1. lpickel0809

    Shakespearean LOLcat Tutorial


    This assignment is, in a nutshell, cat pic + a quote from Shakespeare = Shakespearean LOLcat. It simply asks you to add some text, but not just any text, Shakespearean text, to a cat picture from the interwebs. I decided to create a video tutorial on how I created this …

  2. lpickel0809

    Bad Helvetica Picture


    The instructions for this assignment were pretty straightforward. “That’s it. Pick A Bad Photo, Apply A Vintage Effect And Write Something In Helvetica”. That’s verbatim.

    I started out with picking my picture. The whole “Bad Photo” thing is incredibly subjective. After thumbing through some pictures I took of a nearly …

  3. lpickel0809

    Recipe Haiku


    This assignment asked you to write down a recipe as a Haiku (using the traditional 5/7/5 pattern). The key was not to leave out any important details. As a bonus, you could also include pictures with each step, which I am doing for the sake of visual aid.

    So You …

  4. lpickel0809

    Playlist Poetry


    This DS106 assignment asks you to venture into a playlist of musical proportions that you have stored on your computer. Once you’re there, you have to arrange the songs from your files into a coherent sentence, poem, or funny story based on their titles. Then save the photo via uploading …

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