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    Meet Danny Keys


    Well hi, how are you? My name’s Daniel Ellison, although if you ask anyone around here they’ll call me Danny Keys. I’m not real tall or broad, but I can hold my own pretty alright. I’m a pianist, the finest – but maybe not the best – in my good …

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    Drawing the Line


    Vonnegut tells us that our favorite stories start at the lowest end of the Good-/Ill-Fortune scale and end in infinite happiness, just like Cinderella. Naturally, not all stories end like this. Not many of our western stories this week find such an appealing path in the remotest sense, for the …

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    Power and Prejudice


    Lawmen, drunks, women behind men, and bad guys – all of these are common tropes in the western genre. The two stories I chose to read, “The Bride Comes to Yellow Sky” and “Ice Man”, both had these tropes at the forefront. In the first one, written by Stephen Crane, …

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    Week 2: Wild Pictures


    This week, I was assigned to help put together the photography section of this course. After writing my suggestions, I made an assignment which asks you to recreate a scene from a film on your own. I can’t wait to see what people come up with!

    While mulling over this …

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    A Rocky Start


    I admit, I don’t do much with digital media aside from consume and observe, and this is my first fully online course, so this week has been more or less of a rocky start.

    I’ve been trying to keep up by researching, reading, and thinking, only to realize that today, …

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