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    Toy looks bigger than a TV


    This is my first tweet of the week at #ds106dc in response to the tweet at daily create.  I took this picture by laying down on the ground to give this little toy a taller and wider look. If you compare it with a tv behind, it definitely looks larger.…

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    Week 4


    This week’s work was not a lot. It was also not that boring as it was last week’s. Finally, I have started commenting on people’s work and I like their work more than my own work.

    This is the first blog that I wrote after reading the assigned articles.


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    I enjoyed doing this ‘Photobliz’ assignment. The best part was that my dad also helped me completing this assignment. It took me 11 minutes to complete one list and I only did one list since I had forgotten my laptop charger in campus.

    Picture below shows the start time …

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    My interest in photography!


    Photography is an art that I was never interested in, as a profession. Although I take a lot of pictures of me and my family to capture the memorable moments we spend together, these pictures do not have a depth that a professional person would like to see. So, I …

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    This is my third and last tweet of this week. The task was to find a photo of a confusion, and for me this is what the confusion looks like! First one is the picture from the internet that I tweeted .  Second picture is the picture that I took …

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    The Life of a Superhero


    “The Life of a Superhero” seemed an interesting assignment to me. I used photoshop to combine two pictures. After completing the job as a superhero, my superhero uses tablet and computer in his room and plays games.

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    Places of Peace


    The first visual assignment that I have decided to do is ‘Places of Peace’. I downloaded and captured pictures of places where I feel relaxed and at peace. The first picture is of the library where I like doing all my homework or read books without any disturbance. …

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    Who is a Superhero???

    Whenever I thought of Superhero, an idea of Superman and Batman hovered over my mind. The idea of having colorful or different clothes, the impression that Superhero could fight the crime to bring justice in the world where he always wining the show, climbing high over buildings, hiding their identities…
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    My favorite festival


    The third assignment that I chose to pick from the assignment is related to the favorite holiday. So here you go:

    My favorite festival is Eid-ul-Fitr. It is not a holiday in US. But I grew up in a country where it always was. So, today I will talk about …

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    Week 3


    The first writing assignment that I chose to do from the assignment bank is “A letter to you as a child”. In this assignment, I had to write a letter to my past. It contains everything that I wish I had done differently in the past that had affected my …

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    Introducing Commander Janus, our superhero


    “Create a character dossier for a superhero themed character of your own making. “


    Born in a small town of Pakistan in 1990 without a father and mother who died in a car accident. Commander Janus is brought up by his grandmother who loves him just like a real …

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    My Expectations!!


    After 10 years, I hope you are married, living at your own beautiful home with lovely and happy family. Stable professional life was your other biggest dream, so I am expected that by now you have a stable job with your employers and colleagues being happy with your performance. I …

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    Hey 17 years old me



    Do not waste your summer vacations sleeping at home, this time is very precious. Try to explore new things and new fields to see what you like. Do not just think about choosing a career field based on its scope in job market and its salary potential. Otherwise, you …

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    Who doesn’t like Unexpected Surprise???


    This is my second time of the week tweeting for ‘daily create’. The task was to illustrate one of the redundancies from the list they had provided in their tweet.  I tweeted the display of ‘Unexpected Surprise’. The reason of choosing this particular item from the list was because finding …

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    Nobody is indispensable


    Today’s daily create asked us to make a ‘harsh truth poster’. ‘Nobody is indispensable’ is one of my favorite quote and I attached it to the lion’s picture to make a poster. This quote makes me never forget that how important the person might be, he is always replaceable.


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    Week two Summary


    This week I tried to do three assignments from the assignment bank.

    I chose my first assignment from the web category.  It was about the drawing . I was tasked to draw wide range of doodles and the application made the guesses about what I was drawing. In the end, …

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    My name looks cool now!


    The third assignment that I chose to do from the assignment bank is writing my name in a unique way. The reason of choosing this assignment was to creatively write my name in different styles. The tools that I have used for this assignment are also very useful for creating …

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    Experiencing 80’s era!!


    I decided to do an assignment from the visual category which asks you to edit your picture as if people had in the civil war era.  I used this image from my facebook profile since I did not want to take the picture again or find one from the old …

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    I am not a big fan of fantasy and like more of a reality. When I think about the superheroes, all that comes in my mind is superman and batman. When I was a young kid, I used to love those fictional characters but when I grew up, I stopped …

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