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    i mean, it was a movie


    Story analysis time (ft spoilers for the 1985 Clue movie)! Woo! The story I chose to work with for this week was the 1985 Clue movie. I was scrolling through Showtime’s (pretty pitiful, if I do say so myself) collection of 1980’s movies, and, having just watched Knives Out, was …

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    twilight zone except not ooky spooky


    come wander with me-

    the lateness of the hour,

    the midnight sun;

    its a good life.

    nothing in the dark (but) the mind and the matter?

    its a good life.

    on thursday, we leave for home.

    its a good life.

    he’s alive,

    (s)he’s alive,

    (w)e’s alive.

    its a good life.…

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    the answers you’ve been waiting for


    I’m just typing things to build the suspense, this is a blatant attempt at clickbait. Lets hope I can do this correctly lol. Aren’t you guys all so curious as to what answers you’ve been waiting for?? You’ll just have to click to find out, because you’re not gonna know …

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    murder mystery, but make it sci-fi


    Wadsworth flicked the lights off, filling the house with complete and utter blackness, causing screams of surprise and shock to scatter throughout the drained dinner party.

    “So who’s the killer?” asked everyone, all at once and all very loudly.

    ” Who is it? Tell us!” they continued, giving exactly no …

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    i’m living up to my blog name


    “Why don’t we write each other love poems? / Look at me collapse into babysobs and bare need, me, / sturdy and self-sufficient.”

    “Inevitable Postcards” Ellen Doré Watson

    This (two star, written) assignment required me to share a quote I’ve read and explain why it interests me. I have always …

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    two weeks down!


    wow! two weeks over already! time flies when youre having fun i suppose! this week, i decided to focus my 80’s theme on the movie Heathers. I chose Heathers because its just such an interesting film, lot of dark humor and gore. There’s a lot to unpack!

    The first assignment …

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    This (written) assignment entailed writing a story, on anything you wanted, writing in your normal writing style, and then rewriting it using “The Up-Goer Five Text Editor“, a software that you can type into that lets you know when you use any word that isn’t top 10 hundred …

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    buzzfeed? more like buzzkill!


    ft! some spoilers to the Heathers movie (& musicals because they follow the same plot)!

    ft: triggers ( brief mentions of murder, suicide, bombs)

    The assignment? make a buzzfeed personality quiz relating to our theme! I decided to stick with the movie Heathers because it makes me happy, is …

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    daily creates week 2!


    1/20/2020- our feathered farm friends

    Today’s daily create was to make something relating to chickens, so I took this snapchat video of my dog, made it a gif, and added a Very Scary Chicken to look like it was chasing her. Voila! Do you like your chicken literal or metaphorical? …

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    heather, heather, heather (and veronica !)


    That’s quite the mouthful, isn’t it? If only there was a shorter, more efficient way to refer to the three of those ladies who all have the same name! Well fear not, my fellow classmates! Such a word does, in fact, exist! The goal of the (visual) assignment I completed …

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    week 1? check!


    This is my weekly summary for the first week of ds106, which went by smoothly for the most part, but certainly with a little bit of a learning curve. I definitely got more confident and excited for the course as I worked through the assignments, going from overwhelmed and anxious …

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    80s pop culture things


    80’s pop culture in general, at least when I think about it, is very big and loud and over-the-top, but upon consideration, this is a very stereotypical, 2020-type view of things.

    essentially what i think of when imagining the 80’s

    As the gif suggests, this portrait of the 80’s is …

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    hey hey! i’m elizabeth kondzella and i’m super excited for this course, everything i did this week was super fun! introducing myself on twitter was the first step

    hey hey hey! my name is elizabeth kondzella (or just liz) and i'm a mary wash freshman! i can't wait to get …

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    hey hey hey


    hi everyone! i’m elizabeth and am kind of confused but i feel as though I need a blog post up, so this is a temporary one until I have all of the fun multi-modal intros done. enjoy!…

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