectionist in …

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    one of me just isn’t enough


    yall. i made my own assignment.

    My assignment? A three star, visual assignment that utilizes only a smartphone and ZERO editing software because I don’t like editing photos. So y’all have probably seen this around, but with the iphone (and probs other smartphone) cameras, you can take panoramas, right? …

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    Another week of daily creates!


    I started my daily creates with a relatively straightforward prompt, which was certainly a nice way to start off. We had to caption this photo: My mind immediately went to games of my youth and their rules and regulations, so I captioned it with a throwback to Hide ‘n Seek!…

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    to yoga, to yogurt, to rice and beans and cheese


    I really like Rent– the musical, not the economic thing. It’s set in Christmas of 1989 (yes I know I’m pushing it but it counts!). My favorite song from Rent is “La Vie Bohème”, a group number with all the main characters singing about anything and everything and life as …

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    ft the goodest girl


    I love my dog. So much. She’s such a good girl and I love her with all my soul shes so photogenic and really really cute and thus I just HAD to do this visual assignment (make a collage of a pet/animal) in her honor! She’s a rescue, former VT …

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    and i would walk 500 miles


    The goal of this (3 star, visual) assignment was to walk around taking a photo every 10 steps, and then make a collage out of the photos you got. I took a little ~creative license~ with the regulations (i.e. 10 steps is not very many so sometimes it was more …

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    fast photography!

    Emphasize the sky by placing the horizon very low or very high. Features a repeating pattern. A photograph of something old or aged today. Make a photo that represents the end, termination… Make a creative photo of some sort of boundary Tell the story of a place in a single…
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    80s photography- a reflection


    so what ive learned is i need to look at more professional photography. the photos that ive looked at thus far are all so interesting and narratively signficant, that is, they all Say something AND are super interesting to look at. this photo, for example, found here.

    this photo …

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