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    My Story Magazine


    When looking through the Assignment Bank yesterday, I wanted to find an assignment that I could make correlate well with the theme of “What’s (Y)our Story?”. When I came across the assignment Create a Magazine Cover, I knew that I would be able to use this assignment to tell …

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    Pet peeves are part of my story too!


    For this assignment from the assignment bank, I chose to do a PSA Billboard. This assignment prompts you to create a billboard about something that aggravates you.

    Here’s my billboard:

    I chose this assignment from the assignment bank because I think it went really well with the theme of …

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    Weekly Summary: Week One


    While this week was somewhat challenging, it made me excited for the rest of the semester.

    To be honest, coming into this semester and this Digital Storytelling course I didn’t know what to expect. I wasn’t really sure what digital storytelling was or what it meant. However, after this first …

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    What’s (Y)our Story?


    When I first read through the plans for Week One of Digital Storytelling, what puzzled me most was the use of a theme. How could this course use a theme, and why is the theme “What’s (y)our story?” mean? After thinking about it more, I think that this semesters is …

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    Multimodal Introductions


    More about who I am…

    Hi! My name is Lucy Schraff I am a freshman at UMW planning to be a Communications and Digital Studies major. I'm excited to be a part of this Digital Storytelling course and broaden my knowledge in this area.

    — Lucy Schraff (@LucySchraff) January 26,

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