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    If you like to blog and love to work with different digital tools, then do not hesitate to take this class. But if you think it is an easy ‘A’ then you are not right. You will have to do a lot of work and learn so many new things …

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    Final Project!



    This is the final project that I have created. It have used video, audio, visual, and design media. So the goal was to tell the story using all the medias and you will definitely understand the story if you play the video above.

    I have used pixlr to edit …

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    Progress Report – Final crisis


    This has been a very busy week with lots of assignments and projects due for the other classes. It was very hard for me to come up with a nice idea for my final project in which I could incorporate different media. Here is my idea:

    I have the superpower …

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    Crazy Mashup


    Take a dramatic closeup of anyone’s face – an actor’s, a friend’s, your own – and superimpose a landscape or scene over the face. Since this is a mashup, get crazy with it.

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    Weekly Summary # 11


    Since I was very busy with other assignments throughout this week, I have completed everything today! I started by completing  all the video assignments from the assignment bank. The first assignment was about compiling pictures of my dream place in a video.

    Dream Place

    For my second assignment from the …

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    what I am terrible at?


    For the third and last assignment from the video bank this week, I chose to do the video of something I am terrible at doing. I liked the idea of this assignment, but I could not think of any so I just took the idea from the assignment description. I …

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    What do you do??


    For my second assignment from the video bank, I chose to take a video of one of the thing that I do every day. I have a bag of nuts at the table of my room, and I eat a handful of nuts from that bag everyday. I eat it …

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    Dream Place


    I chose to do the assignment of compiling the pictures of places where I dream of going. I chose two countries(India , Spain) which I want to visit. To make a video in Imovie, I had to have pictures and an appropriate music.

    For pictures, I googled some of the …

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    Superhero crisis


    My superhero always completed his missions in a concealed way, not letting anyone know who was doing that. People in the city knew that there was a superhero, but were not exactly sure who that person was.

    What if this news of who the superhero is, goes public and is …

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    Week 10


    I started this week’s work by doing video assignments.  The first assignment that I chose to do is about “making a paper boat”. I used to make it when I was a kid so I enjoyed doing this assignment.

    Making a paper boat

    For the second assignment, I learnt alphabets …

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    Moving object using vine


    To complete my 10 stars, I decided to do another assignment from the video bank which is about ‘making an object move using vine’. In the beginning, when I read this title, I thought vine is a name of name of thing but later on, I came to know that …

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    Making a paper boat


    To complete the assignment of Arts and Crafts tutorial, I decided to teach how to make a paper boat. I used to make it when I was a kid so I practiced it twice before recording it. I used the free music to add to the background. I also used …

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    Sign Language


    To do this assignment of signing words. I watched the videos of students who had already completed this assignment to get an idea of what I was supposed to do. I did not even know that there existed different alphabets for sign language. I also watched a youtube video in …

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    Life Hacks


    I enjoyed doing the assignment of Life hacks although it took a long time to complete it. I did not have any idea of working with iMovie so it took some time to be familiar with it. To teach two life hacks, I took help from my mom. To do …

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    Video Essay


    I started this assignment of video analysis by first completing all the readings and watching all the videos assigned. Then I logged into Netflix and watched two episodes of ‘The Flash’. I have never watched this show so, I liked it from its two episodes. I liked one of the …

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    Week 9


    I started this week’s work by doing web assignments. The first assignment that I chose to do is about dream vacation. I chose Istanbul, which is the city of Turkey. The link below will lead you to the blog:

    Dream vacation

    For the second assignment, I chose a color and …

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    This assignment is about choosing a color and going to walk for 20 minutes and taking pictures of the chosen color. Therefore, I chose blue color and  went to walk and took several pictures. The next part of the task was to create Timeline out of those pictures in TimelineJS. …

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    Web Storytelling!!


    Web Storytelling seemed a challenging task to me at first, but, later on when I went through the tutorial at https://goggles.mozilla.org/ , I felt that it was not as hard as I had imagined. I found a prism at the website of Amazon.

    I thought that as we pass light …

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    Radio show review!


    I chose to write my review for the radio show ‘distress signal’. I felt that they chose a good theme (game show) for their radio show keeping the interest of the listeners alive during the whole time. During the show, I also tried to answer all the questions they asked, …

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    Dream vacation


    This assignment was about creating my dream vacation on Pinterest. I enjoyed doing this assignment and the instructions at the website helped me a lot. I already had my profile at Pinterest. I just thought about the vacation place which is Turkey, googled some of its best tourist attractions, pinned …

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    Art Work nomination


    For the assignment of ‘Nominate Art for the Cover of DS106’, I nominated my own art work rather than someone’s else work as I wanted my work to be displayed on the front page of ds106 website. I created this artwork as a logo for my radio show and put …

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    Week 8!


    I enjoyed doing this week’s work. I started this week’s work by participating in 2 daily creates and wrote about it in the blog post.

    Spiral design!!

    Why I write!!

    Other than that, I participated in the radio show. The link to the show is in the blog post below:…

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    Completed Radio Show!!


    Our group radio show is complete! We had a total of about 4 people in the group so each person had approximately about 5 minutes for their part. Our topic was about the origin of the superhero and then how the power of superhero fits in today’s society. Between part, …

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    Why I write!!


    My second daily create is about “why I write”. Although there are numerous reasons of writing, I tweeted one of it.  I created this picture in paint. I took this free abstract image from google and added these fonts in paint to make my words look beautiful.

    #tdc2111 #ndow @ds106dc

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