1. LRo

    What does the font say?


    What is a story? How do you tell it in a logical, compelling way? What are the different components of it? How can audio and video add (or subtract from it)? These were all questions that I started to ponder when I joined DS106. I felt like I had …

  2. LRo



    I constantly feel like I’m being overwhelmed by noise that begins with my alarm clock (that goes off way too early in the morning) and ends with email alerts coming from my laptop (as my India team gets working as I’m heading to bed). This week, we learned all about …

  3. LRo

    Wedding Bells


    My sister is getting married in about 6 weeks. So, wedding bells and relationships are hot topics within my family. One of the comments that everyone keeps telling my sister is how fast the wedding day actually will go. They then usually proceed to ask my sister when she’s planning …

  4. LRo

    Missed the Boat on Graphic Design


    Life has been a little crazy! My project is launching at the beginning of June, my sister is getting married, I’m getting a new roommate and I’m finishing up with school…all within the same two week period. So, in reviewing the Design Safari blog posts from fellow DS106 participants, I …

  5. LRo

    Look Up! But I Don’t See Anything?


    When I was little, one of the commercials that ran locally featured Detroit Pistons guard Isiah Thomas teaching kids about electricity safety. In the commercial, Thomas asked a little boy, “Look up.” To that, the little boy responded, “But I don’t see anything?” The commercial went on to discuss looking …

  6. LRo

    Final Project Idea: The Importance of Grammer and Punctuation


    I create training material for a living. Grammer and punctuation play a HUGE part in helping people understand the content. I saw a post on Facebook earlier in the week about how the correct punctuation “saves lives” when used correctly. Below is a another good example. For my final project, …

  7. LRo

    Week 3: Layers


    This week, we learned about the importance that visual pictures can make in telling a story. I started by watching a fun video that played off of words and their “definitions” using images. It was interesting how they linked all of the images together but that each definition had its …

  8. LRo

    Paint by Numbers


    I haven’t spent a lot of time with PhotoShop or other picture editing software. I got a little nervous when I saw this week’s request to go into the Assignment Bank and complete an assignment using a photo editing tool.

    I picked two assignments near and dear to my heart. …

  9. LRo

    Ready, Set, Go…


    I’m competitive and hate to lose. So, when I heard photo safari, time yourself, get as many pictures done as you can, I really wanted to get them all. However, then I remembered the advice provided in this week’s class video. We were encouraged to not just take photos …

  10. LRo

    Sick Day


    Take a photo that is looking through a frame or opening to something else

  11. LRo

    Create a 2 X 2 for me


    In consulting, I am frequently asked to take a concept and break it down into a version of the 2 X 2 matrix. The purpose of the 2 X 2 matrix is to take complex information and break it down into easy to understand, easily digestable concepts. I felt …

  12. LRo

    Week 2: Can You Hear Me Now?


    Growing up, my mom used to always say that we were given two ears and one mouth for a reason. She said that we need to listen more than we talked. I have used that skill while working as a consultant. I try to let my clients talk and share …

  13. LRo

    Final Project Idea: Life at 50,000 Feet


    I travel about 75% of the time so I spend a good portion of every week on an airplane. Most people think my life is like the George Clooney movie Up in the Air. In a lot of ways, it is. BUT…in a lot of ways, it isn’t. When I’m …

  14. LRo

    Are You Listening to Me?


    “Are you listening to me?” It is a question that is frequently asked between conversations with my boyfriend and I. I’d like to think that he’s the guilt one but I have been known to multi-task when I’m on the phone with him. He says he knows he’s lost me …

  15. LRo

    Final Project Idea: The Truth about Cats and Dogs


    I’ve had a dog for about 10 years. He’s my best buddy. About 4 years ago, I took a job where I travel each week. My dog stays with my parents Monday – Thursday. There are lots of different articles on how to be a single parent and how to …

  16. LRo

    My Dad the Storyteller


    When I think of Storytelling, I think of my dad. The association is most obvious because he used to read me a story every night before going to bed. I always associated the stories with the beginning, middle and end. My dad also did a great job of bringing in …

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