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    Wanted: Jesse James


    Jesse James has always had a special place in my heart as far as outlaws go. Granted, he was a crazy guy and certainly not a saint, but I have done quite a bit of research on him in the past and so I feel a sort of acquaintance with …

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    Designing the West


    While researching designs, I compiled a few examples of what seemed to be common themes in western art. The colors, compositions, and subjects of western-themed designs run along similar veins. They stick to warm colors and try to capture as much of its subject as possible, not necessarily focusing on …

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    Economy of Design


    This reading by Vignelli had a lot of interesting information. It was useful in exploring the principles of design and space. I hadn’t considered much of what went into the design of visual elements such as logos and printed works. Even the font and spacial awareness of words were necessary …

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    Thoughts on Moon Graffiti


    The audio in the podcast episode “Moon Graffiti” was extremely eerie and well-placed throughout the story. I liked how the speaking sounded like it was coming from different positions and areas. Listening to it with headphones on was effectively immersive. The characters within the story spoke eloquently and solemnly to …

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    The Daily Grind


    This monologue came out of an assignment that had you read something overdramatically. In order to do this, I looked through an archive of monologues and found this one from “The Chocolate Affair” by Stephanie Alison Walker. It sounded like something I could really get into, so I went ahead …

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    Quote the Raven


    This is a westernized reading of “The Raven” by Edgar Allen Poe in accordance with this assignment, which asks us to read something with this accent. Hopefully I don’t sound too southern in the mix. Sometimes I get carried away.

    Putting this together was an adventure. I had to …

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    Dorothy and Madeline


    This little conversation was inspired by an assignment that had you record a conversation with yourself. I chose to do a sort of grandmother-in-law and granddaughter-in-law phonecall based around a scene reminiscent of the Old West and old world views. In this phonecall the two women argue about Madeline’s role …

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    Radio Bumper


    Here is my radio bumper for DS106 Radio, according to the assignment that asks us to put together something that reminds listeners of what they’re listening to.

    I am extremely happy with how this little blip turned out. I think the guitar mixed well with the wind background, and my …

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    Piano Story


    In accordance with this assignment, here is a day in the life of Danny Keys through audio. His job is to play piano in a saloon, so the majority of the sound here is music. Here we go through his work day, warming up on the piano, playing through …

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    Thoughts on Developing a Radio Show


    I would love to put together a sort of narrative story for the radio show, which would require voice acting and quite a bit of audio manipulation, but I think it would be a lot of fun!

    Here’s some story ideas:

    A solo individual trying to survive out in the…
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    Understanding Audio: Before Now


    Sound in films and media is vital in our understanding of what is happening. A movie soundtrack makes or breaks a film. Sound effects and audio quality have similar importance; if the sound effects are too excessive or abrasive, or if the voice levels and quality differs from one person …

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    Stagecoach: The Story of a Hat


    The cinematography in Stagecoach was very interesting. As I was watching it, I mulled over how each scene induced emotion, how each moment of contrast and space indicated a differing move. Moreover, I couldn’t help but notice how Ringo’s hat changed according to the emotions he portrayed and the ones …

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    Blitzin’ the Shots


    This photoshoot was a lot of fun to complete. The Photoblitz challenge had a lot of interesting things to do and subjects to find. The most interesting one for me was the one that suggested you use a camera setting that you’ve never used before. I’ve tried everything on my …

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    Saddle Bags


    This assignment asked us to show what’s in our character’s bag. My character, Danny Keys, has an interesting assortment of items. He keeps a messenger bag on him at all times, just in case he needs anything out of it. In this old thing typically lies a little notebook …

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    You Feelin’ Lucky?


    “You’ve gotta ask yourself one question: ‘Do I feel lucky?’ Well, do ya, punk?”

    Dirty Harry is a classic. So is Clint Eastwood in general, honestly. You gotta love the guy. Cowboy to ruthless cop, he’s the man who gets the job done.

    I chose to complete this assignment more …

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    Across the Tracks


    Every day after school, we would walk home together. He lived a few minutes from my house, so we went the same way anyway. We’d taken the same route together since we were young, walking down the streets, chatting when the sounds of the train passing didn’t drown out our …

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    Oceans Away


    This assignment prompted you to change the hue of a photo to make a new world. This photo came out surprisingly well when I altered the hue. The original colors were so clearly defined that the new ones blended in as though they were natural to the scene. So, once …

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    Pictures from the Past


    I very much enjoy taking photos, especially of the sky and animals that are around; half of my phone is filled with sunsets, the other with my dog. When I’m taking pictures of these two subjects, I generally try to get as much color and detail into them. So, while …

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    Week 3: Tell us a Story


    This week was filled with what I would consider to be my strength out of our semester’s media: writing. I’ve always loved writing stories, and I enjoy writing about other stories, too. Picking apart the meanings of other people’s writings is both a pastime and a part-time job for me, …

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    A Southern Key


    I’ve never seen bluer skies than when I went south to Virginia. As soon as I stepped off the train into that hot summer evening, I saw a matted jewel surrounding this earth, glorious and bright, just short of glimmering. Even as we entered the car and even our hotel, …

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    Planet Sabotage?


    Tired of the army, a soldier escapes with one of the prisoners and teams up with a warrior and her robot to destroy a planet.

    Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens


    This prompt was super fun to think about. What would a movie look like if it was …

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    Run For It


    You manage to sidestep all six shots from Six Shooter Sam and bust out of the saloon doors. Johnny pauses to reload his gun, and you make a break for it across the dusty road. Good thing you didn’t try to shoot, since you’ve just now remembered that you forgot …

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    It’s Me, You from the Future


    Dear Little Lindsey,

    At your age, you’ve already been through a lot – parents divorcing, mom going to college, moving across the country three times – and yet, much to my relief, you’ve always kept your head high. Honestly I’m really proud of you for that. People always tell you …

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