1. @lucyschraff

    Design Blitz


    Throughout the week, I have collected different images that represent four design concepts for my design blitz; proportion, dominance, typography, and metaphors and symbols.

    For proportion, I thought of the UMW turf field that I practice on daily for lacrosse. While I could take my own picture, I thought I …

  2. @lucyschraff

    Week Five Week Jive


    When I initially discovered that this week was based on audio assignments I was nervous. I haven’t previously used or edited audio besides adding audio to presentations and recording speeches for other classes. However, I enjoyed this week a lot more than I thought, and I was really proud of …

  3. @lucyschraff

    DS106 Live Broadcast Experience


    On Tuesday, I participated in the DS106 Radio live “tweet-along”. I quite enjoyed hearing the crime podcast, and it gave me an example of good digital storytelling and how the layering of sounds can make for a more intriguing story.

    I have embedded my tweets from start to finish of …

  4. @lucyschraff

    All The Relaxation


    For another of my audio Assignment Bank assignments this week I chose to do All The Relaxation. For this assignment, I was challenged to create something relaxing with overlapping sounds that could be played for 10+ hours.

    For this, I recorded the shower running, overlapped with the water falling …

  5. @lucyschraff

    Auditory Hell


    For one of my audio Assignment Bank assignments, I chose to do the Auditory Hell assignment and connect it to the theme. I thought this assignment would connect well to the theme and help tell my story. Everyone has sounds that they hate and get frustrated with so I thought …

  6. @lucyschraff

    Radio Bumper Creation


    I have successfully made a radio bumper, but I struggled a lot in the process trying to figure out the different audio softwares and editing the bumper.

    In order to make this bumper I used GarageBand instead of Audacity, because I couldn’t figure out how to add external sounds into …

  7. @lucyschraff

    Radio Show Brainstorm


    When brainstorming ideas for a radio show I thought of a few requirements.

    Make the subject entertaining. Be informed on the subject. Make the subject able to include different effects and dimensions.

    One idea that I had for a radio show that could include several different subjects and be entertaining …

  8. @lucyschraff

    A Reflection on Audio Storytelling


    After listening to the two clips of Radiolab’s Jad Abumrad and Moon Graffiti by the Truth Podcast, I now have a new perspective on how audio drives stories.

    Jad Abumrad did a great job in explaining the role of audio in our daily lives. Although many people say that radio …

  9. @lucyschraff

    Weekly Summary: Week #4


    I thought this week went really well, and I especially enjoyed it because it was centered on visual assignments.

    Visual assignments are my favorite type of assignments that we have done so far because I can be the most creative and I have the most fun making them. I felt …

  10. @lucyschraff

    Switch Up The Mood


    From this assignment Switch Up The Mood from the assignment bank, I chose to switch up the mood of a picture of my friends and I on the lake on a nice day and try to make it look like a storm was coming.

    The challenge of this assignment was …

  11. @lucyschraff

    What a Crappy Font Will Do


    For this assignment, I was challenged to take a well known logo and mix it up by using a different font.

    For this assignment, I chose to use the logo for Aquafina water. The font of this logo is one of the main aspects, so I thought it would be …

  12. @lucyschraff

    20 Minute Photoblitz


    I have been stuck inside for the past couple days due to the ice and snow in Fredericksburg, so the challenge of my photoblitz was to complete all the tasks in 20 minutes taking pictures of things only in my dorm room.

    Here were my tasks:

    Here are the photos …

  13. @lucyschraff

    My Experience with Photography


    When I think about my past experiences with photography, I think of my sister. Since we were young, my older sister (who is three years older than I am) has been a really talented photographer. However, my own experience with photography is much less advanced.

    When I take photos, they’re …

  14. @lucyschraff

    My Favorite Photo


    For my second visual assignment this week I chose Your Favourite Photo?. Even though this assignment isn’t worth a lot of stars, I thought it would be great opportunity for me to try and tell some of my story.

    For my favorite photo I chose this:

    The task of …

  15. @lucyschraff

    Weekly Summary: Week #3


    While last week I felt like I was getting into the swing of things and getting comfortable with this course, I struggled a little but more this week.

    One thing that I have realized is that time management is everything. This week I felt like I rushed my self and …

  16. @lucyschraff

    Story Analysis


    After reading the one of the articles (I chose I link, therefore I am) and watching the videos, my view of hypertext and other forms of digital storytelling was broadened, shrunk, and then broadened again. When reading I link, therefore I am, I was exposed to when hypertext and …

  17. @lucyschraff

    Apocalypse Terms of Service


    Here are the Apocalypse Terms of Service for #ds106 and “What’s (Y)our Story?”:

    Never forget to check the Weekly Assignments. Make sure you do Daily Creates everyday before you go out and scavenge for food. Always protect yourself… by monitoring comments on your blog. Never forget to tag your blog…
  18. @lucyschraff

    Nonhuman Perspective: UMW’s Squirrels


    When considering the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?”, I thought of something that all of us in this course have as part of our story, being a student at UMW. Whether you’re on campus this year/semester or not, you have probably noticed the amount of squirrels on campus. For this Nonhuman …

  19. @lucyschraff

    A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words


    The task for this writing assignment was to choose a picture (from your own photo library or from the internet) and write a background for it. I chose this assignment because I thought I could choose one of my own photos and connect it to the theme “What’s (Y)our Story?”.…

  20. @lucyschraff

    A Haiku Poem About A Haiku Poem


    I chose this assignment because I really enjoy writing haiku poems, and I thought this assignment could get really interesting.

    A Haiku Poem Five seven five seems easy But Haikus are hard. Haikus about cats Haikus about barbecues Poems about all. Think five seven five And write about anything A…
  21. @lucyschraff

    Weekly Summary: Week #2


    Overall, I thought I did a lot better this week than I did last week. Last week I found myself overwhelmed and at times really confused as to what I was doing and if I was doing it right. This week I decided to dive into my assignments and give …

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