1. @lper0581

    Made a maze


    For this design assignment I created my own maze. I first searched around on google to see what ways I could make this.

    I found this website that allows you to customize a maze, name it what you want, and make the pathways different. I wanted to create a classic …

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    Cool lettering


    For this design assignment I used a cool background font and design to write my name. I use Pic Collage for this because I wanted to add a background and a design of my own.

    I put a black background up and then put my name in white blocked letters. …

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    Find! Martha’s! Hat!


    For this “Find Martha’s Hat” design assignment I made a poster to help Martha find her hat. I’ve made it extremely clear that everyone needs to be looking for Martha’s hat and that if they find it they need to find Martha and give it to her. We hope that …

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    For this design assignment, I created a Memeoji. This is an emoji based through iPhone based on how you look. You’re supposed to be able then to send certain expressions and use your own face as a type of emoji.

    I first made one that I thought looked as …

  5. @lper0581

    Weekly Summary 5


    This week was all about audio! We recorded edited and told and listened to stories through sound and sound effects. I’ve always been someone who uses their words and prefers stories with a long narrative and so these assignments were refreshing changes (especially the ones where I couldn’t use words!)…

  6. @lper0581

    Tweet along


    I participated in the DS106 radio tweet along on Wednesday night. Professor Bond kicked off the show with a few radio bumpers (which gave me a good idea of how I wanted to do my own!) and then began the show tweeting:

    We're listening to a podcast, produced from old …

  7. @lper0581

    Radio intimacy reflections


    Jad Abumrad’s videos cover a few topics in relation to radio. Some of the things I found particularly important are as follows:

    the job to create a circle of connection creating a dream-state new technology enhancing old storytelling ideas familiar sound landscapes radios lacking of picture allowing for the invention…
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    Here is my DS106 Radio bumper! The original assignment can be found here.

    I used just the ery beginning seconds of one of my favorite songs, Dark Love by Sam Evian. I wanted a bit of background noise as well as an interlude and outro- this was perfect for …

  9. @lper0581

    Talkin like TED


    For this audio assignment I spoke as if I were speaking in a TEDx Talk. This gave me some more practice with my speaking skills and learning where to pause, how to pause, and use inflection in my voice. Yet, I am also already very familiar with this because I …

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    When I was brainstorming ideas I first came up with the idea that I wanted to create a radio show similar to a made up one in the TV show Parks and Recreation. The show was really funny to me because the radio show hosts spoke slowly and softly and …

  11. @lper0581

    Week 4 Summary


    This week was all about visual assignments and I began the week by reflecting on my past photography experiences. Here is my blog post about it, “My Relationship with my Cannon.”

    I also read the assigned reading and reflected on both the types of pictures the 80’s highlighted and elements …

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    This was a weird assignment more so because I guess I wasn’t expecting what to take pictures of and I decided to do it after arriving at my apartment after a long day. What I should have done was started the assignment on campus where I would have had a …

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    Why so sad?


    For this visual assignment, I had to rearrange a billboard. I found a billboard picture online of Justin Bieber but instead of adding my friends or family’s face on it, I decided to add Zach Morris from the T.V. show Saved by the Bell.


    For this I was …

  14. @lper0581

    The 154


    I made a collage with many faces of myself and my roommate for this Brady Bunch Assignment. I had a lot of fun doing it because we used some pretty funny pictures. In some of the pictures our faced are contorted by a Snapchat filter which just adds to …

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    While reading “Becoming Better Photographers” I considered some of the “good photography points” that I had already implemented in some of my own pictures. These kind of things like considering foreground and background, depth, lighting , ect. are things that I have typically considered because of my background in …

  16. @lper0581

    My relationship with my Cannon


    I love photography, always have always will. I think that even before I took any photography classes I was always on family vacations trying to take pictures of the environment around me. I’m very much the type of person who wants to save the moment and I feel by taking …

  17. @lper0581

    Weekly Summary 3


    This week was all about writing and thank god! I am a writer. I really enjoyed everything I wrote about. I never find it too hard coming up with things to write about anyway. The thing I found the most difficult though was when I completed an assignment that limited

  18. @lper0581

    A picture is worth… a short story at least


    “Your task for this assignment is to find a picture and write a background or short story for it. It can be a photo you took yourself or found on the internet. This story could be based on a true event if the picture is from your personal collection, or …

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