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    Final weekly summary!


    This week was allllll about the final. My tubular tunes group and I got together and completed a video, audio, and design project about 80’s TV shows, fashion, and historical events.

    What was great about doing this project was that we continued to grow on the skills we used for …

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    Final Project ideas!


    For the final project my group from last week’s video project and I was wanted to make some type of reaction video. There are quite a few of them on youtube and they’re quite popular in general. It seems that audiences like reaction videos so that they can feel involved …

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    Who’s there???


    For this mashup assignment I enlisted the help of my roommate. I wanted to create a scary text story because i always see adds for stories just like this on Snapchat. Below is the video:

    I used a screen recording app to take the video and editing it with the …

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    For this mashup assignment I changed it a little bit. I used to always get really excited for show mashups on Nickelodeon or Disney when I was younger. The Suitelife on Deck with Hannah Montana? Amazing. The episode of Fairly Odd Parents with Jimmy Neutron? Phenomenal. I loved them.

    Since …

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    Tubular Tunes takes video


    This week I worked with part of my group from my radio show and we produced a video that analyzed a few of our favorite 80’s movie clips. I of course analyzed Bladerunner again because of my love for it, but we also looked at The Shining and Ghostbusters. I …

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    More final proj ideas


    So I mentioned in my blog post about my video production that I hadn’t ever watched Ghostbusters or The Shining. Well, I really don’t have much of a plan to see Ghostbusters but I was thinking about maybe producing a reaction video to the Shining for my final. This is …

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    Week 10


    For this week I created a video essay which I had never done before. It took a lot of video editing but I really enjoyed the process. I didn’t realize how much I liked editing until I was actually doing it! I used my favorite scene from Bladerunner2049 and spoke …

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    Video Essay


    For the video essay assignment I created this video analyzing a scene from my favorite movie “Bladerunner 2049.” Bladerunner 2049 is a beautiful sequal to the 80’s movie “Bladerunner 2019.”

    In an attempt to not get claimed I’ve made this video “private” so you have to put in a password …

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    Video show!


    So the plan is to work on a two week project and make a video that discusses an 80’s movie and our thoughts. This idea is very similar to the radio show group “80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About”

    We’re in the brainstorming phase right now about the movie we …

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    Week 9 Summary


    For this week we tuned into the radio shows that our peers created. I really loved being able to listen to everyone work and see how each person took the assignment. I particularly interacted with the group from “80’s Brain Cells You Forgot About” on Twitter while listening to their …

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    Daily create story


    In combining my daily creates for the week I thought I would actually take the first daily create I did for the week and combine my other two answers from other daily creates into it.

    For the first we have truths and lies:

    #tdc2839 #ds106
    1) i have two different …

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    Final proj brainstorming


    I really enjoyed doing the radioshow and something that I was thinking about for the final project was that I would love to do a podcast episode with a group. BUT considering we already did something very similar with an audio focus I was thinking about what other things we …

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    Radio listening


    I tuned in to “80’s Brain cells that you forgot about.” What I really liked about it was that the group did a more conversational/ podcast radioshow. It was super easy listening and I really liked the format of it in part because it was so different than what my …

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    Half and Half: Revised


    So for revising assignments for this week I chose to go back to one assignment that I did not use Audacity for before, and use Audacity now.

    Half and Half

    I’m much more comfortable with Audacity now that we’ve completed the Radio Show. My group and I have lots of …

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    Tubular Tunes (and other DS106 antics)


    Here! Is! Our! Final! Radio! Show!

    This actually proved to be not super difficult but just was a bit time consuming.

    We made the radio show in Audacity and just needed Audacity and our own sound clips to put into it to make it.…

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    Radio Show progress #2


    So my group and I have been continuing to make god progress on our radio show and are finishing recording and editing it today! I’m really excited to hear the final project. Each of us has made our own bumpers and ads and have decided on a group how we …

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    Week 7 Summary


    This week we went back to doing audio assignment and having a radio focus. This really helped my group and I get a jump start on radio show material and and what we wanted to produce as well as the feel we wanted it to have. What was really cool …

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    Crazy Carol’s Aerobic Class


    For this audio assignment I created a fictional radio ad for Crazy Carol’s aerobic class. I used my voice as the announcer and then I also used instrumental “80’s” music (embedded below) to give it an upbeat feel.

    I decided to do an aerobic class as an ad because I …

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    Radio bumper fun


    For this audio assignment I created radio bumpers for my radio show!

    I made a previous radio show bumper for DS106 radio and I really enjoyed the end product. I found that the radio bumper I liked the most was the type with a bit of sound or music behind …

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    Radio Show Progress


    So my group and I have made progress on ideas for the show, what we want to include, promotional material, and an idea of how we want the show to sound.

    We’re thinking of reviewing music that sounds very 80’s and then having short discussion talking clips about what we …

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    Tubular Tunes logo


    For the DS106 radio show I made a logo with our name on it.

    I LOVE this logo I’m so happy I made it just because it’s cute and I like the colors. We decided to call our show “tubular tunes and other ds106 antics” because we liked the word …

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    “Andromeda” as told by me


    For this audio assignment I reviewed one of my favorite songs to explain what it means to me.

    I reviewed Andromeda by Weyes Blood and have embed it here:

    Here is my review:

    For this assignment I didn’t need that many tools. I only needed to find the song on …

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